12 October 2008

Random thoughts on America

Well, we have sure found ourselves in some serious deep crap.
The bailout hasn't "kicked in" yet. Bush is telling us all to "just be patient" and wait for this thing to settle down. Well, I don't think that is going to work here bud. Americans have become a nation of folks who demand instant gratification. We want what we want, and damn it, we want it NOW!.
Being patient is not the American way. OK, once upon a time it might have been, but from the way I see things, since the early 1980's and "saint" Ronnie of Ray-gun we have become very impatient with everything. The "me" generation and the film "Wall Street" with the catch phrase "greed is good". Yep, that's America. I want it NOW! and I want MORE!
Well, now we are finding out just where that has got us all. In debt past our ever loving eyeballs! The national debt is in excess of 10 Trillion(!!!) dollars. The Iraq war alone is going to cost us something in excess of 3 Trillion of those same dollars. The "bailout" is "only" $700 Billion, so far. We are in serious economic trouble here folks.
Where is the money going to come from? Well, we are doing our damnedest to borrow more, from China, Japan, and other countries that have lent us money in the recent past. In fact, the two wars we are fighting, Afghanistan and Iraq, are being fought with borrowed monies. Yep, we are using the old "national credit card" to pay for the wars. This goes way beyond the old deal of "war on the cheap" and sets a new precedent in human history, as far as I know. I may be wrong, but I think this is the first time a war has been fought where one side (us this time) has used borrowed money to fight the war. I am sure that other wars in the past were fought with the promise of profits for the "investors" of the war, but this must be the first time that America has fought a war with borrowed money. Yes, in Gulf War One, papa Bush got some other countries to "chip in" to pay for the troops, sort of like "rent an Army" if you will. This is different. The entire war has been and continues to be fought with borrowed money.
Maybe a good thing to come from the financial collapse will be the end to these damn fool wars of choice. It sure as hell ought to slow down the rush for more wars, say with Iran or Syria.When you cannot get the cash to pay for fuel for your war machine, how are you going to have a war?
A few more things to ponder. Just how much longer will the Chinese continue to lend us the funds to keep these wars going? How much are they willing to lend us to keep our "economy" (such as it is now) alive? What happens when the money stops flowing into America? This whole financial meltdown has the look of being worse than the "great depression" of the 1930's. One thing seems obvious, we are in for one hell of a bumpy ride.

I see where lately at the rallies for Mrs. Palin, the crowds are getting down right rowdy. Nasty is a better description of the "gangs" who show up for her "pep talks". Folks who attend them shouting out crap like "kill him" "Traitor" "Hang him" and such. Wow!
I don't know how you see this, but it is getting damn close to being much like 1930's Germany in my view. This can get way out of control and fast. Did any of you see where even McCain himself cannot control his own "supporters"? He tried to calm a crowd who was there to hear him, when some fool shouted that Obama was a Muslim, McCain actually tried to correct the idiot and got shouted down by his own supporters! Now that has got to be a first for America. Getting shouted down by your own supporters! Wow. I don't think this has happened before in America. I may be wrong, but I surely don't recall anything like it.

All this just adds to other concerns of mine about America. Now mind you, when old charlie gets concerned about the future of the country it ought to make you sit up and think, at least for a minute. Why? Because I do not have any children who will "survive" my "passing". I would venture that most of the folks who read this post have children. That makes your concern for the future of the country very easy to understand. You have a personal "stake" in the future, through your children. I just have the cats and last time I checked, they don't count as my "kids" for legal purposes. They ARE my kids in fact here at the house, but it isn't the same as "real" kids. When those of us who don't have kids get concerned about the future of the country, well, things must be getting pretty damn bad. I think we ARE at that point now.
Among reasons to be concerned for our future, even our immediate future are such things as a recent article on Antiwar.com by Dr. Prather. Here is the link www.antiwar.com/prather?/article=13579 In this he discusses how bad things might get and his reasons why. I agree with this article and his reasoning. He did leave out two more things of great concern that, in my opinion, make the future less bright. They are National Security Presidential Directive-51 or NSPD-51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive-20 or HSPD-20. These measures are to "ensure continuity of government". They give the president almost unlimited power to run everything in America. Now read that again, it gives the president almost unlimited power to run EVERYTHING. Not "just" the government, but absolutely the entire country, including the economy and all private sector activity.
That alone ought to be cause for concern among the "real" patriots in America. The fact that any president could have such unlimited power is the most un-American thing ever. These are NOT brand new, just signed into law documents folks. Nope, they were signed on 9 May 2008. There was no press release on this, for what I would venture to say obvious reasons.
The documents establish under the office of president a new National Continuity Coordinator. The job of that office is to plan for "National Essential Functions" of ALL federal, state, local, and tribal governments, as well as private sector organizations to continue functioning under the president's directives in the event of a "national emergency".
What would be a "national emergency"? The documents very loosely define that to be "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions." Wow, now THAT is a very, very broad definition of a "catastrophic emergency" in my opinion. ANY event? Like , oh, say, the collapse of the big Wall Street banksters? Well, that would affect the economy, wouldn't it?
Also, remember that very recently, we now have a standing Army, right here at home, ready for any such "emergency". Yes, North Comm, or Northern Command, now has an active duty Army unit stationed on home soil for an emergency. This is the 3rd Infantry, First Brigade Combat Team. They are now stationed here at home for possible future use for such things as crowd control in case of "civil unrest". Whoa there! The military is not supposed to be used for law enforcement on home soil. Add this military unit to the above listed documents (NSPD-51 and HSPD-20) and now you see why old charlie here is getting a bit concerned about the future of America. Toss in the crap going on at the "rallies" for Mrs. Palin and things are not looking so very bright for our future.
I do NOT mean to panic anybody, but damn, this is not the America I grew up in. It sure as hell is NOT the America of my high school civics class. It is starting to look very much like Germany of the 1930's to me. And that is something we should all be concerned about.
Somehow, we have let "our" government get out of our control. This is supposed to be a constitutional republic. Power is supposed to come from the ground up. We the people are the ones who are supposed to hold the power here. That is how the Constitution was written. That is how things are supposed to be. Instead, we have had, for far too long, rule from the top down. Our "leaders" tell us what they want us to do. No! Wrong!! It is supposed to be them working FOR us. They are OUR employees folks! An election is basically a job interview. WE elect them, and they are supposed to work for us.
With the current economic disaster, the "security directives mentioned above, the military Combat Team stationed here for use in "civil unrest", the hatred being spouted at the Palin "rallies", things do not look good for our future at all.
We the people must demand that this stop. We cannot continue as a nation if we allow ourselves to be divided by idiot politicians who are in this "game" for their own personal gain. We need to demand that OUR elected representatives start to work for US, not themselves and not for the big money folks who bankroll the campaigns. If we fail in this, our old republic just may disappear for our future generations.

semper fi

29 September 2008

OK, finally time to talk about Palin

Well, I finally went and did it. I watched the video of Mrs. Palin doing the interview with Katie Couric. Man, oh man, I sure wish I had not done so.

First off, I have said from the first time she was "presented" to the press as the running mate for old McCrazy, that she was no "beauty queen". That is still my take on her. Passable, maybe, but NOT a "beauty". Maybe, just maybe if I'd been at sea for a year, but nope, she is not that good looking. Sorry.

Second, as soon as she starts to talk, all bets are off. Her voice has been described by some on the net as sounding like fingernails on a chalk board. Well, it wasn't that bad to my old ears. The problem I found with her speaking is that she makes W. Shrub sound almost coherent. THAT tells you about her "speaking" in my opinion.

Watching the video was not too bad, IF you mute the sound that is. Listening to her, reply"(??) is terrible. Did she ever take any sort of speech class in one of those five colleges she attended? If so, she ought to ask for her money back. The woman cannot express a coherent sentence in my view. But maybe it was because she was "speaking in tongues" during the interview.

The above cartoon fits my impression of Mrs. Palin just fine.

semper fi

28 September 2008

bail out and other crimes

Well folks, it looks like the Congress critters are about to sign off on the $700 Billion bail out for the big Wall Street money gangs.
You knew it was going to be a done deal as soon as they announced the plan was in place. Discussion? Not in the Amerika of 2008. Nope, no way, not any "real" discussion at least.
Oh sure, there were a few of the "elected" critters involved who made noises about the "plan", but you just knew it was going to be passed by Monday no matter what. The "discussions" were not about any real help for the "regular" Americans. Nope, no way, no how. We just get the "honor" of paying for this give away of OUR tax dollars to the big investment banks and other speculators.What? You mean you actually thought that there might be some relief for the regular folks who are having trouble paying for their mortgages? Silly you. This is a government bail out. How much money do any of those folks with crap mortgages ever contribute to the politicians? My guess is not much if anything at all. Nope, mostly they are too busy trying to pay for the "adjustable rate mortgages" and trying to pay for other "minor" things like health care and save for the kids college education. No way they have any "extra" to give to a political campaign. They are stuck with their crappy mortgages and high interest credit card debt. They, meaning most of us, will not get anything from this bail out except the bill.
"We" will have the obligation now to cover this new, additional debt. Gee, thanks loads there Mr. Paulson. Interesting how is old firm, Goldman-Sachs has made out quite well from this bail out. I bet HIS investments are covered. Losses? What losses? These big money folks can't have losses. They get bailed out if it even looks like they might have a "down turn". We, well, we get to pay for the bail out. That is the "duty" of the American taxpayer. We, and our children and possibly even their children, will be paying for this welfare for the rich for many, many years.
$700 Billion is a whole lot of money there folks. And, don't think that is the end of the amount of this bail out. Nope, no sir, it is just the beginning of it. You may wonder just how they came up with this figure of $700 Billion. Well, they sat down, looked at the economy, looked at the balance sheets of the big banks and then, they guessed. Yep, they just plain old guessed at the figure. Or as we used to call it in electronics school in the Marines. They used the SWAG method. SWAG? Well, that is the Scientific Wild Assed Guess method. It works wonders when you flat out don't have a clue. Just sit back and pull an number or answer out of the air (or your ass if you wish).

For a very good look at this financial mess I highly recommend the following linked article by Mr. Mike Whitney. Mike is a very good person to read on the economic mess we have here. I read everything he writes and he is always on target with his excellent analysis. His latest is at http://www.counterpunch.orgwhitney09272008.html
You will certainly learn a good deal about this crisis by reading Mike's articles.

Oh, and just in case you might have been thinking that this bail out was the only big money deal our Congress critters have been working on this week. Well, it wasn't. They just voted on a defense(??) bill with a price tag of $612 Billion. And that is JUST for the coming year.
Our government has spent $182 Billion on the two wars we are stuck with for just this current year. Yep, $182 Billion for this year alone in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Now, aren't you glad that Bush vetoed that bill last year that would have cost us $7 Billion to provide health care to state funds for children's health services? With such "necessities" as wars and Wall Street bail outs we just can't be spending on such "trivial" things as health care for our kids. No sir, we have to have "our priorities" straight! War and war profits are what matter. Oh, and those fat commissions and annual bonuses for the stock sellers and CEO's.
I really wonder just how much longer the American people are going to just sit still for the abuse. How long are we going to let the big money gang run away with our tax dollars? How many more wars are we going to support? And let me tell you all something right here. If you don't protest the wars, and by doing so I don't mean you need to be out in the streets, you CAN protest by writing letters/emails to your Congress critters. If you are not doing at least that much to protest the wars, then you ARE supporting them. You support the crimes by not saying anything. Your silence is taken by those running this mess as support for their crimes. How much longer are you going to stay silent? Are you waiting until one of your children or grand children are sent off to these damn wars? Does it need to be one of your family members being shot at before you "decide" that war is not exactly healthy for children and other living beings?
War is NEVER the answer! General Smedley Butler, who was awarded the Medal of Honor TWICE and served in the Marine Corps for 33 years said that there are only two reasons for war. One; to defend OUR homes. Two; to defend the Bill of Rights. ALL other reasons for war are a racket.
He wrote a pamphlet titled "War Is A Racket" after World War One. In this short pamphlet he describes how various manufacturers make huge profits from wars. Even down to the companies who make under wear and socks. Yep, the troops need socks and under wear, and the folks who make these items are only too happy to reap huge profits from wars.
How many more wars and Wall Street "bail outs" are the people of this country going to stand still for? When will "we" finally say, enough? How much government debt, placed on the taxpayers is too much? When do we finally say STOP?
I sometimes wonder how this is going to play out. Will there be a revolt? Is that what it will take to finally stop this "government" by theft? Is that what is really needed to restore the old Constitutional republic?
I sure as hell hope not. That would be the worst case in my opinion. But something must change in the structure of how this country is being run, because right now, it sure as hell looks to me like the country is being run straight into the ground. We are just beginning to see the consequences of the past decades here folks. Ever since "saint" Ronnie of Ray-gun we have been on a fast down hill run. We haven't hit the bottom yet, but I think that final stop is getting very, very damn close. Look for the $700 Billion bail out to be just the start of the huge flow of tax monies being sent to the Wall Street gangs.
semper fi

20 September 2008

shit, just plaine old shit

Well, I had intended to post here this weekend. I was going to write about surviving Gustav and Ike and maybe a bit on the economic mess and politics.
All that changed today. First off, my little dog Beau died this week. He had suffered a brain injury about 5 years ago. It left him disabled somewhat. Mostly he just sat and slept the day long since that injury. He was about 13 years old when he died. He passed quietly in his sleep Tuesday night. I had planned to take him to the vet on Wednesday. Guess he didn't want to do that.
Now today, my new neighbor let his goddamn dogs run loose again. The 5th time since before Gustav visited us. Today though, the fucking mutts killed Buster. He was one of the oldest cats. He and Sandy are the first of Mama cats kids. Now old Buster, a sweet old cat is dead. The fucking goddamn killer dogs now face a trained killer, me. They ever run loose in my yard again, they get to meet my nice double barrel 12 gauge. Fuck this shit about "they slipped their collar" bullshit. Five times in less than one month? I doubt that. Sounds like this asshole cannot keep HIS dogs in their pen as he should do. One other neighbor has hunting dogs also, but his are in their pens, not running loose. Well, we'll see how they run when under fire next time "they slip their collar". Fuck that shit AND the sheep it rode in on.
That's about all for now. I'm too goddamn angry to continue or do any "serious" writing just now. Maybe in the next day or so I might calm down enough to comment on the "bail out" bullshit that "we" the taxpayers are getting shafted with. Thank your politicians for that shit.

Add on to Buster. He was such a good old cat, silly too. He had been neutered when he turned 6 months old. He would have likely thought at first that the goddamn dogs wanted to play with him. I just hope he ripped at least one of those fuckers a new asshole before they killed him.
Shit, just plain old goddamn fucking SHIT!
And there are still 4 of the other cats I haven't seen in about 3 hours now. Hope they come home tonight. Local police sub station says HE is supposed to keep his dogs penned up or in a fenced yard. Fat chance of him being that much of a human being, let alone any sort of good neighbor.
Hell, he is probably like the asshole across the road who thinks I ought to "give" him my pain meds cause he "needs" them for his knee. Screw that shit, let him go to his own doctor and get his own meds. Another asshole to deal with. Shit!
semper fi

31 August 2008

Waiting for Gustav

Well folks it is Sunday, August 31. We are sitting here in the woods of central Louisiana waiting on hurricane Gustav.
The latest computer model shows old Gus will pass damn close to the house. It also shows us getting winds in the 75 mph range.
Man, the cats will NOT like that. They will have to stay inside starting this evening. Hell all of us, cats, dog, and me will need to stay inside.
We WILL lose electricity and phone, so I will be unable to post much for a while. We need to have the phone lines for internet (yes, we have dsl). The generator can supply us with the power needed to keep the fridge and puter going, but the phonme line carries the dsl.
All is well here for now. We are set and as prepared as we can be.
Stocked up on the supplies needed to be OK for the next week plus.
Funny, it was just three years ago that Miss Katrina made her visit to our part of the country.
At least this time, the city of New Orleans has done a decent job of helping folks to evacuate! Imagine that, the government actually doing something to help the regular folks. I guess the shit they left so many in before, during, and after Katrina made an impression. My opinion, there was NO excuse for the shit they pulled on the people along the gulf that time. None at all. Lack of concern is what it was. Damn them all for that.
Three years on, and the clean up is not over yet. There are so few houses for "regular" people along the gulf. The wealthy are in great shape, they always are. It is the regular folks, aka, the "common people" who get screwed. Yes, every time, it is the common people who suffer the most. Those hard working people, the elderly, the disabled. They bear the brunt of the shit, and get little to no real help from ANY branch of govenrment.
Well, hell, they pay their taxes, what makes them think they rate any help? Shit, this is America, W. Shrub style.
As I said, at least this time they have started to evacuate the people who do not have personl transportation. So, maybe some small good did come from the "lessons" of Katrina.
Take care all. Have a great Labor Day weekend. We'll post again when we can.
semper fi,

29 August 2008

Gustav and friends

Hi again folks.
Yep, old me back at the corner again this week.
By now many of you may know that we have a hurricane closing in on the Gulf of Mexico. It is projected to be a category three storm soon. They expect it to be in the Gulf this weekend and may have a landfall by late Monday, early Tuesday.
So far, the projection is from the Florida panhandle to the Texas coast. Well, not to be like three years ago, today, in fact. Louisiana IS preparing now! Wow, how about that!?! An actual plan. Good grief, what has happened to this state, this country? I mean, a PLAN, and the storm is not even in the Gulf yet? Just who are these people who dare to plan?
Actually, my opinion, they are a bit over reacting just now. Here in central Louisiana, the radio station I listen to most of the day has been giving "updates" on old Gustav every 10 minutes or so. Also, telling folks to "be prepared" and things to pack in case you have to evacuate.
Well, the cats and me will just sit right here and ride it out. We are a good distance inland, so no storm surge for us, good thing too, the cats don't swim. Well, I have never seen them swim any way. Besides where are 12 cats, a little dog, and this old fart (me) going to go? Man, trying to get them all in the truck would take a week at least.
I am NOT making light of old Gustav. Honestly, I am NOT. It IS a big storm even though it has lost some "punch" in the last hours. It will gain more strength as it hits the warm waters in the Gulf this weekend. We are ready for it here. We have our supplies and all set. Water, food, flashlights, batteries, and fuel for the generator. Yep, we are ready.
There have already been a few "modifications" due to old Gus. The LSU game has been moved to a 10 AM kickoff time. Also, poor little Bobby, our governor, has had to pass on going to the "big show" in Minneapolis. Guess he isn't too sad as he didn't get picked as number two to McCrazy anyway. Nope, that "honor(??)" went to the lady who is governor of Alaska.
Now, to me, that was an odd choice. No way would I have figured Johnny to pick a woman as his vice president pick. I was betting on "uncle" Joe Lieberman. Yep, after being so close to old Johnny, I thought sure that Joey would be his pick. Well, maybe "uncle" Joe can get secretary of state in the McCrazy administration.
Those who figured Condi would be his choice, close, but not quite.
I could make a comment here, but will be polite and let it pass.
So, now we know who the "final four" are for the two wings of the war party.
Barack/Joe and Johnny/Sarah. Makes me even more happy to be voting for real choice by giving these four a total pass. I still have only got my choice down to Nader or McKinney. More research needed before I make my final pick.
Well, things are calm just now. That won't last long, the cats will be active in about 20 minutes. Night time follies are due to start soon.
Have a great weekend all. To those in the path of Gustav, please be very careful.
semper fi

27 August 2008

Are the Democrats really anti-war? You decide

Hey all, the donkey gang is holding their convention this week. Yipeeeeeeee.
Old Joe of Biden is the designated vice presidential candidate to go along with Mr. Obama. Wow, TWO anti-war guys, or are they?
Consider some real American history for a few moments if you will.
It was "saint" Woodrow, a donkey gang member, who snuck America into World War One.
Then we come to Franklin of Delano, another member of the notorious donkey gang, who conned America into World War Two.
FRD left his successor, old Harry of give 'em hell fame(?) and another member of that same donkey gang who got America into the Korean War.
We then arrive at John F. and Lyndon B. who succeeded at getting America into the Vietnam War.
And last, but by no means least, we come to Billy Bob Bubba of Monica and cigar fame, and a member of that same donkey gang. He gave us wars (more than one!) in what was left of Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and Kosovo.

Wowzers folks! Look at all them "really cool" wars. And guess what? We had a member of the donkey gang as president for EVERY one of them!
Yes sir, each of the above listed wars had a Democrat as president taking us into those wars. Imagine that. The "anti-war" donkey gang has lead America into ALL of the listed wars. Wowieeee!
Now, I don't know about how you folks see this world, but remember, I am a former US Marine. I am also a veteran of the Vietnam War. To me, and I realize that I may not in any way, shape, or form represent any sort of "average" American opinion. Having a Democrat as president taking the country into a war, is NOT my idea of an anti-war party at all. Now, I understand that some may object to my line of thinking here, but just HOW is taking the country TO a war anti-war? Can any loyal donkey gang member explain that to me? I AM open to any good reason why it IS anti-war to lead the country into a war. I just fail to see how it can be so.
Again, being a former Marine, my brain function may not be fully operational, but I would sure as hell like to hear the argument as to how taking us TO war, is anti-war. You Democants sure got some tall explaining to do.
semper fi

25 August 2008

What a war economy gets you


If you have not done so, please read the article that is linked to above this line. This post will be mostly based on this report.
As you can tell from reading that article, we are in serious trouble due to a lack of infrastructure in America. We need roads, bridges, rail lines, and other "bits and pieces" to make the economy, such as it is, run smoothly.
We lack enough rail cars to transport our grain. We need to make sure that our major rivers are navigable, we need to repair our bridges and highways. We need to upgrade our railways.
Why haven't we done this? If this infrastructure is so vital to the economy, why is it all in such sad shape?
Easy answer, from my point of view. We have overspent and then some on wars and weapons to make wars. There is no money left to rebuild bridges, roads, highways, or rail lines. We are broke folks. Our wars are being paid for with money borrowed from China and other foreign countries.
We are borrowing money to fight our goddamn illegal wars of choice, while OUR own country goes to hell in a bucket!
Can anyone explain how this makes any sort of "good" sense? We know for a fact that McCrazy will give us even more wars. He has said so more than once during the primaries. Obama will be not much better. Notice how is all for the war in Afghanistan? Yes sir, he'll pull troops from Iraq, BUT, he';ll send more troops to Afghanistan. Why? Because he says "we MUST win in Afghanistan". What the hell does that mean? He does not tell us what "winning" in Afghanistan means. OK, sure, Shrubbie has never said just what it would mean to "win" in either country, Iraq or Afghanistan. We KNOW that much, but Obama is NOT any better. Has HE defined what "winning" would be? I haven't heard him explain what it would mean to "win" in Afghanistan, have you?
The levees in New Orleans are not even up to pre-Katrina level yet. After three years, and not even as "good" as they were before the city was flooded. Three years! Hell, that asshole Saakashvili attacks innocent civilians then gets the crap kicked out of his army by the Russians and WE send aid in a matter of hours!
Tell me, are the idiots who started another illegal war in the country of Georgia more deserving of American aid than the folks who live along the Gulf Coast of America? If they are not, then why the hell have things gone so damn slow to rebuild the Gulf Coast?

One further comment. America is stupid. As a country, as a people, we are very damn stupid. I say this because "we" have no sense of history. Not the history of America, and certainly not of the rest of the world.
IF we had any sense of history we would NOT have invaded Afghanistan. NO foreign power has ever gone there and conquered those people. The Soviet Union lost 15,000 trying. The British Empire got their ass handed to them on a platter by the Afghans, TWICE. Even Alexander the Great could NOT defeat them. What makes "us" think we can do the job? Because we have those "cool" high tech weapons? Well, folks, they don't work very well in "real world" conditions. Things like sand storms and even dew can turn a billion dollar each B-2 bomber into a useless piece of junk. We may have high tech weapons that cost a kings ransom, but we are getting the shit kicked out of us by a bunch of folks with AK-47's who many have never seen indoor plumbing! And Obama says "we" NEED to win the Afghan war? HOW? and WHY???
Also, if we had any idea of world history, we'd never get involved in the mess in Georgia and the Caucasus. No way Jose! Those folks are like the Afghans, they have long historical memories and they keep grudges for generations. We have NO idea of what we are getting into over there.

America, wake up and read/learn some history before it is too late. OUR republic is becoming a dying empire, yet so many Americans are fat, lazy, and happy with their "reality TV". Well, when the shit hits the fan, I'm just going to sit back and laugh at all the damn fools running around like the assholes they are. You're on your own folks. I already have fought "my" war. I'm tired of fighting with no results. Enough. I quit. Hell, the majority of Americans doesn't even realize they are screwed no matter which asshole "wins" in November.
Take care all.
semper fi

13 August 2008

Well, I'm back at the old, original corner again. Seems Google made a few changes and I ended up at some "different" corner the last post. Now, the old guy (me) has two (no kidding 2!) corners. If I get 2 more, I can have a whole block!

I know I had said I may stop writing for a while, need a vacation, still do. Sorry to interrupt the party of not having me write, but I was reading my usual web sites today, getting highly pissed at the news, and came across what I think is THE best commentary on the whole mess to date.

Mr. Paul Craig Roberts was kind enough to let me post his entire commentary here at the old corner, so, please read this one. It is super, in my humble opinion. I'll have my commentary following his excellent comments.

And now, Mr. Roberts.

August 13, 2008
Two Morons: Bush and Saakashvili
"President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?"
The neoconned Bush Regime and the Israeli-occupied American media are heading the innocent world toward nuclear war.
Back in the Reagan years the National Endowment for Democracy was created as a cold war tool. Today the NED is a neocon-controlled agent for US world hegemony. Its main function is to pour US money and election-rigging into former constituent parts of the Soviet Union in order to ring Russia with American puppet states.
The neoconservative Bush Regime used the NED to intervene in Ukrainian and Georgian internal affairs in keeping with the neoconservative plan to establish US-friendly and Russia-hostile political regimes in these two former constituent parts of Russia and the Soviet Union.
The NED was also used to dismember the former Yugoslavia with its interventions in Slovakia, Serbia, and Montenegro.
Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, told the Washington Post in 1991 that much of what the NED does “today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”
The Bush Regime, having established a puppet, Mikhail Saakashvili, as president of Georgia, tried to bring Georgia into NATO.
For readers too young to know, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was a military alliance between the US and Western European countries to resist any Soviet move into Western Europe [and to ensure European countries lined up behind the US, and bought its weapons systems. Editors] . There has been no reason for NATO since the Soviet Union’s internal political collapse almost two decades ago. The neocons turned NATO into another tool, like the NED, for US world hegemony. Subsequent US administrations violated the understandings that President Reagan had reached with Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, and have incorporated former parts of the Soviet empire into NATO. The neocon goal of ringing Russia with a hostile military alliance has been proclaimed many times.
Western European members of NATO balked at the admission of Georgia, as they understood it as a provocative affront to Russia, on whom Western Europe is dependent for natural gas. Western Europeans are also disturbed at the Bush Regime’s intentions to install ballistic missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic as the consequence will be Russian nuclear cruise missiles targeted on European capitals. Europeans don’t see the advantage of helping the US block Russian nuclear retaliation against the US at the expense of their own existence. Ballistic missile defenses are not useful against cruise missiles.
Every country is tired of war except for the US. War, including nuclear war, is the neoconservative strategy for world hegemony.
The entire world, except for Americans, knows that the outbreak of armed conflict between Russian and Georgian forces in South Ossetia was entirely due to the US and its Georgia puppet, Saakashvili. Americans, alone in the world, are unaware that the hostilities were initiated by Saakashvili, because Bush, Cheney and the Israeli-occupied American media have again lied to them.
Everyone else in the world knows that the unstable and corrupt Saakashvili, who proclaims democracy and runs a police state, would not have taken on Russia by attacking South Ossetia unless given the go-ahead by Washington.
The purpose of the Georgian attack on the Russian population of South Ossetia is twofold:
To convince Europeans that their action in delaying Georgia’s NATO membership is the cause of “the Russian aggression” and that to save Georgia from conquest Georgia must be given NATO membership.
To ethnically cleanse South Ossetia of its Russian population. Two thousand Russian civilians were targeted and killed by the US-equipped and trained Georgian Army, and tens of thousands fled into Russia. Having achieved this goal, Saakashvili and his puppet-masters in Washington quickly called for a cease fire and a halt to “the Russian invasion.” The hope is that the Russian population will be afraid to return or can be prevented from returning, thus removing the secessionist threat.
No doubt the Bush Regime can con the American population, just as it did with Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, and 9/11 itself, but the rest of the world is not buying it, not even America’s bought-and-paid-for European allies.
Writing in the Asia Times, Ambassador M. K. Bhadrakumar, a former career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service, notes the disinformation that is being peddled by the Bush Regime and the US media and reports that “at the outbreak of violence, Russia had tried to have the United Nations Security Council issue a statement calling on Georgia and South Ossetia to immediately lay down weapons. However, Washington was disinterested.”
Amb. Bhadrakumar notes that the American and Georgian resort to violence and propaganda has brought an end to the Russian government’s belief that diplomacy and good will can bring about a settlement of the South Ossetia issue. If Russia wished, Russia could terminate Georgia’s existence as a separate country at will, and there is nothing the US could do about it.
It is certain that the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia was a Bush Regime orchestrated event. The American media and the neocon think tanks were ready with their propaganda blitzes. Neocons had ready a Wall Street Journal editorial page article for Saakashvili that declares “the war in Georgia is a war for the West.”
Faced with the collapse of his army when Russia sent in troops to protect South Ossetians from the Georgian troops, Saakashvili declared: “This is not about Georgia any more. It is about America, its values.”
The neocon Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., quickly called a conference hosted by warmonger Ariel Cohen, “Urgent! Event: Russian-Georgian War: A Challenge for the U.S. and the World.”
The Washington Post hosted neocon Robert Kagen’s war drums, “Putin Makes His Move.”
Only a fool like Kagen could think that if Putin intended to invade Georgia he would do so from Beijing, or that after sending the American-trained Georgian army in flight, he would not continue and conquer all of Georgia in order to put an end to American machinations on Russia’s most sensitive border, machinations that are likely to eventually end in nuclear war.
The New York Tiimes hosted Billy Kristol’s rant, “Will Russia Get Away With It?” Kristol thunders against “dictatorial and aggressive and fanatical regimes” that “seem happy to work together to weaken the influence of the United States and its democratic allies.” Kristol presents a new axis of evil--Russia, China, North Korea and Iran--and warns against “delay and irresolution” that “simply invite future threats and graver dangers.”
In other words, “attack Russia now.”
Dick Cheney, the insane American Vice President telephoned Saakashvili to express US solidarity with Georgia in the conflict with Russia and declared: “Russian aggression must not go unanswered. Only an idiot would tell Saakashvili anything other than “to cease immediately.”
What must be the effect on US Intelligence services and the US military of Cheney’s propagandistic and irresponsible statement of US support for Georgia’s war crimes? Does anyone really believe that the CIA or any US intelligence service told the vice president that Russia opened the conflict with an invasion? Russian troops arrived in South Ossetia after thousands of Ossetians had been killed by the Georgian attack and after tens of thousands of Ossetians had fled into Russia to escape the Georgian attack. According to news reports, Russian forces have captured Americans who were with the Georgian troops directing their attack on civilians.
The US military certainly has no resources for a war against Russia on top of lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a planned war with Iran.
With its Georgian venture, the Bush Regime is guilty of a new round of war crimes. What will be the consequence?
Many will reply that having got away with 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, and with its preparations for attacking Iran, the Bush Regime will get away with its Georgian venture as well.
Possibly, however, this time the Bush Regime has overreached.
Certainly Russia now recognizes that the US is determined to exert hegemony over Russia and is Russia’s worst enemy.
China realizes the US threat to its own energy supply and, thereby, economy.
Even America’s European allies, chafing under their role of supplying troops for America’s Empire, must now realize that being an American ally is dangerous and has no benefits. If Georgia becomes a NATO member and renews its attack on South Ossetia, it must drag Europe into a war with Russia, a main supplier of energy to Europe.
Moreover, if Russian troops are sent across European frontiers, there is nothing to stop them.
What does America offer Europe, aside from the millions of dollars it pays to buy off Europe’s political leaders to insure that they betray their own peoples? Nothing whatsoever.
The only military threat that Europe faces comes from being dragged into America’s wars for American hegemony.
The US is financially bankrupt, with budget and trade deficits that exceed the combined deficits of the rest of the world together. The dollar has wilted. The American consumer market is dying from the offshoring of American jobs and, thereby, incomes, and from the wealth effect of the real estate and derivatives collapses. The US has nothing to offer Europe. Indeed, American economic decline is killing European exports by driving up the value of the euro.
America long ago lost the moral high ground. Hypocrisy has become America’s best known hallmark. Bush, the invader of Afghanistan and Iraq on the basis of lies and deception, thunders at Russia for coming to the defense of its peacekeepers and Russian citizens in South Ossetia. Bush who ripped Kosovo out of Serbia’s heart and handed it to the Muslims, has taken an adamant stand against other separatist movements, especially the South Ossetians who wish to be part of the Russian Federation.
The neoconned Bush Regime is furious that the Russian bear was not intimidated by the US supported aggression of the American puppet state, Georgia. Instead of accepting the act of American hegemony that the neocon script called for, Russia sent the Americanized Georgian army fleeing in fear.
Having failed with weapons, the Bush Regime now unleashes the rhetoric. The White House is warning Russia that failure to acquiesce to US hegemony could have a “significant, long-term impact on relations between Washington and Moscow.”
Do the morons who comprise the Bush Regime really not understand that short of a surprise nuclear attack on Russia there is nothing whatsoever the US can do to Moscow?
The Bush Regime owns no Russian currency that it can dump. The Russians own US dollars.
The Bush Regime owns no Russian bonds that it can dump. The Russians own US bonds.
The US can cut Russia off from no energy supplies. Russia can cut America’s European allies off from energy.
President Reagan negotiated the end of the cold war with Soviet President Gorbachev.,The neoconservatives, whom Reagan fired and drove from his administration, were furious. The neocons had hoped to win the cold war, thereby establishing American hegemony.
The Republican Establishment reestablished its hegemony under Bush 1st that it had lost to Ronald Reagan. With this feat, intelligence was driven from the Republican Party.
The neocons engineered their comeback with the First Gulf War and their propaganda, pure lies, that Iraqi troops bayoneted Kuwait babies in hospitals.
The neocons made a further comeback with President Clinton, whom they convinced to bomb Serbia in order to permit separatist movements to become independent states dependent on America.
With Bush 2nd, the neocons took over. Their agenda, American world hegemony, includes Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.
So far the schemes of these ignorant and dangerous ideologues have come a cropper. Iraq, formerly in the hands of secular Sunnis who were a check on Iran, is, after the American invasion and occupation, in the hands of religious Shiites allied with Iran.
In Afghanistan, the Taliban are resurgent, and a large NATO/US army there is unable to control the situation.
One consequence of the neocons’ Afghan war has been the loss of power of the American puppet president of Pakistan, a Muslim country armed with nuclear weapons. The puppet president now faces impeachment, and the Pakistani military has informed the Americans to stop conducting military operations in Pakistani territory.
The American puppets in Egypt and Jordan might be next to fall.
In Iraq, the Shiites, having completed their ethnic cleansing of Sunnis from neighborhoods, have declared a cease fire in order to contradict the US propaganda that American withdrawal would lead to a blood bath. Negotiations on withdrawal dates are now underway between the Americans and the Iraqi government, which is no longer behaving like a puppet.
Last year Hugo Chavez ridiculed Bush before the UN. Russia’s Putin ridiculed Bush as Comrade Wolf.
On August 12, 2008, Pravda ridiculed Bush, “Bush: Why don’t you shut up.”
Americans may think they are a superpower before whose presence the world trembles. But not the Russians.
Those Americans stupid enough to think that America’s “superpower” insures its citizens from danger need to read the total contempt shown for President Bush in Pravda:
“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? In your statement on Monday regarding the legitimate actions of the Russian Federation in Georgia, you failed to mention the war crimes perpetrated by Georgian military forces, which American advisors support, against Russian and Ossetian civilians
“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? Your faithful ally, Mikhail Saakashvili, was announcing a ceasefire deal while his troops, with your advisors, were massing on Ossetia’s border, which they crossed under cover of night and destroyed Tskhinvali, targeting civilian structures just like your forces did in Iraq.
“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? Your American transport aircraft gave a ride home to thousands of Georgian soldiers from Iraq directly into the combat zone.
“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? How do you account for the fact that among the Georgian soldiers fleeing the fighting yesterday you could clearly hear officers using American English giving orders to “Get back inside” and how do you account for the fact that there are reports of American soldiers among the Georgian casualties?
“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? Do you really think anyone gives any importance whatsoever to your words after 8 years of your criminal and murderous regime and policies? Do you really believe you have any moral ground whatsoever and do you really imagine there is a single human being anywhere on this planet who does not stick up his middle finger every time you appear on a TV screen?
Do you really believe you have the right to give any opinion or advice after Abu Ghraib? After Guantanamo? After the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens? After the torture by CIA operatives?
Do you really believe you have any right to make a statement on any point of international law after your trumped-up charges against Iraq and the subsequent criminal invasion?
“President Bush,
Why don’t you shut up? Suppose Russia for instance declares that Georgia has weapons of mass destruction? And that Russia knows where these WMD are, namely in Tblisi and Poti and north, south, east and west of there? And that it must be true because there is ‘magnificent foreign intelligenc’ such as satellite photos of milk powder factories and baby cereals producing chemical weapons and which are currently being ‘driven around the country in vehicles’? Suppose Russia declares for instance that ‘Saakashvili stiffed the world’ and it is ‘time for regime change’?
Nice and simple, isn’t it, President Bush?
“So, why don’t you shut up? Oh and by the way, send some more of your military advisors to Georgia, they are doing a sterling job. And they look all funny down the night sight, all green.”The US is not a superpower. It is a bankrupt farce run by imbeciles who were installed by stolen elections arranged by Karl Rove and Diebold. It is a laughing stock, that ignorantly affronts and attempts to bully an enormous country equipped with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons.
Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.He can be reached at: PaulCraigRoberts@yahoo.com

OK, my turn now.

Ever have one of those "moments" when you don't quite know if you should laugh, cry, or just get the old shot gun and shoot the first thing that comes into view? That is how I felt when I first read some of the "comments" from Rice, Cheney, Shrubbie, and crew regarding the fighting in the country of Georgia.

The arrogance, hypocrisy, and absolute bullshit coming form our leaders was just about more than any sane person ought to be subjected to in five life times, let alone the last seven plus years. The current pronouncementsof this "leadership" (??) class in America is beyond belief.

Now this crap DID start with Klan Clinton. He bombed the stuffings out of Serbia for something like 78 days straight. Remember that? He had plenty of "encouragement" from our dear Hi-Larry for that mess. She even boasted about that during the primaries, part of her "experience" I guess.

Shrubbie continued the destruction of international law with his illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the Afghan deal may have had some justification, but no way was there any at all for Iraq.
Continuing the disregard for international laws and norms, he was a prime mover in ripping Kosovo from Serbia. He was warned by many very smart folks that that deal would set a very dangerous precident. No way, said our "decider", just trust him, Kosovo was a "special case". Yes sir, sure was, just like South Ossetia is a "special case". Oh, and don't forget Abkhazia, that portion of Georgia wants total separation from Georgia also. So far they are not fighting as they were in South Ossetia. Maybe with the defeat of the Georgian army, they Abhkazians won't have yo fight them.

These are the fruits of W. Shrubbie and his criminal administration. This is what you get for flouting international laws, "dissing" the United Nations, disregarding traties and norms of international behavior. It is the result of trying to be a "world bully". These are the fruits of the neo-cons and their idiot Zionist enablers. This is now empire in decline for sure.

We are way over stretched militarily. We have no use for diplomacy, unless it suits "our" purposes. "We" flaunt our "military superiority" to the world.
Aha, but the world has noticed, how could even a blind man not see?, that while we may actually have the "best" military in terms of machines, equipment and such, we are stuck in two wars against realatively primitive weapons and are not fighting the types of wars our military had prepared for all these years.
Our entire military has been built upon high tech weapons systems. We are still, by the way we bring on new weapons systems, fighting World War Two. The sort of large scale, massed armies type of war. As some very intelligent commentators have made known, we are not fighting those types of wars. We are now into, what some have called, fourth generation warfare. All the high tech "toys" and fancy air craft (F-22) don't help much in this "new" type of war.

Our "leaders" exhibit the utter stupidity to try to make like the Russians have done some sort of crime by defending their own peacekeeper troops who have been in South Ossetia under a UN mandate for these past few years. Those peace keeper troops were attacked without warning, civilians fled the fighting as fast as they could. Russia sent troops to stop this war of aggression by Gerogia. Suddenly (!!!) Shrubbie, his administration, and even many neo-cons have discovered (!!) international law! Well, where were they and their type in 2003? Why suddenly is the "rule of law" so damn important? Could it be because "our boy" Saakashvili got the wrong message abd attacked Ossetia thinking Shrubbie and NATO would be right there backing him up? If he thought that, why? Who would have lead him to think such? Could it be those visits to Georgia by Shrubbie, Rice, and other officials from the good old US of A in recent times?

My guess is thatmost European countries are thanking whatever diety they pray to that Georga was NOT accepted into NAto at their last meeting on new members. Had this country been part of that dinosaur NATO, then European nations would have to fight the Russian army about now. Not something the French, German, Italian, or any other European country would like to do.

Ah, but wait folks. America has an "answer". Yes sir, we sure do. What is it? Well, it is change. Yep, change. Or as they slogan says, change we can believe in. Damn right, Obama. Uh-huh, sure charlie. Want to buy a bridge to go with that change?

Why am I being so cynical? Well, look at some of the "advisors" to Mr. Oh-bomb-them. Mr. Brzezinski, Ms. Albright, and Mr. Holbrooke. There ya go folks, three-of-a-kind for you. Three war lovers!

Holbrooke is responsible, along with his then boss Clinton, for the mess we made of the break up of Yugoslavia.

Zbiggy is the guy who convinced Carter to do the Afghan "thing" to the Russians, then still the old Soviet Union.

Ms. Al (not so) bright made two "interesting" comments as the Secretary of State for Clinton. She asked Colin Powell what was the use of the wonderful military we had if we couldn't take it out and use it. She was also the vile creature who told us, on TV, that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children(!!!) was "worth it"!!!! What the HELL kind of human being could utter such a statement? Surely Mad-ass Albright MUST be a very, very good christian to have said and believed such a thing.

Yes folks, those three-of-a-kind are now on "team Obama", so just wait for that "change we can beileve in" to start right after he wins in November.

NO, I am in NO WAY suggestiong you vote for McCrazy. Shit, he is an old, senile fool who needs to keep his "pal Joey" close by to correct him every time he opens his yap.

One further clarification needed here before I close. I do NOT agree with Russia "invading" any country. As a veteran of the Vietnam war, I detest war period. I agree that General Smedley Butler had it 100% correct when he said that there are ONLY two reasons for war. One, to protect OUR homes. Two, to defend the Bill of Rights. ALL other war is a racket, designed only to fatten the bank accounts of the war merchants. I hope the Russian troops withdraw as soon as they can and let the people get back to their lives. I really hope they do not start an "Iraq" type occupation in South Ossetia. I just needed to add this before I close.

Vote for Ms. mcKinney, or Mr. Nader. Hell, write in Ron Paul. If all we have is the evil of the two lessers, well, we might get some change, but it won't be the kind many of us can "believe in". Just my 50 cents worth today.
semper fi

26 July 2008

what is happening to America?

I'm very concerned for our country. We seem to be going in a very bad direction here. When you just look at how we are "conducting" our war in Iraq, the tactics we use and have been using these last years. They way we use/abuse the folks we have "detained" at Gitmo. Things get very complicated.
Yes, I know that the war is illegal, that is understood by many people even in America finally. That isn't the point of this post. That is a given about the war being illegal. It is also a given that our treatment (?) of those we have "detained" (actually kidnapped in many cases) at Gitmo is illegal. Again, that is not the focus of this post. It is another given that it is a criminal fact.
My concern, if you will, is that our tactics are also verging on the illegal. We are becoming un-American in how we conduct ourselves in these areas. What we are doing in our "conduct" of the war is not the old "American way". Same goes for our treatment of the detainees we keep at Gitmo and other prison facilities.
We used to, or at least pretended to, abide by the rules of war and the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners. Now, it seems to me, that we no longer even pretend to follow those rules. They have been called "quaint" and "archaic" by the legal staff of our "decider".
We have had attorneys general say such things publicly. We have a current attorney general who is unable, or unwilling, to call water boarding torture! Every decent,sane, thinking, and caring human being has said that it IS torture. Makes one wonder what sort of "human being" we have as our attorney general today. We know what sort of shit our last two are. Damn crooks and liars, both of them. At least Ashcroft had then good sense to say during at least one White House meeting that history may not judge them nicely. He had some concern for what they were discussing at the White House. That at least shows, to me anyway, some semblance of humanity. Of course it may just have been a fleeting thought for him and not a true long term concern of his. I am sure he is looking for ways to cover his ass from any responsibility for any crimes done while he held that post. Need to keep his ass out of jail don't you know.
I imagine the same can be said of our last attorney general, Gonzales, he is sure to wish to remain out of jail as well. Pass the blame to someone else. It is the way of politics in America.
Maybe the current occupant of that office figures he won't hold the post long enough to be brought up on charges of any sort of crimes. Want to bet? How is it that he is unable to define what is or is not torture? I am sure there must be some legal definition available to him. Can't he even read the Geneva Conventions? Is he unable to read international laws? Aren't there definitions of torture in American law?
I only ask these questions because I am not a lawyer, and have no legal background or training. I could go and do an inter net search for the answers myself, but shouldn't the US Attorney General know these things?
I don't know. Maybe I am just an old, out dated idiot, who expects way too much of our "leaders". Maybe I expect all of our folks who hold high office to be like the founders of this country, or that they know the laws they are supposed to enforce. That they know what is and is not torture. That they know what is and is not legal according to our national laws. That some of them even know something about international laws and treaties. Maybe I just expect way too much of our poor, over worked and (of course) under paid people who hold high office in America.
I like to think that if I held such a position as attorney general, that I would at least know the answers to some of the questions I raise above. This is not to say that I am better than they are, or seem to be. It IS to say that I have always taken whatever job I had very seriously. I always tried to do my job to the best of my ability, and to know in detail just what my job was and how to do it. But then, that is how Dad taught me. He and my grandparents were like that. They taught me to take personal responsibility for my job and myself. If I screwed up, it was my fault and don't go looking for someone else to blame for my failures. I try to do that still to this day. Yes, there are many times when others contribute to the failure of something, but ultimately, I try to be honest about my part in it. Telling the truth is so much easier, you don't have to remember what you said the other day, as it is the same thing now as it was then, or will be tomorrow. The truth may be hard to deal with, but it sure beats trying to lie your way out of things. We have all seen folks who lie so much that they forget just what story line they are on today, and watch as they get the lies confused. It sure can be funny to watch. Telling the truth means you get to skip that embarrassment.

Back to where I was going earlier, tactics and such.
The way we are, or at least the way we have been fighting the Iraq war is not how one would expect America to do things. The kicking down doors at 3 AM, the use of air power in densely packed cities, the abusive checkpoints. These are not typical America tactics in my opinion. Sure, our police here do the door kick at double "oh" dark thirty, but bombing of houses from the air? Come on folks, that is an Israeli tactic. Using missiles and air power to "take out" a person or maybe a few people in a city? That isn't how we used to fight wars. It sure as hell is NOT the way to win the "hearts and minds" of the locals. It is, again, more how the IDF does things in Gaza and the West Bank.
Fire off a missile and damn the "collateral damage". Well, this will NOT make friends for your side. It WILL make even more terrorists (?) than there were before you attacked. It is the way Israel does in Gaza. We hear this on the news regularly. It is not the way to make friends. It will just lead to more killing on both sides.
We are becoming the Israelis. I for one, do NOT like that.
We abuse, even torture, the folks we "detain" at our facilities at Baghram in Afghanistan. Remember Abu Ghraib? Read the latest from Gitmo. We are doing things to the people we "detain" that Israel does to the Palestinians that they have prisoner.
We are becoming the Israelis. Again, I am repulsed by this.
We allow ourselves the use of tactics that have been used by the IDF in our current wars and in our prisons. This is something that should cause great concern for any thinking, caring human being. The tactics of the IDF and Mossad are inhuman. They brutalize the Palestinians because they can. We are starting to do the same in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gitmo. We are becoming the IDF, and it is repulsive.
Our Congress critters fall all over themselves to swear allegiance to Israel. Our candidates for president do the same. Why? Why do we, the people of America not protest this outrage? Should not OUR elected representatives swear allegiance to America? Should not OUR candidates for president swear allegiance to America and to the people OF America? Why do we allow these people who are OUR elected representatives to swear allegiance to a FOREIGN country? When will they swear allegiance to US? Ever? Maybe next election cycle? Maybe when the "spirit" moves them?
What the hell is happening here folks? How long are "we" going to just sit back and allow this crap?
Look at the two illegal wars we are stuck with. Look to our prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo and the abuses we have done to those we hold in those facilities. Look at the treatment(???) of the Palestinians and you must see the parallels there.
We are becoming the Israelis. And no wonder, we have OUR elected leaders running off to AIPAC to swear their allegiance to Israel! Didn't WE elect them? Does Israel get to vote in our elections now? Just who the hell do OUR elected representatives work for?
Now, look at New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. It is nearly three years since Miss Katrina and her sister Miss Rita paid us a visit. The city of New Orleans is still a mess! Three years later! Where is the outrage at this mess? Where are "our" leaders? Well, they are off singing the praises of Israel to AIPAC. Where did you think they'd be? What, did you say you thought that "our" leaders might be doing some "good" for us? Why, who are you to say such a thing? Holy crap, you must have been thinking like me to have such terrible thoughts! Be very careful now, I am quite prepared to take my punishment for my "crimes" and thoughts and words. Are you? Don't follow me, I may be on the wrong road. Be careful now, this isn't the America they mentioned in high school civics class. It is becoming more like Israel, where dissent will be punished.
Our mainstream media is of no help at all. That sector of America has become basically a propaganda machine. Real reporting isn't done here very much any more. The truth is what the government says it is. Remember, we have a "decider" in the White House.
Our "leaders, even BOTH of our candidates for president make statement s that "we" will "obliterate" Iran if they dare to attack Israel. Why? We do NOT have a mutual defense pact with the state of Israel. While we should be concerned about any attack on any country by another country, we have NO business getting into this mess. We have gone and started TWO illegal wars ourselves. If Israel wants to fight Iran, let them. But we should keep out of it. Or, better yet, sell arms and ammunition to BOTH sides. Cash only, no checks, no credit. Of course with Israel, we would just be getting our own money back, as we send them about 3 Billion dollars every year.
Now we have had an Israeli historian do an article in the New York Times last weekend that basically says that if America won't bomb Iran. Israel will go it alone. Well great. Just goddamn fine. Of course this shit will pull us into the mess and everybody knows it. They will need to fly through Iraqi airspace, which WE control now. Iran has said that if Israel does attack, they will retaliate against both Israel and America. Why? Because they equate an Israeli attack with an American attack. We have stood with Israel for so damn long, no matter how badly they behaved that we are now seen as one and the same. Again, we are becoming Israel.
We even have high ranking members of some "Christian" religions who support Israel to the absolute detriment of America. Just like some of our politicians do and have done. Why do any decent Americans allow this? When do "we" get OUR leaders to stand up for US? When will we stop being Israel?

09 July 2008

just a thought............or three

I had a thought while reading an article this evening. The article is not what I am writing about just now. It did get this old brain to spinning at a slightly higher rpm than normal though.
The article was about air strikes against Iran, and how the Air Farce and Navy have the "capacity" to do in Iran what they did during "Operation Iraqi Freedom".
So, big deal you say. Well, wait i second here. Back before the Shrub had even launched the attack against Iraq, the original name of the "operation" was going to be "Operation Iraqi Liberation". Why the name change you ask? Because if you use the first letters of each word, it becomes OIL. Now it is OIF.
OK, big deal again you say. Well, that was my thought, then it morphed into another thought, I get a bit "off track" at times.
So, here goes my "take" on OIF. Bear with me while this develops, it is a bit convoluted, like much of my "thinking" these days, or longer even. OIF, take it this way, Oh, If. OK, good so far?
Well, "Oh, If this Iraq deal works, we'll go down in history as heroes!"
Take it another way, the one I like best, "Oh! If the Iraq deal goes bad, we'd better be ready to spread the bullshit by the train car load." Yep, I like the second way the best. In fact, it seems to me that things did work out more like the second "interpretation" rather than the first one. Yes sir, OIF. Damn, sure sounded good once upon a time, or so they thought.
See, it wasn't all about OIL after all.
Sure, right on, and how would you like some nice beach front property in the southern area of Arizona?
Just a "passing" thought this evening. Take care folks, fuel prices are still going up.
semper fi

07 July 2008

a crime and an outrage, at least it should beDo You Have Love in Your Culture?

Once again, I am indebted to another writer for the following article. His is/was not the first I had read of this criminal act against a fellow human being. His article did get me even more set to post here on this crime and to add my comments after his excellent article.

Do You Have Love in Your Culture?
Israel Flexes Its Muscles
“[The Israeli security man] took his gun out, pressing it to my head . . . Another man, who was laughing, said: “Why are you bringing perfumes?” I replied: “They are gifts for people I love.” He said: “Oh, do you have love in your culture?” ”
Palestinian journalist Mohammad Omar, June 26, 2008
That sums it up. It encapsulates the disrespect, the utter contempt for Palestinians – indeed for all Arabs – felt and displayed by vicious and spiteful Israeli buffoons. This tiny but significant cameo explains the entire ethos of the Israeli regime as concerns colonially-suppressed Arab serfs who have been for sixty horrible years without help or hope in their destitution and despair. This incident, which was not made known by the mainstream media (“Your search - Mohammad Omar - did not match any documents” – New York Times), became public only because non-mainstream editors, not subject to pressure or to energetically held personal beliefs, have nothing to fear from media moguls with financial or personal axes to grind.
The journalist Mohammad Omar was trying to return home from attending a function in London to mark his award of a journalistic distinction, the Martha Gellhorn Prize, for his reporting. His journey back to Gaza was assisted by the Dutch Embassy, which deserves great credit for trying – albeit unsuccessfully – to have his return free of harassment and the normal casual barbarity of Israeli officials. (The Dutch and the Scandinavian countries do a great deal, quietly and usually effectively, in support of decency and world-wide human rights. Official Washington laughs at them.) But the Israelis pay no attention to diplomatic custom and civilized traditions when these do not suit them, although they insist on them when it seems that someone might be so indelicate as to make it clear that Israel is behaving illegally and disgustingly, which it does a lot of the time.
Let me declare an interest : I was made aware of the arrogance of Israelis when one of my duties was to brief and debrief army officers going to the UN Mission in the Middle East. My briefings were straightforward and impartial, but I was interested in the fact that the young officers were without exception pro-Israeli. “There are the brave Israelis,” they exclaimed, “surrounded by evil Arabs intent on destroying their country!” (Or words to that effect.) “Gallant little Israel” was the theme, because it was standing alone against the massed might of the Arab nations. (And true enough, because Egypt and Syria had tried and failed to invade Israel to avenge the treatment of the Palestinians to whom the land belonged – and still belongs, in law.)
I debriefed three of these officers when they returned after their year in UN service. By that time they despised and loathed Israel and Israelis. They told me that without one exception, so far as they knew, their scores of colleagues of all nations represented in the UN Mission had equally forthright views. One of them, an old friend, told me in detail of his experiences, and of one in particular that to his mind demonstrated the jackboot approach.
One day he was in a UN jeep in an area forbidden to Israeli troops, and driving through a village street, when an Israeli tank blocked the way. He got out of his jeep to remonstrate, and the Israeli tank commander – “blond, blue-eyed, he was straight out of Rommel’s Afrika Corps or the bloody SS” – traversed the gun and depressed it to sight on the UN vehicle. He didn't say anything, but obviously was ready to fire. The UN officer was sensible, and got back into his jeep and reversed the hell out of there. His report, like all those detailing Israeli arrogance and non-cooperation, was sent to UN HQ in New York and filed and forgotten. The US does not permit any criticism of the country that its current secretary of state has described as “the key to security of the world.”
This was an astonishing statement by Dr Rice, and should be put in context. So here is the report from an Israeli newspaper:
“In an exclusive interview with Israel’s daily Yediot Aharonot . . . Dr Condoleezza Rice said that “the security of Israel is the key to security of the world.” Rice added that she feels “a deep bond to Israel.” Asked if her feelings toward Israel stem from her religious convictions, Dr. Rice said “That is a very deep question. I first visited Israel in 2000. I already then felt that I am returning home despite the fact that this was a place I never visited. I have a deep affinity with Israel. I have always admired the history of the State of Israel and the hardness and determination of the people that founded it . . . I think that we, Israel and the US, share common values. Israel is the only democracy in the region. That is also very important . . .”
Obviously she has love for Israeli culture, and she is not alone, for there are other lovers of Israel, some in high uniformed places.
Much publicity was given to a statement on 2 July by the US Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mullen, when he was asked about a possible Israeli attack on Iran. He said “This is a very unstable part of the world and I don't need it to be more unstable . . . Opening up a third front right now would be extremely stressful on us.” How this could be interpreted, as it was by most US media, as a sign of “discouragement” to Israel is intriguing. (And use of the personal pronoun “I” says a great deal : who is this man who is grown so mighty?) Associated Press also recorded that Mullen “refused to say what Israeli leaders had told him during his meetings with them last week about any intentions to strike Iran.” But we might have some idea about that, if only because of what Mullen said on 4 May concerning US support for Israel. He declared that the US
“has been at Israel's side for all of 60 years, it will be for the next 60 years, 100 years and 1,000 years. With all its success, I am a tremendous admirer and have great respect for Israel.” It is amazing that a military officer of any nation could make such a public declaration of unconditional support for a foreign country. It was a blatantly political statement by a uniformed officer following his leader, George W Bush, who is similarly committed to Israeli supremacy and has said that “Israel is a solid ally of the United States. We will rise to Israel’s defense, if need be. . . . You bet, we'll defend Israel.”
It was reported on 4 June, following a Bush meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Olmert, that the latter said “We reached agreement on the need to take care of the Iranian threat. I left with a lot less question marks [than] I had entered with regarding the means, the timetable restrictions, and American resoluteness to deal with the problem. George Bush understands the severity of the Iranian threat and the need to vanquish it, and intends to act on that matter before the end of his term in the White House.” It could not be more clear that the Bush administration is determined to help Israel attack Iran, not matter what might otherwise be stated in public.
The Israeli lobby in Washington has a stranglehold on US foreign policy. There is no US politician of any party who dare criticize Israel. Such impudence would lead to a campaign for their political extinction, funded by rich and vindictive zealots who are single-minded in their support of a foreign country to which they owe unconditional loyalty. So the stage is set for a strike on Iran, after which the world will reel from the effects of Israel’s lunacy.
There is not much love in their culture.
Brian Cloughley lives in France. His website is http://www.briancloughley.com/

There is a further update available at www.ips.org/blog/jimlobe/?p=163.
At this link, Mr. Omer gives his own account of this crime. I have read it, and how he can maintain a sense of humor after what he has endured is beyond what I would be able to manage. Then, he is much younger than me. Maybe back when I was in my mid 20's I'd be able to keep up my sense of humor, I did manage it in Vietnam, but that was with the help of my buddies.
What I am getting at, is that in my old age (60) I no longer have much tolerance for these sorts of crimes. This is not to imply that I ever did really tolerate this sort of criminal behavior before, but as I get older, thses sorts of abuse just piss me off all that much more. Like my near zero tolerance for stupid these days. Maybe it is just my age that makes me feel the extra outrage. Maybe with age, we all see things differently. I am certain that is how it is with me. When I was younger, I could tolerate more crap, also, to a certain extent, I maybe just wasn't as aware of the shit going on in the world.
When we are young, at least for most Americans, we have a different set of priorities, just ask old Dick Cheney ( LOL ). Yes, that was a poor attempt at humor, sorry. When I was young, I had my job, the new house, the new marriage to occupy most all of my time. Now, in my old age, I have the time to look into in more detail, this sort of criminal behavior.
Yes, I am trying damn hard to keep my language "polite" on this. After all, I let it all "hang out" a few posts ago. Now it is deadly serious time and I am even more pissed than I was for that post. I would enjoy cussing out the low life morons who abused this fellow human being, not that it would do any good. Oh, I would be accused of being an anti-Semite, big damn deal.
That is another part of this entire story. The abuse, or as I have called it, the bastardization, of our (American English) language.
The Semites include Hebrews AND Arabs. I may have gone over this before, but here it goes again. BOTH Jews (Hebrews) AND Arabs are Semitic peoples. MY source is the old Oxford English Dictionary. Therefore, to be a real anti-Semite, one would despise BOTH Jews (Hebrews) AND Arabs.
The Zionists have hijacked the term to now mean exclusively anti-Jewish sentiment. Again, bastardizing our language. Yes, I know that words and their meanings DO change over time. That is NOT what has happened in this case. This is a true hijacking of terms to suit a particular group for propaganda purposes. My opinion, plain and simple.
Another thing on this note. The constant crying of "anti-Semitism" every time anyone is the least critical of the government of Israel, or its actions, is degrading the effectiveness of that term. Like the boy who cried wolf too many times, it is losing and will continue to lose its sting. I do not care if I am called anti-Semitic. Big damn deal. Hell, I was a Marine and have been called everyting under the sun. As my Dad used to say, he didn't care what you called him, as long as it wasn't late for dinner. Well, I have even been called late for dinner, so again, big damn deal. Sling those temrs for all you areworth, it won't hurt me at all.
Another thing that this sort of criminal abuse does, or can do, is to create more anti-Jewish feelings among those who do not habor such sentiment at this time. Every time a person reads of such crimes, they get more and more upset about it, or they just get bored and turn off completely. If a person has any sense of humanity, I would think it would get them highly agitated and very upset. Of course the "defense" could (?) be that the Jews are the "chosen people" and they can do as they wish. But, they, or at least the older generation, survived the Nazis, how can they now turn and do such to those who never persecuted them? How can the victim become the criminal? Maybe it would be better to ask why rahter than how. Either way, it is not right, there can be no justification for this sort of crime. It is a crime against humanity, and as such, should outrage every decent human being, period.
All of this because of some old book? Because some tribal god or other said that one group of people were the "chosen" ones? No wonder I refuse to believe in any religion at all. How stupid. How childish. Superstition. Bah, humbug.
semper fi