13 October 2011

Just what IS going on here?

Greetings all.
Just when it looked like the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was getting a real head of steam and in the news, what happens but the powers that be come out with some ridiculous "plot" that involves the "top bad guy" now that bin Laden is dead. Yep, Iran, the "favored" bad guy of the zionist gang is once again up to doing "bad things".
Well, they are IF you believe the "news" from D.C. and Riyadh. We even got the US Attorney General, Mr. Holder, telling us all about this "vast conspiracy". For an excellent look at this "plot" you just need to pop over to Asia Times and read the column by Pepe Escobar. The link is on this page. I trust Pepe and my opinion is that he is an honest reporter. 
This "plot" involves an entire cast of characters right out of a bad Hollywood movie. It has not just the "evil" Iranians, but it includes even the Mexican drug gangs, the feared Zetas in particular. The "plot" also includes "tons of opium" and of course boat loads of cash. Supposedly this is/was a plan to kill a Saudi ambassador on US soil. Why these "bad guys" didn't think to try killing the ambassador in the Middle East we are not told. Surely with all the tumult in that region it would be much easier to kill him closer to his home territory. The plan to use some Mexican drug gang or other to "do the deed" is also very odd. One would think that the Revolutionary Guards Force and the al Qods force has the capability to do it themselves. Why involve the Mexicans? Plausible deniability? Beats me. It just does seem to be some garbage script for a bad movie the closer one looks at it.
In his article Pepe asks just who benefits from this "plot". An excellent question and he does provide some suggestions. Yes, the zionist entity for one and the war industries included in the folks who might benefit from this. Various other war mongers also might think(??) they could profit from another damn fool war. 
Personally, any thought to invading Iran need to be tossed out right now. A war with Iran would not go nearly as "well" as the current idiot wars we are stuck in today. YES, even worse than Iraq and Afghanistan combined in my humble opinion. 
One other group that may be pushing for the US to attack Iran is the MEK, which was listed as a terrorist outfit by the US government, but has received funds from the US government. Yeah, that is NOT an error, the US government has aided a listed terror organization. I don't have any current information, but we may still be funding that group in some way. Hypocrisy? Well, sure, nothing new there folks. 
A good question to ask about this new "plot" is why was it made public now. According to what I have read about it, the "plot" was known in D.C. since  June. NO, that is not a misprint, the US has known about this since June 2011.  The US supposedly briefed the Saudis in mid September. So, why do they make it public now?  
We,,, call me a "conspiracy nut", but maybe it is to take the media spot light away from the OWS which seems to be getting much attention from the "main stream media". Hey, they need to take the heat off those poor banksters some how. 
Another question that comes to mind, where will the money for yet another damn fool war of choice come from? Who would lend money to the US to attack and/or invade Iran? 
Again, two very important questions arise about this "plot"; who benefits and why now?  Stay tuned for further developments folks, this thing looks to be just getting started.
America, what a country.
semper fi