11 May 2011

My last (maybe) take on the bin-Laden killing

This is going to be my last take on the killing of Osama bin Laden. Well, I think it will be my last, maybe.
Since my last rant here at the old corner, I have read a few more articles on this subject and it has really got to me, again, only a bit worse.
As an American (native born) and a former US Marine/Vietnam veteran, the killing of bin-Laden has upset me greatly. The US and the allies put the high command of the Nazis on trial after the second world war. They were guilty of crimes much worse than anything bin-Laden had ever dreamed of, let alone been responsible for. 
That the US president, who is supposed to have been a Constitutional scholar and something of a legal expert could call this killing "justice" really sickens me. It was in no way, no how, any sort or form of justice. Justice does NOT come from the barrel of an automatic weapon. Justice comes from a trial, in a court room, with a judge, jury, and evidence. In a trial, and by trial I mean a fair trial, the evidence is introduced and argued about by the prosecutor and the defense attorneys. The evidence is there to be presented to the jury, so they can decide the guilt or innocence of the defendant.
I am afraid that America no longer stands for, nor does it actually promote, any sense of real justice today. My (??) country is no longer that which I learned of in high school civics class way back in the mid 1960's. America has fallen back on the law of the jungle. Kill or be killed. This is NOT what America should be. It IS, however, what America is today. 
May whatever god or gods that exist have pity on us, the rest of the world will not, nor should it have any for us.
America, where are you now?
There IS a monster on the loose.
semper fi

Some "odd" bits and a few pieces

Man, the things you run across while surfing the net.
The first one that struck me, is also a bit upsetting as well. I wonder how many people saw this and what their reactions were. Here is the link; http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/160257-netanyahu-to-address-congress-on-May-24
Yes folks, old Nutty-Yahoo is going to address a joint session of the United States of America congress.
The House Speaker, John Boehner, aka the orange man, is so "proud" of this get together. So proud in fact that he said;"It will be an honor to welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu to the Capitol....." An "honor"? Really? Well, the Zionist entity is a supposed "ally" of the USA. Never mind the "incident" with the USS Liberty. No, see, that is ancient history, or, better yet, it "never" happened, no matter what you may have read or heard.
The Majority Leader of the House, Mr. Eric Cantor, said that "Israel is a vital ally bound to America by common democratic values........" Common values? Oh, like persecuting your enemies by withholding vital supplies like medicine, food, and such? OK, got that now. Mr. Cantor also said,"A strong Israel translates into a stronger America." OK, now, could he explain to old, dumb me, just HOW that works? Does anybody have an explanation of how a "strong Israel" equals a "stronger America"? Seriously, I fail to see how that works out. Any ideas?

As for me, I fail to see why Nutty-Yahoo should even be allowed into this country. Probably he gets a free pass since we all know that old saying; "birds of a feather flock together". Yep, it will be a meeting of war criminals.  Old "Benny" is "one of us" and all that sort of good natured, back slapping fun. My own view is that the Zionist entity is a huge drag on the USA, both financially and politically. "We" give them billions every year and being so closely tied to that country, we suffer politically. The Arab world, among others, see the US not as an honorable neutral broker for a peace deal between Palestinians and the Zionist entity. It is so obvious a blind man could see how "we" will never be an honest broker in that matter. Again, I keep coming back to the advice of the founders about entangling alliances. Man, oh man, are "we" ever entangled with the Zionist entity. And here, all this time I thought the US capitol was Washington D.C.. Turns out that it has been  TelAviv.  "We" allow(??) them to basically dictate "our" foreign policies. Wonderful. Yes, I AM being sarcastic, snarky, or whatever else you wish to call it. Disgusted fits quite well also.

A side note on Libya. I got curious, yeah, I know, it supposedly killed the cat. Ah, but remember, satisfaction brought the cat back! Nine lives don't ya know. LOL.
OK, now that is out of my system, but still on the hard drive, on to my "topic". Gaddafi took power in a coup back in 1969. He has been in power for going on 42 years now. The coup took place in September according to Wikipedia, which means that IF he survives until September, he WILL have been in power a full 42 years. My point here is a small one, but I thought it worth mentioning. He is STILL only a colonel. Yep, he has NOT given himself the standard post-coup promotion. How many other people who have over thrown a government have kept their same rank? How many, who may have kept their old rank, promoted themselves at some future time? Within my limited research, Gaddafi is the ONLY person to hold power for decades without promoting himself to at least General, if not "president for life" as some African "democrats" have done.  This may be another, admittedly very minor, reason to get him out of office. I mean, how dare he hold power for so long and still be "just" a simple Colonel? Maybe his ego did not need a promotion? True, he HAS been photographed in some odd looking costumes, but STILL, he has not given himself a higher rank. Maybe this is just another way he remains his own person and a true maverick. His independence and his pan'Africanism surely puts him at odds with the clowns of NATO, the IMF, and the damn World Bank. Funny how one of the very first things these "rebels" did was set up a bank. Smell any rats there? The stench is over powering.

Once again, I refer you all to Pepe Escobar and his excellent reporting for Asia Times Online. His latest is well worth your time to read. Here is the link; www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/ME12Ak01.html
We can see that NATO is very, very selective in their choice of targets around the world. If you are an independent sort of leader, you are ripe for "regime change". IF, on the other hand, you are a compliant sort, your rule is safe and you are free to do as you please when the "natives" get restless, see Bahrain for example. Well, hell, the US has the Fifth Fleet stationed in Bahrain, the "natives" must be suppressed. Thank the gods that the Saudis were available to "help" put down the rebellion in that island nation.

The air war in Libya isn't working out quite the way NATO planners thought it would. Funny, these planners never seem to learn that wars never go quite the way they are planned to work. With the recent Iraq and Afghan wars, one would think(?) they might have figured that out by now. Of course the planners are always high ranking officers and I remember my drill instructor in boot camp telling us that officers went to school to learn how to be dumb. Also, we Marines had a saying; rank is inversely proportional to intelligence.  See the following for the "air show" component of the Libya war; www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/ME12Ak03.html
According to this report, the air war in Libya is also a sales pitch of sorts. This comes just after another report that stated that India is NOT going to purchase any US made jet fighters this go round. They have narrowed their choices down to the "Euro fighter" and the French made "Rafale" Wars now days are not just old fashioned shoot-em-ups, nope, they are also sales tools.Imagine the TV ads; "Buy the best aircraft in the world! The aircraft that took out the vile tyrant Gaddafi!!  Of course the ad would make use of full color gun sight video and "living" color video of bombing raids to prove the point. Yes folks, there is big money in war.

and still, life goes on............
semper fi

09 May 2011

Libya, department of corrections, my error

In my last rant I tore into the newest War in Libya. I pointed out how this war IS about oil to some extent, it is also about the 144 tons of gold that Libya holds. I also mentioned that the Wall Street gangsters along with the "too big to fail" gangsters "must" have control of that money and the oil/ I forgot to add the other main reason for this war. THat tip to Reality Zone for reminding me of my error of omission. You see, I neglected to add that the US needs an African country in which to base its newest military force, Africom. As of now, Africom is based in Stuttgart, Germany. Yes, the US military command for the continent of Africa has its headquarters based in that wonderful "African" nation of Germany.  OK, enough of my snide remarks. The thing is, NO country in all of Africa would allow Africom to be based on their soil. Hence, Libya must be "liberated". 
So, there we have the main reasons for the war in Libya, the sovereign fund of that nation (along with all that gold that they hold in reserve), the oil, which is always going to get the attention of the gangsters who are "too big to fail", and the fact that Africom wants a physical base IN Africa. 
Now, the fact that there is also the largest aquifer under the sands of Libya and Egypt is quite high on the list of "goodies" that the "too big to fail" gangsters want to control. So far, I would put the water resource as a very close secondary want. I do this only because I have not seen much about this resource in any report yet. While I do place it in a secondary level, it could go to the first tier at any time. I have seen various reports on the net in the past few years that water and other natural resources will become items that will be fought over in the near future. 
Again, the reasons for the war in Libya, gold, oil, and a base for Africom, with water a very close secondary reason. Any way you slice it, this is a war for resources. There will be many more such war in our future unless there are some very real and serious changes made in various governments. Sorry to be a pessimist, but I don't see those changes coming any time soon.
semper fi