16 August 2010

Covert war in Yemen

According to a news report in the Seattle Times on August 14 of this year, we are bombing people in Yemen. I tried to post the link to this story but could not get it to work. 
To access this news report, please check the Counterpunch web site. Under their links for today, the link works, it is "The US war in Yemen" link. It is well worth your time to check this report.
Of course we "need" this deal in Yemen. After all, the two current wars, Iraq and Afghanistan are not going very good for us. Combat troops are supposed to be leaving Iraq soon and the "deadline" is for troops to start leaving Afghanistan next year.
Now we all know that these two "dead lines" are "conditions based", which means that they may not go as we are being told. The troops just might not leave as planned, since at any time, the "bad guys" might make our staying necessary.
The war in Yemen, and Somalia are just what the war lovers need and want. The goal, the real goal, is for America to be stuck in endless wars. Endless wars for endless profits. Obscene profits true, but endless profits for the "too big to fail" crew. Endless profits for the war industries. Endless profits for the mercenary companies. And endless pain and suffering for the troops and their families. 
All the secret wars are needed by the war profiteers. They will remain secret until one or both of our currently "public" wars in Iraq and Afghanistan actually end. 
No doubt outfits like "talk" radio and Faux Noise will be cheering these secret wars and demand that they stay secret. The folks who buy into such "news" will cheer the attacks when they are reported and demand that "we" bomb more "terrerists". The far right will also demand ever more killings of the "bad guys". And all the time "we" are off in more secret wars, the infrastructure here at home crumbles. Unemployment rises, health care at home declines, and people in America go hungry.
Now, I would like the "loyal" Democrats who tell me that I "must" vote for that party to explain just how Go-bomber is NOT as bad or worse than Shrubbie was. 
We have a Democrat as president, the Democrats have majorities in BOTH houses of Congress and we are in more wars, secret and open, than when Shrubbie was president. How are we, the American people, any better off? Why should we ever vote for another Democrat?
A pox on both of the "animal" parties.
semper fi