04 November 2009

elections and the donkey gang

Well, they had elections in part of the country yesterday and it looks to have been bad news for the donkey gang. Yes, they lost in many of the "contests" that were run.
Some of the analysis I have read so far today seem to think this is not just bad news for the rest of the donkey gang in next years elections, but it might not be good news for Go-bomb-them either.
Now what amazes me, is that some of these "pundits" are stunned. Really. They are saying how it is just one year ago today that our president won his election. Well, that is true, as far as it goes. It IS one year ago that Mr. obama DID win the presidential election. OK, so that is a fact, what of it?
Well, these folks who are analyzing yesterday's defeat for the donkey gang are surprised. I don't know why. Unless, oh my, these folks who are bemoaning last nights donkey defeat must have drunk the "change" and "hope" kool aid last summer. Yes, that has to be why they are now in a panic.
Apparently these folks actually thought(?) that Go-bomb-them was going to deliver on this "hope" and "change".
Well, he did, sort of. Now, we working class people can "hope" we get some sort of health care in America. And he did bring in some changes. Yes sir, he changed the Secretary of State from Condi Rice to Hi-Larry Clinton.
See, hope and change. That was so easy.
Another thing that bothers me about all the hand wringing over this loss last night is that they fear our president will be a one term guy. Well, considering what he has done for us in the past nine months, what does he need a second term for?
Also, how is it that these people are so surprised at the tiny bit that our new leader has actually accomplished? I suppose they must be like one person I talked with back in the summer of 2007. He was telling me how he really liked Obama. I asked what he thought was so special about the man. Well, he told me, he has some good ideas and he really speaks very well, he is saying lots of good things. Well, than, I had to do what I usually do, yes, I asked this guy just WHAT it was that candidate Obama was actually saying. There was a very long silence, then he finally said to me, well, the man has a very good speaking voice AND he talks in complete sentences.
Now, after having suffered listening, or trying to listen to the Shrub for more than seven years, I did have some small bit of sympathy for this guy. However, having a good speaking voice and being able to communicate in complete, understandable sentences is NOT the top requirement for being president of the US of A.
My problem, from the very first with Mr. Obama is that he never actually explained any of his ideas. He never really said just how he might try to do what he talked about.
Now, to find that not only might the entire donkey gang be in election trouble, but Go-bomb-them himself may have a re-election problem, well, I am not at all surprised.
The man made lots of "good speeches" during the campaign. He has even made a few good ones since he took the office. My question is, where or on what has he delivered?
This all fits quite well, I think, with my question about the "left" in America. Where IS the left? Where are all these supposed "progressives"? If they really believed in our president and his agenda, wouldn't you think they would have mobilized all their supporters to elect more "progressives" and other donkey gang folks?
Another article today asks where are the Democrats. Well, they are right where they have been since Clinton time. Sitting back doing nothing. They lost a good bit under Clinton. Under W. Bush, they were out of power and just sat on the sidelines and approved/voted for nearly everything W. asked for. Yes, the donkey gang voted for the "patriot act", the military commissions mess, Gitmo, and both of the damn wars of choice. They basically just folded under to the Cheney/Bush gang. Now that they control BOTH houses of Congress AND the presidency, they seem to have folded again! Only this time, it looks as if they have folded to Limburger, Beck, O'Really and the rest of Faux Noise. Can you say "gutless"? Of course you can, it is pronounced Democrat.
Maybe it will turn out that our current president will be a one term guy. I think the world may have been a much better place had "saint" Woodrow been a one term wonder. We will find out in 2012 if Mr. Obama gets a second term. Oh, but wait, that is the year the world is supposed to end on December 21st so it may not matter much if he is re-elected or not. Just ask those pesky old Mayans.
Ain't 'Merika a grand place to live?

p.s. NO, I do NOT believe the world will end in 2012. Unless some damn fool starts a nuclear war around that time. The only thing the Mayan calendar suggests is that a "new age" will begin as the old one ends. It is a cycle, nothing more than passing from one sign of/in the zodiac to another. And as to the alignment of the planets and all that, it happens every year in December. Just ask Neil Degrasse Tyson.

03 November 2009

it is "official" in Afghanistan

Well it is now "official". Yep, the "election" in Afghanistan is now over. Mr. Karzai is now the "legitimate" leader/president/ruler or whatever title he claims. While watching the CBC news program last night on the internet, they came out with this "news" at about 10:13 PM central standard time.
Well, why not give the "election" to Karzai? Since the challenger decided to not take part in the run off to be held on the 7th of this month. We need to understand that it is a bit much to hold any sort of election, run off or other wise, when there is only one person running. I mean, who do you run off against in that case? Yourself?
Now all those folks who have lost a loved one to the war in Afghanistan can now be so very proud. Our troops died to bring democracy to that country. Democracy? Well, if you think a normal Chicago style election is democracy maybe. Or should we hold up as an example Florida in 2000? Or maybe Ohio in 2004?
Just what IS democracy American style now days? Rigged elections?
Maybe I am very old fashioned, but this does not seem at all like the sort of democracy I was taught in high school civics class. Of course that was way back in 1965-66 and we all know the world has progressed so very far since then.
Yes sir, progress, like Vietnam, the first Gulf war, and now Iraq (again), and of course Afghanistan.
I meant no disrespect at all to the troops who have been killed or wounded in Afghanistan. Hell, I am a veteran of the Vietnam disaster. I respect all the veterans of all of our wars. The troops don't make policy, they just have to figure a way to carry it out. I just have to say that I find their sacrifice to have been in vain if the goal was to bring democracy to Afghanistan.
I see where Mr. Karzai has agreed to make some changes that our leader, Go-bomb-them has requested. Yes, from now on, the dead will only be allowed to vote twice in any future Afghan elections. Did I mention that the president of America is from Chicago?
Maybe it was best to call off the scheduled run off.

02 November 2009

Just ranting

Some things I have been thinking about and some that just bother me this time at the old corner.
I had read an article about the left in America. You remember them, the liberals. What, you don't know who they are? Well, that just may be for the reason that the "left" or the "liberals" no longer truly exist here in America today.
Just what has the "left" done of late? The author of the article I read suggested that maybe the "left" was finally rousing. I don't think they are rousing from their long slumber at all. No, I think they are just sort of readjusting themselves in their bed. They have been sleeping there these many long years.
Without W. Shrub to kick around any more, what was the left (is there a pun in this?) of the "left" has gone back to the deep sleep of "Clinton time". Yep, was have a donkey gang member occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue so go back to sleep folks. Yes sir, nothing to see here at all. Well, it is damn hard to see much when you are asleep.
In my opinion, the "left" of recent times, such as the eight miserable years of Cheney/Bush, was never much anyway. Look at what it was, MoveOn.org, ANSWER, and others I cannot even remember. What a joke that gang is/was. All hot air and very little else. A one issue gang, anything or anybody but Bush. Man,that sure sounds like the damnable elephant gang doesn't it? One issue and only one issue. Get Shrub out of office and they fold their tents and go home to sleep. Lazy assholes! Fools of the first order. Goddamn it, there is MUCH work to do yet!
Holy crap people, we have an "economy"(??) that is in tatters. Go-bomb-them is still running foreign affairs according to the damn Cheney script. Where the hell is the "left"? Out to lunch or fast asleep.
And this is coming from me, not some left wing nut ball, but an honest to god REAL former US Marine and a Vietnam veteran. Goddamn, if I can see this shit, why the hell can't the so-called "left" see it also? Are they really blind as well as deaf and dumb? Or is it that there isn't any money in it for them? Are they afraid of Faux Noise? Beck? O'Really? Limburger? They love Olbermann? Holy shit, I remember when all Olbermann could barely do was read the sports scores on the CBS TV station in Lost Angeles! I didn't think he was very good at that job either. Then he gets a job with ESPN and now he is some "left wing" commentator at MSNBC? What? How did this half assed sports reporter (actually score reader) get to that level? Holy crap, America IS brain dead. That this self inflated ego, Olbermann, is the "voice" of the left in America is sick. Or, maybe, just maybe, it is proof that the Peter Principle IS for real.
The level of discourse in America today is not even at the level of a group of three year olds in a sand box. All we get are the fools on the tube fighting(??) each other over ratings. Come on people. This sham of Olbermann against O'Really, Beck, and Limburger is a fraud. I would not be at all surprised to find out that they are vest pals off the set. Probably go out for drinks with each other every night. It is all for show, ratings, yet so many Americans swallow this show. Hook, line, and sinker. I don't believe any of them.
This all makes me very happy that I have not even owned a TV set for over two years and counting. Why would I want one? To watch the crap that passes itself off as news, or "political commentary"? No way Jose! I'll stick with the internet and decent sites like Counterpunch among many others that are worth MY time.
Hell, even CNN has sunk to new lows lately. Can any sane human being defend Lou Dobbs? Crap on ice. I saw some clips of his rants about Illegal aliens the other day. This guy is even loonier than Limburger. And that is something I thought would never be topped. Every problem in America is traced back to illegal aliens, if you listen to Dobbs that is. That is beyond crazy.
And now our(??) military is getting into the act. General McChrystal is telling people that if he doesn't get the number of troops he want, he will resign. Really? Well, have a good retirement then Stan. And don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way out.
This guy is a general and does not know the chain of command? He does NOT get to make policy. He does NOT get to demand anything from the Commander in Chief.
And where the hell is Go-bomb-them in all this shit? The guy is supposed to have been a Constitutional scholar. Wasn't he supposed to have taught Constitutional Law? Doesn't HE know the goddamn chain of command either? Who the hell IS in charge in D.C.? Anybody?
Now, if our president had any smarts, he would hire Scott Ritter to run his security crew. At last we would have an intelligent adult in charge.
Supposedly there is a rumor of a possible mutiny of the generals if Stan doesn't get all he wants for the Afghan mess. OK, let them try. I'll be against them rat generals. Hell, I am already. Damn fools, we got our hind ends handed to us in Vietnam. True, we won all the battles, but could never defeat the home them. Same thing happened right here along 1776 or there abouts. These fool generals don't even know American history! An invading army cannot defeat the home team. At some point the invaders will go home. The home team is already home.
Crap, a bunch of rag tag mechanics, carpenters, blacksmiths, merchants, and farmers beat the crap out of the super power of the day. The British Empire, right here, in good old 'Merika.
What a bunch of fools. You just know they are all graduates of some military school or other. West Point or Annapolis. Phooey! A pox on all of them.
Jeff Huber over at his blog Pen and Sword said every officer bird colonel and higher should be fired. On that point, I think Jeff is 100% correct. It just shows how back in Vietnam we were right when we said that rank is inversely proportional to intelligence. "Moon" Mullins, "king" David, and McCrapstyl just prove the point.
And then just the other day Hi-Larry springs back into the news. Yes sir, sshe sure told them dang "Pakis" a thing or three. By gawd she did. Yes sir, she sure knows how to keep our pals close. Yep, just tell them that you think they KNOW where the bad guys are, but they won't let us in on that secret. Now, if we are going to fight that damn stupid, jackass war in Afghanistan/Pakistan we NEED the Pakistanis to be on OUR side. We do NOT need to accuse them of being indifferent to our goals. We also have no cause, of any sort, to treat them as our lackeys. They are NOT our servants, even though Hi-Larry may think so. Why did Go-bomb-them allow this person onto his cabinet? She is NOT a diplomat in any way, shape, or form. Hell, I could do a better job than she did in Pakistan. Holy shit people, you do NOT go off and accuse your allies of being on the "wrong" side of things. Unless you have solid proof. Hi-LArry has no such thing.
The she skips over to Israel and pals around with Nutty-yahoo and now it is unreasonable for the Palestinians to demand a halt to ALL settlement building before they even begin peace talks. That request/demand is "unreasonable" according to Hi-Larry. It has never been done before, therefore, it is not allowed. Well, Israel has never entered into peace negotiations with any desire to achieve peace before either. So much for the "new" diplomatic front put up by Go-bomb-them. Wasn't he the one who told the Israelis to stop the settlements? I remember him saying that this past summer. Well, it looks like Hi-Larry IS in charge of this now. Forget what the president has said, she knows best.
This "new" administration came in with a promise of change. About the only change we got was a change of the idiots in the White House and the cabinet. It looks more and more like this gang is running the very same script that Cheney/Bush used.
Holy hell, what a damn mess we have.