11 January 2010

A request to readers

Hey good people.
I have a request to ask of you all. If you read the last entry here you know that I am totally disgusted with the Nazi/Soviet term "homeland" to describe OUR country.
Well, I want to get something going with this.
Starting now, ask everybody you talk to to NEVER ever use that damn term "homeland" when they talk about OUR country.
Tell them they can call it America, the United States of America, the United States.  Hell, I call it 'Merika most days now. I don't care what they call this country as long as we get everybody to stop using that goddamn term "homeland".
As I said in the last posting here, to me it sounds like something from either Nazi Germany or the old Soviet Union.
If we all do this, maybe, just maybe, we can get OUR country back again. Hell, we might even scare the shit out of the "too big to fail" banksters. And that sure as hell would be worth it alone.
I'd like this to take off to the point that the only morons who use the term "homeland" will be "talk radio", Faux Noise, and the goddamn politicians. 
Please give it a try folks. Hell, we don't have very much left to lose. Everybody, give it our best shot. We just might make that miserable un-American term history in our life times.
Thanks for any help you all can give with this.
semper fi

10 January 2010

Why "they" attack us

This is getting tiresome. The idea that "they" attack us because "they hate our freedoms". What a load of crap.
Why am I back on this topic? Well, I saw a video of one of the very few honest journalists left in America. I am talking about Ms. Helen Thomas of course. Over at the web site Common Dreams they have a video of her asking our security folks about the real reasons why "we" keep being attacked. The non-answers she is given are amazing. After trying to get an answer, the "leaders" just move on ignoring her question.
Another thing that comes across in the video, the continuing use of the term "homeland" by "our"(?) government types.
Let me get right to the main point here. "They" attack us for the miserable foreign policies of "our" government. The Jordanian doctor who blew himself up in Afghanistan killing a number of CIA people made his final video where he made it very clear that his suicide attack was a response to "our" previous actions in Pakistan and that region of the world.
Go back to shortly after 9/11, bin Laden sent out a video where he mentioned many reasons for the attacks on America. Our freedoms were never mentioned. What were mentioned were various aspects of US foreign policy. He made mention of our stationing troops on "the land of the holy places", Saudi Arabia. He mentioned the US governments' continued support for the Zionist entity, Israel and our aid in suppressing the Palestinians.
These groups keep attacking us because of the foreign policy of our leaders. They do not attack us for our freedoms. Yes, some of them are very radical and have delusions of some sort of world wide religious rule, but that is not what motivates the vast majority of them. They attack us for the continued US support for the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, our invasion of Muslim countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. They object to out attacks against Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia in addition to those already mentioned.
Yemen? Somalia? You ask about these countries and wonder. Well, we have launched cruise missiles at both Yemen and Somalia in the recent past. We have had special ops types in Yemen for a number of years already. We send missiles and/or gun ship attacks against various people in Somalia when we feel the need. This is not something new folks. It has been an ongoing thing for many years now. It just doesn't make the news in America very often, if at all.
Another thing about the video I mentioned above, the use of the term "homeland" by the government types. I know this started with the Cheney/Bush gang, but why do we continue this? We never have used that term to describe America before. It would have seemed very out of character for Americans to use such a term to describe our country. To me, it still sounds very odd, very wrong. In fact, it sounds down right like the sort of thing that the Nazis or the Communists would have used to describe Hitlers' Germany or the old Soviet Union. America was never mentioned as our "homeland", and I don't think any of us even thought of it that way. It was America, the United States, or  "our country", but never ever the "homeland".
Call me paranoid, but to me, when this term was first used by the Bush gang an alarm went off in my head. "Homeland"??  Homeland sounds so damn foreign. It sounds very un-American to me. Homeland, it sounds so, Nazi or Soviet.
And yet, the leadership of America keeps using this term to describe America. Why? Is this the new "correct" way to describe the country now?
I would like to ask every reader of this blog to do a big favor to all of us. Please, please do NOT ever call America the "homeland". Call it the United States, the United States of America, or even just plain old America.  But, please do not ever refer to our country as the "homeland".  This may seem like a very small thing, but we need to end this vile use of the term "homeland" in reference to our country.
I finished high school in 1966, I enlisted in the Marines in 1968 and went to Vietnam in 1970. In all that time, nobody ever referred to America as the "homeland". No, not even the Marines. It was America or the United States, but never, ever "homeland".
So, I am asking all who read this blog to never use the term homeland when talking about America. This term was first used by the previous administration and is being continued by the current one. We need to get back to how we used to be. We need to get back to being real Americans, not some subjects of some homeland.
Thank you for your time.
semper fi