13 July 2010

Oh joy, not

I have read two articles that I want to share with all who stop by this old corner. I don't know if you all check the Counterpunch web site, but I do every day and found two that I think are very important.
The first is by former US Senator James Abourezk. After you read the article you will probably understand why he is now a former senator. The number one "rule" in US politics, do not ever be critical of the Zionist entity. His article is at; www.counterpunch.org/abourezk07122010.html
The second article is by Jonathan Cook. Mr. Cook is a writer and journalist who is based in Nazareth, Israel. The article is at;www.counterpunch.org/cook07132010.html
While both are very important, my opinion, it is the second that causes me the most worry. It is about the remote control machine gun system that the Zionist entity uses on the Gaza border "fence". Notice, they use young women as the operators of this weapon system. Partly they do this as they seem to have a shortage of men for the combat units. Also, it keeps the women safe from getting shot or physical harm.
To me, it just makes killers of the young women. Killing, by remote control or in person, is still killing. The system uses a video monitor and a "Play station" type joystick. Just like the typical video game in most homes today. Yes, killing real people has now been reduced to a damn video game. While this system is only in use by the Zionist entity now, no doubt other militaries (the US included) are no doubt wanting to get such a system themselves.
In case you were curious, they have a remote control armored vehicle being used on the border with Lebanon and are developing a remote control ship for naval use.  War is fast becoming a total video game.
This is just killing made easy. No muss, no fuss. And, you can be home in front of the TV set in time for supper!
Of course it will be very hard, if not impossible, to stop this sort of thing. The generals and politicians will tell us that these vile systems will "save lives" of our military. This may be true, but what they will never do is to stop the senseless damn killings. They will not end the useless damn fool wars. Too much profit there to stop.
It is up to us, the people of this world to demand that our "leaders" stop these damn fool wars of choice. We must demand and end to these idiot wars and demand that our so-called leaders live in peace with other people.
The only people I know who have been to war who are in favor of more war are few and then only if our country is invaded. The only people I know who are for war are those who either never wore a uniform or if they did, they were never in a war zone in combat.
War is not pretty. It is nasty, vile, dirty, and a total waste of people and resources. War does only one thing, it destroys.
General Smedley Butler said that war is a racket. How very true. War has big profits for those who make the weapons and all the rations and other gear for the troops. He also said that there are only two reasons for war. One, to defend OUR homes. Two, to defend the Bill of Rights. He was right in the 1930's when he said these things. He is still right today.
War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!
Wake up America, end war now.
semper fi