02 May 2012

Some very interesting items.

Greetings good people.
I ran across some very interesting things today and I just have to share with anybody who might want them.
Now, let me give a simple explanation of this. The items were acquired legally. OK, supposedly they were given out due to some "oversight" or other. Still, they were obtained legally and the links to them were posted on a web site that is open to all. Sort of like this corner is open to all who stop and read and even reply. No restrictions here at the old corner, and I intend to keep it that way. As long as Google lets me at least.
OK, here is the link to an article that describes the items and provides links to the actual items that you can download and print out and/or save. I have copies of all four saved in multiple places as I don't need to print them all yet. www.greenisthenewred.com/blog/richmond-police-protest-guide-anarchist/13391/

Yes, the web site green is the new red is the site that posted the story and has the links to those very reports. As they have been posted on the net and they were given by request in a Freedom of Information Act request, even though, perhaps by accident. Well........one cannot put this sort of thing in my grasp and then tell me; "Oh, don't read them. Don't even look at them. By all means, do not share them." No, do that and I WILL post links or even the very items themselves. Hey, why worry? An old former US Marine, Vietnam war vet, what do I worry about? Hell, I am permanently disabled so I have no job to get fried from. Oh, true, that nasty NDAA signed recently by dear Gobomber. Well, I have enough health issues now that it would cost the Feds more in medical expenses than I will ever be worth, in jail or not. 

Call this the new "wikileak" of 2012 or what ever. Just check it out if you wish. It looks like it might be interesting reading. The people can read the tactical information that the police use against the Occupy Movement among others. Why keep this secret? I have yet to read all of these items, so that question may have an answer.

Well, there you have it folks. A link to the web site that links to the items, available for reading and/or download.
America, hat a country.
semper fi