14 April 2006

A New "Must Read" on the web

There is a new "Must Read" article on the web. Please go to www.antiwar.com and read the article by Justin Raimondo dated 14 April 2006. This is a speech he gave recently and is an absolute must read item.
In his speech, Mr. Raimondo makes a remark about personal responsibility. Wow! That is something that seems to be so foreign to America today. We seem to have a "culture" where we are always looking for someone to blame for the things that "go wrong" in our lives. Look in the mirror people. We are responsible for much that happens to us. True, some things that happen are not directly our own doing, but the concept of personal responsibility has been for too long, put in the closet as it were.
If we want things to change, WE have to make that change happen. It is OUR responsibility for our own lives. If you sit and wait for someone to change things for you, the change may not be what you wanted.
I realize this may seem a radical idea in America in 2006, but it was ( to my take on our history) what the Founding Fathers assumed we would do. They stood up and took personal responsibility for change. Many of them feared for their lives. They were, in effect and practice, traitors to the British crown. If they failed, they faced execution for treason. That is personal responsibility to an extreme. I am not saying we should all be prepared to die for our beliefs, that is your choice. (Again with the YOUR choice)
Our hard won freedoms come with an attached item, civic duty. The duty to be informed.
On another track, a comment was made here about the Iranians not being the sort of people to be trusted to have nuclear weapons. OK, fair point, to an extent. But, it begs a further question. Who in this world CAN be trusted to have such weapons? America? We are the only country to ever use them in war. Can we be trusted with these weapons? Why should the rest of the world trust us? Because we ask them to do so? Not much of a reason to me.
Maybe NO country can be trusted withy such weapons. A nuclear weapons free world, now there is a concept for you. I know it is now too late for such a scenario. The genie is out of the bottle and will not return to his captivity. Still, a nice idea to mull over in the late night hours.
Just my 2 cents for the day.
semper fi,