21 October 2011

This is the new America, may the gods have pity on us all

Today I saw a TV ad for what to me is the lowest of lows. I had not seen this before. Somehow my TV viewing habits may have allowed me to skip this until now. I have no idea how long this ad has been running on the tube. According to the web page for this "product" they advertise on A&E, The Military Channel, The History Channel, CMT, CNBC, MTB, VH1, and Spike.
OK, you say to the old guy ranting away (me). Just what has got you so riled up?
The "product" is a two coin "commemorative" set, one gold coin and one silver coin that "celebrate" the assassination of bin Laden. YES, no kidding at all here. You can buy a two coin set and join in "celebrating" that assassination. No capture, no trial by jury, no waiting around for a jury to decide anything at all. No sir, just a good old fashioned assassination.
Along with the two coins, you will also get two acrylic capsules to hold these "precious" coins, two certificates of authenticity, the Navy seal creed, a military briefing package that includes maps, photos, and operational details. also in this package is a gold lapel pin. This total package, so the web site and TV commercial tell us, is a $260.00 value. Oh, but you can have it all for the amazingly low price of, wait for it, yes, $19.95. Plus shipping and handling as usual.
If you think I have made this up, here is the web site for this entire package. Check it out if your stomach is strong enough. www.justicecoin.com/index.dtm

YES, they actually call these coins, justice coins. I am not fibbing folks. Check the link above. 
What sort of "justice" was given to bin Laden? An assassins bullet is what he got. No capture, no lawyers, no trial, no jury, no waiting for a jury to decide guilt. No sir, none of that "old school" crap. This is the 21st century. Amerikkka rules. USA uber alles. 

Yes, I know that "we", the USA has done this sort of thing for decades. The thing is, we didn't hear of assassinations shortly after they happened. Back in my youth, the CIA and other arms of the US government kept these sorts of things very quiet. Oh sure, on rare occasions they were made known as a "warning" to other leaders around the globe to be very careful. Still, for the most part, the dirty work of our special ops and CIA agents were low key and kept more or less secret. The public didn't hear of them until much later and only after some serious digging by real journalists who worked very hard to get to the truth of things.
Now, we not only hear of some of these operations as soon as they are done, we now "celebrate" the assassinations of supposed terrorists with goddamn "commemorative" coin sets! How low can this country stoop? How bloody damn sick is this? Please excuse me for my language.It is extremely difficult to keep my words polite in regards to this abomination. 

LOL, let me have a moment to reflect on that last sentence. "Abomination", yes, BUT since the USA is now the Obamanation, in some small way, it all fits. Yes, I know, I have a sick sense of humor at times. I just couldn't resist that one. Yes, it IS a bad pun. Most likely a very bad pun.
Still, it does fit. 

With the news on "advisors" going to Uganda, Southern Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, this TV ad just struck me as being about the absolute lowest of things.Throw in the killing of old Gaddafi and the news is quite depressing. This advertizement is just like the straw that broke the camels' back.It is one damn thing too much.

Are we, as a nation now so brutish that we now want "commemorative" coin sets to "celebrate" the unlawful killings of supposed enemies? What next? Commemorative coins to "celebrate" the death by drones of US citizens like Anwar al-Awlaki and his son? Why not? Why, such coin sets could give the drone "pilots" a morale boost. Those "pilots" are not given, as far as I am aware, any battle ribbons for their "work". Some Air Force general was quoted some time ago on the subject of how they could reward the "bravery" of these drone pilots. Seriously. I forget what web site I ran across that comment, I remember it being back in 2009, or about then. It was after the use of drones became news and there were, maybe still are, questions of how to award any sort of medals to the drone "pilots" for, again, their "bravery". This when the "most dangerous" part of their day is the drive home after their shift is finished for the day. Hey, we need to keep the morale high you know. 
I had started work on a rant about Gaddafi and the newest African odyssey of "dear leader" Gobomber. Taking a show break from reading, I saw that TV commercial and just about went ballistic. My first, and still current, thought on this coin set is; just how bloody low will we go? How deep will some dig to "celebrate" an assassination? What has happened to the rule of law? Where has any shred of human decency in this sort of "product"? How low will some go for obscene profits? People in the USA still try to claim the country is a "christian nation". How does a "product" like this square with that sentiment? How can we, the American people, claim to be a civilized country, when we have this sort of absolute garbage for sale on our TV sets and the internet? We look down on supposed savages, but now, with this coin set, I really have to wonder just who the real savages are today.
semper fi

17 October 2011

The coming drones and other topics

Greetings to all.
I just finished reading the latest article at Tomdispatch by Mr. Nick Turse. His article deals with the drone aircraft and their bases around the world. He tells how the use of these weapons has increased and how the US military continues to expand their use and the "need" for ever more and new bases for them.
This is not all that new to you who have followed the US military and the weapons and tactics used by the US military. What did strike me as the most frightening regarding the use of drone aircraft is that the military is testing newer models that require NO human intervention. These "autonomous" drones are being/have been tested at Fort Benning, GA. These are "true robot" drones that quote" Hunt, identify, and kill the enemy based on calculations made by software, NOT (my capitalizing) decisions made by humans." This is where the drone war is going folks. Totally automated weapons and weapon systems with NO human input as to who, when, or where they kill some "enemy".
Also, take note that it may be quite soon that drones will be used here in the US. One does not need to stretch the imagination very far to realize that the cops in New York City would love to be able to use them right now so they could keep close tabs on the OWS movement. No doubt many local police forces here in the US want to be able to have use of drones. This WILL be the norm sooner than we think. I am NOT trying to claim any "special" knowledge here, it is just a logical step in the continuing use of these weapons/weapon systems. We can look at the typical police force in any city here at home and see how they are now using equipment that got its start in the military. The use of drones by local police is just the next step. This is NOT a "chicken little" the sky is falling cry, just an opinion of an old guy who has been watching how America has changed during my own life time. I have seen police in America become ever more militarized and am certain that some time in the very near future some police force in some large US city will begin using drones as a cheaper means of surveillance. 
On another topic, it seems that OWS is gaining and the "too big to fail" gangsters are getting worried. Finally! YES, in my opinion, we all need to do what we can to keep the OWS movement alive. We also need to insure that the movement is not co-opted by any supposed "liberal" outfit. The first one that comes to my mind is MoveOn. In my opinion MoveOn had best move over as the OWS will sweep by that faux "liberal" outfit and then MoveOn will be left in our dust. I don't think MoveOn was ever concerned about the working class in America. I am sure that they want to be a part of the power structure, the rest of be damned. Again, this is my own opinion of MoveOn. I have never seen any criticism of Gobomber by that group and doubt they would ever be in any way critical of him. In that respect, they are not much different from any other "liberal" group in the US. As more than one commentator has written, if the wars that Gobomber has started (Libya) or expanded (Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan) they "liberals" would be up in arms yelling about the "aggressions" of Shrubbie. Oh, but now "we" have a member of the donkey gang occupying the White House so, no way will they be the least critical of him. That sure as hell shows me just how little these "liberals" care about the working class who have the job of invading/occupying the countries that the US is at war with. 
My opinion, if the war in Libya would have been unjust under Shrub, it is ALSO unjust under Gobomber. My opinion of the majority of supposed "liberal" in the US is that they have VERY selective morals. If a member of the elephant gang holds the office of president, they will be against his/her new wars. Now, when a member of the donkey gang holds that office, well, you see how "much" protest has come from the "left" in America. Damn near none at all! I call that selective morality. Fine when "our" guy/gal does it, not so good when the "other" does the same thing.
again, I hope that OWS does not get co-opted by any "liberal" group. We all need to work hard to insure that this movement stays true to the working class and poor people who belong to OWS. This IS class war folks, us against the top 1%. It has been going on for decades and now, it is finally (I hope) coming to a head.
As we do what we can to continue the OWS and try to make it a truly nation wide movement, take a glance or three to the skies every so often, there just may be some drone watching you. NO, I do not think that is being paranoid at all. It never hurts to be cautious though. 
semper fi