24 October 2012

And I was not going to talk about it.......

Well here we are, just a few days short of the "big day" in America. Yes, I mean the upcoming presidential election. Yes, I had told myself I would not blog about it. So much for my plans, they don't always succeed anyway, so no big loss I suppose.

Why rant on about it any way? Well, for starters, there are many voices, more than  I would ever care to try and count, that keep yelling at me that this is THE "most important election.....EVER!" Yep, that old line of total garbage. In all honesty folks, from my view point, it matters very little which one of the "big two" gets the "win" on 6 November 2012. Yes, I know all too well that the supposed "liberals" keep yelling at me, and all of us, that if (seriously folks, IF) Gobomber goes down in defeat, we and our country will be up the old proverbial creek without the paddle. Actually, we ARE there already. Don't believe me? Just check up on what now passes as our civil liberties in good old US of A. How about that First Amendment, you know, the one about free speech and free press, and freedom of assembly. Yeah, THAT one. Now, tell me how it is working out for us today, thanks be to Gobomber of course. Or what about the Fourth Amendment? You know it, it is all about being protected from unreasonable searches and seizures. How is the old Fourth working for us? I thought so. Not very well at all, and that applies to the entire Bill of Rights across the board. Just pop civil rights abuse into your favorite search engine if you doubt me. Seriously, look it up, don;t just take my word for it. Hell, far too many people in America Do just that, they take what somebody tells them as gospel, be that somebody the TV, papers, radio, or even the net. Check things for yourselves, it is the only way to really know what is truth. While I do my best to never lie to you good people, you should check my facts and not just take my say so as truth every time you read one of my rants. I promise I will never be offended by your fact checking of me, honest.

This current election is one of the longest ever in US history. It is the most expensive by far and it is still not quite over yet. Supposedly, the "big two" have raised nearly one Billion dollars each. THAT is some damn serious money in my small book. This does not even begin to count the funds raised and spent by the PACs and Super PACs or the races for the two houses of Congress. Senate seats are getting quite pricey as are those for the House of Representatives. Money drives politicos here in America. And it looks like that driver has his/her foot firmly planted to the floorboard, full speed ahead, and damn the torpedoes! 

I admit that I did NOT watch any of the "debates". Not a single moment of the three "debates" between Mittens and Gobomber, nor the single "debate" between Ryan and Biden. Do I feel like I missed anything? Of course not, the net had all the postmortem and "analysis" a person could require and actually overkill on the dissecting of the latest "debate". Why do I put "debate" in quotes? Because what has been passed off as a "debate" this year were NOT actual debates at all. They were "debates". Which is to say, they had the title of "debate" but NOT the actual substance of REAL debate in any way. My personal opinion is that the last real debate in a presidential election was 1960 between JFK and old "tricky Dick" Nixon. What we have been served up this year is a very poor substitute for real debate. When the two sides demand that ALL audience questions must be reviewed before the debate even begins and the "moderators" must abide by a set script and never ask any follow-up questions, we do not have debates at all. We have, and get, stage managed crap that pretends, and not very well, at being a "debate".  If you think we have had real debates in this election cycle,please go and check the net for video of REAL debates. I bet "You Tube" alone has a wealth of examples. 

Why bother with the supposed "debates" any way? None of the REAL issues were ever even discussed, let alone talked about seriously during any of them. Just about every single postmortem of said "debates" I read told me so. The Iraq mess was NOT brought up, the disaster of Afghanistan was MIA, as was the shrinking "middle class" in America. What we were "treated" to was a list of "talking points" from the "big two" and we learned next to nothing worth knowing about. This, I am 1`00% certain, was by design. Keep the rubes dumb and in the dark, yep, treat us like mushrooms. Keep us in the dark and feed us manure. 

I did miss the multiparty debates on the net. Oh well, we just moved earlier this month and have been busy getting settled in here and unpacking. I did find that here in Louisiana we have nine (honestly NINE) extra candidates for president on our ballot next month. Wow! I am happy that we actually have choices. I did take the time to read the campaign statements/platforms of all nine and have made my choice. No, I will not tell you who is going to get my vote. I will say that if Ms. McKinney were on the ballot this time, she would get my vote again. 

All we get is crap and political garbage and they call it a "debate" or even worse, they call it news. Where is the truth in all of that? Why no mention of the president "deciding" that He can kill anybody, any where, at any time, even a US citizen? Why no mention of our eroded civil liberties? Why no mention of the sorry lack of decent health care? (Do NOT give me that Obamacare crap, it is NOT good for any except the insurance companies.) Why no mention of the missing and "off shored" jobs that used to be here for Americans? Why no mention of the vile zionist entity and its demands for war against Iran? Ah yes, you see where I am going now? Yes, into areas that NEED being discussed publicly and openly/honestly, but will NOT get anything of the sort, not from either wing of the damn war party, not as long as big money controls the two wings of that disgusting party. As I read again recently, America doesn't need a third party, it needs a SECOND party. Damn straight! What we get is the two wings of the vile war party and they have the audacity to call the country a "democracy". Holy crap, they are shipping the cow manure by the rail car load now days. 

I hope I stirred some to research the candidate of their choice. Hell, maybe you might even check to see who else besides the "big two" is on your own ballot and check the "minor" candidates in the state where you live. Maybe, just maybe, I even got some of you to think about the real issues, like the poor excuse of an economy that we in the USA have now, or the idiot wars of choice with more in the pipeline. If I have, then good. If not, well, I will have to keep trying then.
semper fi