14 February 2012

What planet do some of these people live on?

Greetings good people.
By now many of you may have run across this item. I first saw it on the Think Progress web site yesterday. Here is the link; http://thinkprogress.org/security/2012/02/13/424239/fox-women-military-expect-rape/
Just what planet does Ms. Liz Trotta live on? Earth? Really? And in the country of the United States of America? Seriously? And she "IS" referring to the US military?
Wow. If so, then the country and the military sure has come a very long way down hill since my days in a Marine Corps uniform. I do not recall any of the women Marines ever being raped during my time in the Corps. True, there may have been instances of such vile behavior, but I do not recall any. Maybe it was covered up better then. I cannot say from my own experience as a Marine. I like to think that the officers we had then would have seen to it that any such vile crime would have been punished to the full extent of the laws regarding such crimes. I know that my buddies and I would have had no respect at all for anybody who would rape any woman let alone a woman Marine. Honor would have prevented us from thinking a rapist anything but a criminal to be despised.
That a TV commentator would make such an outlandish statement that women in the US military "expect" (??) to be raped is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in some time. This sort of "comment" by Ms. Trotta goes even beyond the outlandish crap we have been hearing from the elephant gang clowns vying for the nomination of that party to run for president. Yes, she tops even the vile critter Newt.
In another article today, women veterans of the US military have called her comments "breath taxingly offensive". I agree 100%. The link to that article follows; http://thinkprogress.org/security/2012/02/14/women-vets-criticize-liz-trotta/
My personal view is that NO woman in any military or even civilian setting should ever "expect" to be raped. If a woman is in any setting where she might expect to be raped, she needs to vacate that situation as soon as possible.
What sort of military do we Americans have when the women members of that military "expect to be raped"? I say that if the women members of the US military "expect" to be raped, then our(??) military has failed and failed big time.
In the article yesterday, Ms. Trotta also mentions women who have been "raped too much"! Just what the hell does that mean? "Raped too much"?? I am no expert but to me, being raped once is being raped "too much". No woman in any setting, let alone the US military, should ever be raped once, let alone be "raped too much". Does Ms. Trotta have a functioning human brain? Does she have any real sense of human dignity? Does she have any sense of real morality? Or, is she just another right wing, bible thumping "christian"? She certainly does not come off as a caring human being in my opinion.
Outrageously offensive barely begins to describe how her comments hit me. Beyond belief is too mild. Words fail me. Disgusting beyond words. And to think that this really is 2012.
Rape is a very serious crime, no matter if it happens in the military or civilian life. Rapists need to be caught and punished as per the laws of this country. People like Ms. Trotta do nothing to lessen the occurrence of rape. Her comments are in no way helpful, just very shameful.
America, what a country.