14 February 2012

What planet do some of these people live on?

Greetings good people.
By now many of you may have run across this item. I first saw it on the Think Progress web site yesterday. Here is the link; http://thinkprogress.org/security/2012/02/13/424239/fox-women-military-expect-rape/
Just what planet does Ms. Liz Trotta live on? Earth? Really? And in the country of the United States of America? Seriously? And she "IS" referring to the US military?
Wow. If so, then the country and the military sure has come a very long way down hill since my days in a Marine Corps uniform. I do not recall any of the women Marines ever being raped during my time in the Corps. True, there may have been instances of such vile behavior, but I do not recall any. Maybe it was covered up better then. I cannot say from my own experience as a Marine. I like to think that the officers we had then would have seen to it that any such vile crime would have been punished to the full extent of the laws regarding such crimes. I know that my buddies and I would have had no respect at all for anybody who would rape any woman let alone a woman Marine. Honor would have prevented us from thinking a rapist anything but a criminal to be despised.
That a TV commentator would make such an outlandish statement that women in the US military "expect" (??) to be raped is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in some time. This sort of "comment" by Ms. Trotta goes even beyond the outlandish crap we have been hearing from the elephant gang clowns vying for the nomination of that party to run for president. Yes, she tops even the vile critter Newt.
In another article today, women veterans of the US military have called her comments "breath taxingly offensive". I agree 100%. The link to that article follows; http://thinkprogress.org/security/2012/02/14/women-vets-criticize-liz-trotta/
My personal view is that NO woman in any military or even civilian setting should ever "expect" to be raped. If a woman is in any setting where she might expect to be raped, she needs to vacate that situation as soon as possible.
What sort of military do we Americans have when the women members of that military "expect to be raped"? I say that if the women members of the US military "expect" to be raped, then our(??) military has failed and failed big time.
In the article yesterday, Ms. Trotta also mentions women who have been "raped too much"! Just what the hell does that mean? "Raped too much"?? I am no expert but to me, being raped once is being raped "too much". No woman in any setting, let alone the US military, should ever be raped once, let alone be "raped too much". Does Ms. Trotta have a functioning human brain? Does she have any real sense of human dignity? Does she have any sense of real morality? Or, is she just another right wing, bible thumping "christian"? She certainly does not come off as a caring human being in my opinion.
Outrageously offensive barely begins to describe how her comments hit me. Beyond belief is too mild. Words fail me. Disgusting beyond words. And to think that this really is 2012.
Rape is a very serious crime, no matter if it happens in the military or civilian life. Rapists need to be caught and punished as per the laws of this country. People like Ms. Trotta do nothing to lessen the occurrence of rape. Her comments are in no way helpful, just very shameful.
America, what a country.


gesneri said...

She seems to be trying to say that women in combat situations should expect to be raped, and should be ignored when they have the audacity to protest having been raped because, after all, they should have known better. She seems to be terminally terrified by "feminists", who seem to be all women not home in the kitchen with several small children, with the exception of tee-vee commentators, of course. Her comment that the issue of women in the military is a "sleeping giant" is puzzling--is she hinting that women in the military are part of a massive conspiracy which will rise up and overwhelm our armed forces? This woman has some serious issues with reality.

david g said...

A strong article, Charlie! Being raped 'too much' is a novel expression and I agree with you that 'once' is already too much.

But keep in mind that humans are barely removed from Apes and Monkeys.

We have a long way to go in our evolution before we can claim either to be intelligent, cultured or sophisticated!


charlie ehlen said...

What she is "trying" to say, I am not sure. Her comment is despicable and disgusting beyond words.
While I am sure that rape did happen during my time in the Marines, I do not recall hearing about it. I was taught to respect women, by Dad and the Corps. I treated the women Marines I came in contact with as equals and would never have even thought of raping any of them. By the way, I knew some very attractive WM's (women Marines) in my four years in the Corps.
They were at least as intelligent as the guys, maybe even more so. I respected them as much as I did the guys I knew then.
I do not think those women "expected" to be raped by me or my buddies. We never thought of raping them either. If the situation in the US military is now that women in uniform "expect" to be raped, then the US military has fallen to new lows and needs a total remake.
Just my 2 cents. I thank you for your comments.

charlie ehlen said...

Thank you for your comment.
Yes, one has to wonder just what being raped "too much" means to this vile person. In my opinion, being raped once is way too much, but what do I know?
As I said above to gesneri, being raped once is "too much" in my humble view. If the US military has dropped solos that women in uniform "expect" to be raped, the US military needs a total remake. Hey, end the damn fool wars and remake the military into a group for peace. Sort of a re-do of the old Peace Corps. They could use your PEACE plan as posted on your site as a guide. That sure would be much better than what they currently do.
Just a thought. Your ideas?

david g said...

Charlie, while capitalism and greed drive our world, peace will never come.

On my most recent post is a photograph of a rich man holding up a slogan: FUCK THE POOR. Alongside him is a woman with a sign that says: WAR = JOBS.

Says it all really.

john franics lee said...

Obama said the other day that there were not a "huge number" of civilians killed when he executed terrorist 'suspects' in Pakistan and the other six or seven nations, so far, where his Murder Inc. operates.

When the guy on top is saying, "Hey, we're only murdering a 'manageable' number of 'bona fide' civilians when we murder other... 'bad faith' civilians whom we've labelled as terrorist 'suspects'... people previously regarded as innocent until proven guilty in every country on earth that's signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights... when the guy on top is saying that... well, the fish rots from the head, I've heard that billed as a mafia expression.

That's what we have in America today, Charlie. A stinking carcass, our US Government, root and branch, crushing us all. Legally and morally dead, putrifying and stinking to high heaven.

charlie ehlen said...

Yes, it is greed that drives the very rich.They never are satisfied, never have enough of anything, money for sure.
War does make for jobs, but those jobs are making tools of war, they are to destroy which adds nothing worth while to the community of humans. Just more damn weapons and weapon systems. All the better to kill and maim. Not productive at all. Certainly not for the common good.
Your site always provides much to think about. Keep up your good work my friend.
I hope that your PEACE movement becomes more widely known. It would be great for it to become a true world wide group.

charlie ehlen said...

I agree with you. The US has become a vile stinking pit of greed. The government just keeps pushing for even more damn fool wars of choice. Iran is still in their sights. Syria may or may not be next up.
That America allows the zionist entity to drive policy is beyond disgusting. That needs to end ASAP. Of course it will not end any time soon. I think that playing the fool for the zionist entity will be the ultimate downfall of America. We are sinking now and the supposed leaderships just keeps digging us in deeper.
The Occupy movement seems to be the best hope for America. I see nothing/nobody else at this time that gives me much hope other than the Occupy movement.

Grace said...

Thanks for being a stand-up guy, Charlie, and saying things like they are! That is the America I grew up in. Where men and women study and work with each other and nobody is raping each other. That said, the statistics for rape in the military are very high these days. I know the screening is less strict than it was at one time. If I had a daughter, I would make sure she has her wits about her before joining the military. I am not in that situation, but I would not want any relative of mine to be in the military. If it were only about discipline and camaraderie without all the blood and violence. That woman you quoted is not doing men or women (in general) any favors that is for sure!

john francis lee said...

Here's the bad news. Charlie... The soul of our nation is dead... it's just a wrapper around an article by John Grant, a Vietnam vet, on the freefall of our national leadership, and of our nation along with them.

Grace said...

Hi Charlie,

I am being censored on DC. I can't even write to tell David so. Same for emails. Stay in touch.

Grace said...


I hope this finds you well. Would you do me a favor? Would you let David know that my IPaddress is blocked from his site. He also does not receive my emails. Thank you. Strange World.

Julie Grace

charlie ehlen said...

I don't know why you are having trouble with commenting on David's site. The same log in information you use here is what he uses. It should be that if you can post here, you should be able to post on his site also.
I don't have an email address for him. I'll leave a comment on his newest post for you.
Hope you can get this sorted. I am not sure what happened to your computer or your ISP. Strange things indeed.

david g said...

Charlie, thanks for passing on Grace's request.

There are funny things happening on my blog. It may be an attempt to sow division between the contributers, destroy the bonds which have been developed over years.

Why Grace's I.P. address has been blocked or why your comment and Amerika's went straight to junk I have no idea.

I am not very technical and rely on my son to sort out technical issues. Hopefully he can work it out.

Keep a close eye on your own blog and check your trash and junk files every so often as I will now do.

Take care, friend!

Grace said...

Dear Charlie and David,

Thank you each and I am grateful I could convey the message. I wrote critical about Obama and Michelle and none of those posted. Only test posts. For sure it seemed like the machine had a mind all of its own. I hope i can be a part of things again. If I can't ever post again, the World will have officially changed! I don't want to ever be ready for that. Good luck. Don't let them get you down.

Peace and Love,


Grace said...

Dear Charlie,

I hope you are good. I am banned at DC. David prints my posts by proxy. Thanks for being there/here.


charlie ehlen said...

Not sure if I am ever "good". I just do the best I can each day. Day by day as needed.
Sorry you got banned somehow. David isn't sure how it happened. Strange things on the net these days. At least you can still get to the site and comment. I have never banned anybody and don't think I ever will.
All I ask of folks here is that they be polite to each other, not to me, to each other. I'll take what ever "heat "I deserve.