18 September 2010

Just wondering

Just thinking to myself after reading a good bit of late.
I get a kick from old Newt. You may have seen the Newtster call Gobomber an "anti-colonialist". Well, IF our current president actually IS an American, he had damn well best be an anti-colonialist.
Now, unlike old Newt, I have no doubt that the good people who stop by the old corner to check on my rants ARE aware of American history. Yes, I am certain that you good folks know that this country once was a group of colonies. You all know, unlike Newt, that we were colonies of Great Britain. So, for an American president to be anti-colonial is just being a real American. Our ancestors DID kick off the colonial yoke of the king of England and became the United States of America. Oh, count me as an anti-colonial also.
I have seen much rumbling on "left" blogs/web sites where they are in a near panic over some "tea party" candidates winning some recent primaries for the elephant gang. It is so "bad" that even old KKKarl Rove, aka "Bush'e brain"  "trashed"a certain Ms. O'Donnell. From what I have read, even Faux Noise is now critical of poor old  KKKarl (aka turd blossom) for not being supportive of this person. Looks like the crew that KKKarl helped to create is turning against him. One one hand I could laugh and say good deal, the monster he created has come back to bite him. Of course this very same monster just could become very dangerous for us all.
Of course many of the web sites and blogs all say the same old tired donkey gang crapola. We "must" vote for every "democrat" or else the "tea party" nut balls might win the election.  Yes, we have heard this all before, like in every election in recent memory. Every election it is the same old story, vote for the donkey or the mean old elephant will win. NO! Damn it all. Stop for just one small moment and think. We DO have other options. If it is legal for you, write in the candidate of your choice. Here in Louisiana, we cannot do that. We do have other options though. There are usually alternate parties who have candidates to vote for in most offices up for election. Try voting for a "third party" candidate, or, as I sometimes call them, minor party people. My choice in most elections when I lived in southern California was to vote for the candidate from the "Peace and Freedom" party.  Look for an independent person to vote for. We are not restricted to the two "major" parties folks. We have options.
Back to old KKKarl and the "tea parties". I find it very interesting and maybe even amusing how he is now in trouble with Faux Noise over the mess he is in with the O'Donnell deal. It IS fun to see the right wing nut balls eat their own. Great fun for all. Pull up a comfy chair and grab the popcorn. It could be a good show.
Of course we do face the very real prospect of this blowing over way too soon. Yes, KKKarl will wake from his nightmare and remember very soon where his checks come from and the "feud" will be over almost as soon as it began. Nuts. But, maybe not. Maybe, just maybe it will go on for some time and we might get a few laughs from them tearing each other down. Maybe even "saint" Glenda of Beckdom will join in. This could be loads of fun.
Actually it could be a lot of fun, IF the idiot donkey gang doesn't make a mess of it. Another reason not to ever trust that gang. After the last election, it really did look like the elephant gang was done for. I remember reading more than a few articles around the web that the elephant gang was on its last legs and would soon be gone. Aha, but then, the donkey gang came to the rescue. Yes, the donkey gang actually did rescue the elephants from certain doom. No doubt they just might still be dumb enough to do so again this time.
American politics for our time, just when you think we will seem some real progress, it gets pulled away from us. As soon as we begin to have some real fun, they tell us the day is done and we have to go back to the "old ways" again. So, you see, I DO have some faith in the donkey gang. No doubt they will do all they can to save the elephants from destroying themselves, again. Nuts.
You see, I would enjoy watching Rove and Faux Noise fight each other. I know that I would read the web sites that report this sort of thing. Hell, I might even actually get tempted to watch Faux Noise.  Well, I did say tempted, not actually watch it for real.
Seriously, the "tea party" clowns like this Ms. O'Donnell and failin' Palin are very dangerous. They have limited, if any, real brain. They have a very distorted "belief" in god and Jesus. They are, at heart, actually very anti-American when you look at what they say and try to slog through their "political platforms".
Yes, we do have a serious immigration problem in this country, but America IS a nation OF immigrants. These anti-immigration folks are the end result OF immigration themselves. Are they prepared to "go back where they came from"? Of course not. They got here, legally or other wise and damn it all, they WILL stay here. Ah, but to even think of allowing anybody else to come here, well, that IS a very "different" story. Two faced, is what my parents generation called that, double standards is what I call it. Bigots and liars is what they are.
This applies to the attitudes of the anti-gay stance also. Many times we have seen that the most vocal anti-gay people are themselves gay. Self hatred drives many people unfortunately.
Not all the "tea party" folks are bigots and/or racists, but the vast majority seem to be older and "white". As more than one article has said recently, they are "mad" at something. Well, from nearly 63 years of personal experience, it is easy to get "mad", but it takes some real work to make things better.
I want to ask the "tea party" folks what are they going to DO to make the country a better place for us all. What is their plan for a better country? Do they even have a plan? Oh, and telling me to vote for their candidate is NOT a plan. We all need to think on that. Just what are WE prepared to do to make the country a better place for all? WE need to start with ourselves on this one folks. It all begins with us. We all need to try and be polite to others. We need to act like sane, decent human beings toward each other. We need to set, decent, common goals and then actually work towards those goals. Come on, you are not hearing this for the first time. This is just common knowledge people! We all know this. Or at least we should.
I get a lot from music. Always have and still do. Maybe because musicians are artists and I like good art. Maybe it is just the way music makes me feel and some times, it makes me stop and think. Either way, I want to leave a bit from a song I have liked since I first heard it. It is by John Kay, Jerry Edmonton, Nick St. Nicholas, and Larry Brown. It was recorded by Steppenwolf and the song is titled "Monster". The last verse is what I am setting down here now as it really does say what we need today, maybe more than ever.
America where are you now?
Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
Don't you know we need you now
We can't fight alone against the monster
We need America. We need it more  than we did when this song was new. Back then we were stuck in the imperial war in Vietnam. I was there, as part of the 5th Marine Regiment. Now, we are stuck in Afghanistan AND Iraq. YEs, the "combat" troops have left Iraq, but our troops are still there and being killed there. We are stuck in and idiotic, endless war on terror. This is a war that can never be won, no matter how many wedding parties, funerals, or villages we bomb. Terror is not something that can be fought with bombs. Terror is a weapon that is used by the powerless against the very powerful. The "war on terror" is as foolish and as stupid as the damn fool war on drugs or the war against poverty.
We need America to wake up and see this truth. We need America to join the fight against the monster that is trying to enslave the world with its greed and money and wars. We need America to start acting like decent, honorable human beings. We need to stop creating ever more enemies and to live in peace with each other.
I have been to their damn wars. There is no "glory" there, only death and suffering and destruction. Nobody ever "wins" any war. We are going broke if we aren't there already. Just how do "we" expect to pay for these damn fool wars?
We need an America that doesn't "need" to have some sort of "war" on something all the time. As a country we seem to always be at "war" with something or somebody. War on poverty, war on drugs, war on terror, war on cancer, etc. Endless damn wars. ENOUGH! End all the wars and get to work making the country a decent place for all of us. We don't need to have any more wars.
Yes, I still believe in some of those old ideas from the 60's. Things like peace and an end to wars. Hell, maybe I am a dreamer.
semper fi