29 June 2011

2012? Who needs 2012, we have today

This morning, here in Alexandria, Louisiana, one of the TV channels we get had a program on the "end of the world" of 2012. Yes, supposedly the Mayan calendar says the world will end 21 December 2012.
From what little I have read on this, that "end of the world" bit is a miss-reading of that calendar. What it IS actually, is the end of a cycle. It does NOT necessarily mean that the world will end on that date. While many will undoubtedly debate this, from other news, all I have to add is, who needs 2012? We have, and seriously HAVE many other real problems right now, in 2011.
Poor Nebraska, they Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant is close to being flooded. Yes folks, the Missouri River is still rising and that power plant is in great danger from the flood waters.
Not bad enough for you? Well, just look a bit South and West of Nebraska and we get to New Mexico. Yes, the nuclear labs at Los Alamos are in the line of a raging fire. This fire is so far uncontrolled. Oh joy, there is a great deal of plutonium at that lab. Why you ask? Well, it is the main nuclear weapons lab for the US. They design nuclear bombs at that facility. Now that area is under a very real threat from the raging forrest fire in that state.
Still not enough? Well, there is still nuclear material being released from the damaged reactors in Japan. Yes, the nuclear power stations at Fukushima ARE leaking radiation into the environment. It has become so bad that even TEPCO, who owns and operates the power station has admitted that there is a major problem there.
As we all know, when the "powers that be" admit that there is a problem, we can be sure that there IS a huge problem.
Notice how the "media" as in TV "news" has little or nothing to say regarding these major problem areas. This IS the US of A in 2011, keep the public in the dark and hope the problems will go away. Or, that at least the public is kept from any real, useful information. Don't want the masses to over react you know. 
Now I would never want to cause any sort of panic, but damn, the public has a right to know just what IS going on in these places. It is the physical health of ALL people that is at risk in these three places. Radiation does NOT stop at the borders. We DO know that radiation from the damaged Fukushima plants HAS made its way to the US and even to northern Europe. 
An excellent source of news on these problems is at; http://enenews.com/

While it is true that we don't need detailed information on these areas, we DO need basic information. There is an evacuation order for the town around the Los Alamos labs. 

So, one can see that the "2012, end of the world" deal is not needed. We humans and our "inventions"  like nuclear power plants are quite capable of destroying the planet, no "out side" influences needed. Yes, when you have nuclear plants built on or very close to earthquake faults, nuclear labs in a fire danger area, or other such devices, who needs the old Mayans and their calendar?

Stay safe, stay informed.
semper fi