29 August 2008

Gustav and friends

Hi again folks.
Yep, old me back at the corner again this week.
By now many of you may know that we have a hurricane closing in on the Gulf of Mexico. It is projected to be a category three storm soon. They expect it to be in the Gulf this weekend and may have a landfall by late Monday, early Tuesday.
So far, the projection is from the Florida panhandle to the Texas coast. Well, not to be like three years ago, today, in fact. Louisiana IS preparing now! Wow, how about that!?! An actual plan. Good grief, what has happened to this state, this country? I mean, a PLAN, and the storm is not even in the Gulf yet? Just who are these people who dare to plan?
Actually, my opinion, they are a bit over reacting just now. Here in central Louisiana, the radio station I listen to most of the day has been giving "updates" on old Gustav every 10 minutes or so. Also, telling folks to "be prepared" and things to pack in case you have to evacuate.
Well, the cats and me will just sit right here and ride it out. We are a good distance inland, so no storm surge for us, good thing too, the cats don't swim. Well, I have never seen them swim any way. Besides where are 12 cats, a little dog, and this old fart (me) going to go? Man, trying to get them all in the truck would take a week at least.
I am NOT making light of old Gustav. Honestly, I am NOT. It IS a big storm even though it has lost some "punch" in the last hours. It will gain more strength as it hits the warm waters in the Gulf this weekend. We are ready for it here. We have our supplies and all set. Water, food, flashlights, batteries, and fuel for the generator. Yep, we are ready.
There have already been a few "modifications" due to old Gus. The LSU game has been moved to a 10 AM kickoff time. Also, poor little Bobby, our governor, has had to pass on going to the "big show" in Minneapolis. Guess he isn't too sad as he didn't get picked as number two to McCrazy anyway. Nope, that "honor(??)" went to the lady who is governor of Alaska.
Now, to me, that was an odd choice. No way would I have figured Johnny to pick a woman as his vice president pick. I was betting on "uncle" Joe Lieberman. Yep, after being so close to old Johnny, I thought sure that Joey would be his pick. Well, maybe "uncle" Joe can get secretary of state in the McCrazy administration.
Those who figured Condi would be his choice, close, but not quite.
I could make a comment here, but will be polite and let it pass.
So, now we know who the "final four" are for the two wings of the war party.
Barack/Joe and Johnny/Sarah. Makes me even more happy to be voting for real choice by giving these four a total pass. I still have only got my choice down to Nader or McKinney. More research needed before I make my final pick.
Well, things are calm just now. That won't last long, the cats will be active in about 20 minutes. Night time follies are due to start soon.
Have a great weekend all. To those in the path of Gustav, please be very careful.
semper fi

27 August 2008

Are the Democrats really anti-war? You decide

Hey all, the donkey gang is holding their convention this week. Yipeeeeeeee.
Old Joe of Biden is the designated vice presidential candidate to go along with Mr. Obama. Wow, TWO anti-war guys, or are they?
Consider some real American history for a few moments if you will.
It was "saint" Woodrow, a donkey gang member, who snuck America into World War One.
Then we come to Franklin of Delano, another member of the notorious donkey gang, who conned America into World War Two.
FRD left his successor, old Harry of give 'em hell fame(?) and another member of that same donkey gang who got America into the Korean War.
We then arrive at John F. and Lyndon B. who succeeded at getting America into the Vietnam War.
And last, but by no means least, we come to Billy Bob Bubba of Monica and cigar fame, and a member of that same donkey gang. He gave us wars (more than one!) in what was left of Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and Kosovo.

Wowzers folks! Look at all them "really cool" wars. And guess what? We had a member of the donkey gang as president for EVERY one of them!
Yes sir, each of the above listed wars had a Democrat as president taking us into those wars. Imagine that. The "anti-war" donkey gang has lead America into ALL of the listed wars. Wowieeee!
Now, I don't know about how you folks see this world, but remember, I am a former US Marine. I am also a veteran of the Vietnam War. To me, and I realize that I may not in any way, shape, or form represent any sort of "average" American opinion. Having a Democrat as president taking the country into a war, is NOT my idea of an anti-war party at all. Now, I understand that some may object to my line of thinking here, but just HOW is taking the country TO a war anti-war? Can any loyal donkey gang member explain that to me? I AM open to any good reason why it IS anti-war to lead the country into a war. I just fail to see how it can be so.
Again, being a former Marine, my brain function may not be fully operational, but I would sure as hell like to hear the argument as to how taking us TO war, is anti-war. You Democants sure got some tall explaining to do.
semper fi

25 August 2008

What a war economy gets you


If you have not done so, please read the article that is linked to above this line. This post will be mostly based on this report.
As you can tell from reading that article, we are in serious trouble due to a lack of infrastructure in America. We need roads, bridges, rail lines, and other "bits and pieces" to make the economy, such as it is, run smoothly.
We lack enough rail cars to transport our grain. We need to make sure that our major rivers are navigable, we need to repair our bridges and highways. We need to upgrade our railways.
Why haven't we done this? If this infrastructure is so vital to the economy, why is it all in such sad shape?
Easy answer, from my point of view. We have overspent and then some on wars and weapons to make wars. There is no money left to rebuild bridges, roads, highways, or rail lines. We are broke folks. Our wars are being paid for with money borrowed from China and other foreign countries.
We are borrowing money to fight our goddamn illegal wars of choice, while OUR own country goes to hell in a bucket!
Can anyone explain how this makes any sort of "good" sense? We know for a fact that McCrazy will give us even more wars. He has said so more than once during the primaries. Obama will be not much better. Notice how is all for the war in Afghanistan? Yes sir, he'll pull troops from Iraq, BUT, he';ll send more troops to Afghanistan. Why? Because he says "we MUST win in Afghanistan". What the hell does that mean? He does not tell us what "winning" in Afghanistan means. OK, sure, Shrubbie has never said just what it would mean to "win" in either country, Iraq or Afghanistan. We KNOW that much, but Obama is NOT any better. Has HE defined what "winning" would be? I haven't heard him explain what it would mean to "win" in Afghanistan, have you?
The levees in New Orleans are not even up to pre-Katrina level yet. After three years, and not even as "good" as they were before the city was flooded. Three years! Hell, that asshole Saakashvili attacks innocent civilians then gets the crap kicked out of his army by the Russians and WE send aid in a matter of hours!
Tell me, are the idiots who started another illegal war in the country of Georgia more deserving of American aid than the folks who live along the Gulf Coast of America? If they are not, then why the hell have things gone so damn slow to rebuild the Gulf Coast?

One further comment. America is stupid. As a country, as a people, we are very damn stupid. I say this because "we" have no sense of history. Not the history of America, and certainly not of the rest of the world.
IF we had any sense of history we would NOT have invaded Afghanistan. NO foreign power has ever gone there and conquered those people. The Soviet Union lost 15,000 trying. The British Empire got their ass handed to them on a platter by the Afghans, TWICE. Even Alexander the Great could NOT defeat them. What makes "us" think we can do the job? Because we have those "cool" high tech weapons? Well, folks, they don't work very well in "real world" conditions. Things like sand storms and even dew can turn a billion dollar each B-2 bomber into a useless piece of junk. We may have high tech weapons that cost a kings ransom, but we are getting the shit kicked out of us by a bunch of folks with AK-47's who many have never seen indoor plumbing! And Obama says "we" NEED to win the Afghan war? HOW? and WHY???
Also, if we had any idea of world history, we'd never get involved in the mess in Georgia and the Caucasus. No way Jose! Those folks are like the Afghans, they have long historical memories and they keep grudges for generations. We have NO idea of what we are getting into over there.

America, wake up and read/learn some history before it is too late. OUR republic is becoming a dying empire, yet so many Americans are fat, lazy, and happy with their "reality TV". Well, when the shit hits the fan, I'm just going to sit back and laugh at all the damn fools running around like the assholes they are. You're on your own folks. I already have fought "my" war. I'm tired of fighting with no results. Enough. I quit. Hell, the majority of Americans doesn't even realize they are screwed no matter which asshole "wins" in November.
Take care all.
semper fi