02 April 2011

YES, the president CAN kill any of us

Well, it is now official, the president CAN kill any of us, any time he wishes.
From a report by the Center for Constitutional Rights spring 2011 newsletter, comes the following; "Judge rules the YES indeed, the US has unchecked authority to carry out targeted killings of Americans".
There you have it folks, Gobomber can kill any of us, any time he wishes to do so. 
Judge John Bates said that the court had no role to play in reviewing the executive branch's actions and determining the right of a U.S. citizen not to be arbitrarily killed by his own government. 
This very same Judge Bates did ask, during oral arguments; "How is it that government surveillance of a U.S. citizen overseas requires review by a judge; government seizure of overseas property of a U.S. citizen can be challenged in front of a judge; but government killing of a U.S. citizen overseas is beyond the purview of a judge?" Even the judge has a hard time coming to terms with the government position on this matter. The report goes on to say that the judge left his question unanswered. 
While the case that was under review back in November 2010 dealt with the father of a U.S. citizen in Yemen that was brought by that persons father, it has far reaching implications for us all. IF the government does, in fact, have the authority to kill a U.S. citizen while in a foreign country, it is a very, very small step to hold that the same government has the authority to kill a U.S. citizen here in the old US of A as well. 
Just imagine that folks. Piss off the government and rather than lock you up, they will just have you killed instead.  Hey, it is much less costly and a whole lot quicker than a trial and jail time. 
As it is the Gobomber administration that is arguing FOR this "authority" just who out there in America can honestly say that he is "better" than Shrubbie was? 
No doubt some of the "tea party" clowns will cheer this decision. What about the rest of us? What about those of us who still believe in the Constitution and the rule of law? 
This no longer looks at all like the America I learned about back in high school civics class. Who needs a dictatorship when the government can kill whomever they choose to kill?
America, what a country.
semper fi

29 March 2011

More outrage

Well, it was to be expected. Yeah, I am once again outraged at the lies, bullshit, and other crap that goes along with "our" wars. While I did miss the speech that Gobomber gave last night, I did find comments on/about it. Outrage is a very "nice" way to put how I feel about our "dear leader".
Here are some of the highlights (or low lights);
Gobomber insisted that NOT attacking Libya would be "a betrayal of who we are".  Oh? Really? So, let me try to understand this. "We" are now just mad, world wide bombers now? 
He also seemed to be quite proud(??) of the speed with which he started this newest war, comparing it to the "full year" it took Billy Bob Bubba Clintstone to start the Bosnian war. OK, so, the sooner "we" start a war the better? Is it the speed with which "we" bomb a place now a measure of how "good" we are?
What was NOT addressed (of course) was; the possibility of ending the war. Some officials of the administration now talk of the Libya war lasting months. Well, sure, never quit a war until all the profits have been sucked up by the war industries and the banksters. There is too much money to be made from war to end it too soon. New slogan; War, good to the last penny of profit.
 Gobomber did insist that there would be "a transition to the future". Gee, no kidding? Maybe I need more education, but aren't we all "transitioning to the future"?
He also said the international community would impose(??) a strong government after Gaddafi was ousted. Oh. So "we" are going to impose a government on Libya. And here we thought that this was about letting the Libyans make their own choices. Well, fooled us all again there Barry. Nice move bud. 

Yes, the new Libya war is open ended, just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and every other war "we" are in.
Maybe it was a good thing I went to bed without watching this speech. It did keep me from frightening the neighbors with my loud shouts at the TV. Yes, much better to calmly read off the net what was said. Yeah, with the morning coffee and all, what a way to start the day.

More "home grown" outrage courtesy of Global Research.  www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=13716
In this article we find that Gobomber is "mulling over" the idea of indefinite detention for US citizens. Yep, he is "thinking" about holding ANY of us as long as he wishes to. No charges, just like those poor folks stuck in Gitmo and other "black" sites around the world. The war OF terror comes home to America folks.
Again from the above linked article; he and Congress are considering criminalizing free speech on the internet. Yep, they want to make sites like the corner here illegal. Why? Because under the "cyber bullying" law, if a persons feelings get hurt, it will be a felony! No shit! A felony if your feelings are hurt by something that another person has posted. A felony?? Holy screaming crap. 
Well, Homie Land Insecurity now defines a "terrorist" anybody who still believes in the Constitution. Yes folks, if you believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, you too, may be a "terrorist". This blog may be shut down at some future time and I may be sent "to the camps". Well, big freaking deal. I am permanently disabled, 63 and a former US Marine/Vietnam war vet. What can they do to me that might "scare" me now?  IF they get away with this, it might be hard to find the manpower to guard all those they lock up. I suppose they will just hire some foreign mercenaries then. Yeah, outsource the guard duty. Hey, that is what has been done to the bulk of the good, high skill, high paying jobs that used to be the occupation of a good many Americans. Jobs like manufacturing, skilled jobs that fed many families for many years. Jobs that went off seeking the cheapest labor rates. 
"Cyber terrorism" is being used to shut down, or at the very least, restrict the internet.  Yes, our best source of real news is about to be censored, big time. If you want an opinion in the near future, you will be given one, by the damn government! Did somebody mention "1984"? Big brother IS watching us all. 

America is broke. We are so deep in debt, I doubt even with the tallest ladder that the top of the pit we are in can be seen. "We" have dug a hole that is so deep, and yet, the bottom has NOT been reached. Just look at housing. Think that home prices have hit bottom? Think again. Check out the following article;www.counterpunch.org/whitney03252011.html
I always read the articles Mike posts at Counterpunch and other web sites. Guess you could say I am a "follower" of his. One thing I do know, I always learn something from what Mike posts. Well worth your time to check out this one in particular.

Another excellent writer/reporter is Pepe Escobar. He has a column, The roving eye at the Asia Times web site. A link to his most recent articles on the "Arab Spring" is here;
In my opinion, for what it is worth, is an honest observer/reporter. His articles include bits of humor, or at least I find some bits of humor in many of them. No, not outright belly laughs, but a more subtle sort of humor. I "different" look at events that he reports on/about. Again, well worth the reading time.

So, here we are. Basically three ongoing wars; Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. (I count Afghanistan and Pakistan as separate even though they ARE connected.) Not counting Yemen, Bahrain, and many others where there is little or no news, we have three current wars going. Now, we add a "new" one to this mix, Libya. Now, as I said above, America is broke. Yet, somehow, "we" seem to manage to be able to borrow more money to fight a new war. There are comments floating around the net on how the Libyans will be paying for this new war. Oh, the same way the Iraq war was to be paid with oil revenues? Actually, no. The "rebel" government had been given access to the Libyan sovereign fund, to the tune of $1.1 Billion. THAT money can now be used to pay for the bombs and cruise missiles being dropped on Libya. Neat trick. Get those who are being bombed to pay for the bombs that are dropping on them. Sweet deal. No doubt the banksters are rubbing their sweaty palms with glee at this turn of events. Ah, yes, wake up and smell the blood money profits.

And some folks wonder why I am outraged? LOL.
It all reminds me of a comment I saw recently. I forget what web site I found it at, maybe Raw Story,but I am not 100% sure of that. It goes like this; We (the government "we") always seem to have the money to bomb somebody, but when asked to feed the hungry, "we" are broke. 
America, what a country.
semper fi

27 March 2011

More Libya comments

I have some more comments on the newest war of ours. Yep, Libya again, or still, your choice.
First off please visit Reality Zone, he has posted a link to an article on how Ms. Maddow is now cheerleading for the war of Gobomber. Somehow, she now represents the "left" or at least that is her media role now days. No doubt many also still think of Olbermann as a "lefty", even though he no longer "graces" the TV sets. Or has he got a program at his new gig with Al Gore TV?
Actually, Ms. Maddow is like many supposedly liberal folks in the old US of A. How many of you have noticed that the anti-war movement is basically dead since the last presidential election? Oh boy! We have a member of the donkey gang in the "top job" so all is well with the world. The "we must support our president". And other assorted bull crap being tossed at us by the "professional left".
Well, bullshit on that noise! We, the decent human beings who despise war MUST protest all of the damn fool wars of choice, Libya included. YES, I DO want the people of Libya to be free to elect whomever THEY want to run their country. BUT, how about Gaza and ALL of Palestine? How about Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and every other country across this planet?  
"We" are very selective in just who it is that "we" think deserves "our" support in the quest for better government.
Back to Ms. maddow for a moment. If we are to go by her advise, we will not ever protest any war that is started by a democratic president. Somehow the wars they get us into are "better" or more "noble" or some such. Hey, remember, this president has a Nobel Peace Prize. Yeah, big damn deal. She says that he is less war like than Shrubbie. Oh, this guy, Gobomber, launched drone strikes against Pakistan in his first week on the job. In his just over two years in office, he has launched more drone strikes against Pakistan than Shrubbie did in eight years! Some "peace president". 
When old Smedley Butler said that war is a racket, he meant that for ALL wars. Not just those lead by a republican president. Holy crap! Wars are nasty brutish and vile. I have been in a shooting war in Vietnam. I do not want any other people to go through that ever again. As General Butler said, and I have posted here more than a few times, there are only two reasons for war. 1) to defend OUR homes, and 2) to defend the Bill of Rights. Where are "we" doing that anywhere today? Right, nowhere.
I caught some other bits regarding the Libya war that caught my attention. Some of which may have slipped through the cracks as it were. One very interesting bit is that Algerian and Ethiopian mercenaries are exempt from prosecution, but not those from Tunisia, Chad, Niger, and Guinea. THEY can be subject to prosecution at the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is investigating Gaddafi for crimes already. Now, just what is so "special" about the mercenaries from Algeria and Ethiopia? I wonder when or if we will ever be told why this is so.
While it seems that NATO will be "in charge" of the Libya war, I noticed that "our" newest military command Africom is not based in any of the 53 African countries. None of them wanted it, so, Africom is based in, wait for it, Stuttgart, Germany. Yep, the US military command responsible for all of Africa is based in that wonderful "African" country of Germany. No doubt many Germans will be wondering just when their country moved southwards.
Notice one other bit of news on the Libya war. The BRIC countries all opposed this war. In fact, at the UN, there is now a growing "coalition of the opposed".  Even the Arab League is not so "gung-ho" as we have been told. YES, the GCC states DO favor bumping off old Gaddafi, but look who runs those oil kingdoms. They tend to go along with whatever the Saudis say or do. Just look at Bahrain where they ruling clan has asked the House of Saud to send in troops to quell the restless population of that island kingdom. Can't let the Bahrainis revolt, the 5th Fleet is based there after all. Add the fact that the ruler of that island nation are on "our" side and you see just how much any "reform" has for the common people of that country. Yeah, none, or, much like right here in America, where the working class and poor are being told there will be cuts to anything they may benefit from while the very rich get more tax breaks. Some "democracy", at home and around the world as "supported" by the US government. America, what a country.
Another comment jumped out at me. Secretary of Defense(??) Robert Gates this week said the latest bombing of Gaza by the Zionist entity is/was a "legitimate use of force"!! Well, maybe I should no longer get pissed when I read this sort of bullshit, but I do. Yes, it IS standard fare for the US government and most of the European governments as well. Still, this hypocrisy gets me very pissed off. The Palestinians are human beings, just like all of us, and they deserve to have their own home country NOT with borders and the economy controlled by ANY other country. they have the absolute human right to have their own country and to live in peace with their neighboring countries. They have the right to be able to live without fear of attack by other countries and to be able to provide a decent life for themselves and their children. They ARE our fellow human beings and just about any sane person can tell you that there will not be real peace in the Mille East until the Palestine/Israel issue is finally resolved.
Until then, we will continue to be told, time and again, how ANY violent act by the Palestinians is terrorism while ANY use of violence by the Zionist entity is "legitimate use of force". We must demand that the supposed leaders of our country stop this outright bullshit. It is long gone past the point of double standards folks. It has entered the realm of absolute bullshit, plain and simple.
semper fi