31 August 2008

Waiting for Gustav

Well folks it is Sunday, August 31. We are sitting here in the woods of central Louisiana waiting on hurricane Gustav.
The latest computer model shows old Gus will pass damn close to the house. It also shows us getting winds in the 75 mph range.
Man, the cats will NOT like that. They will have to stay inside starting this evening. Hell all of us, cats, dog, and me will need to stay inside.
We WILL lose electricity and phone, so I will be unable to post much for a while. We need to have the phone lines for internet (yes, we have dsl). The generator can supply us with the power needed to keep the fridge and puter going, but the phonme line carries the dsl.
All is well here for now. We are set and as prepared as we can be.
Stocked up on the supplies needed to be OK for the next week plus.
Funny, it was just three years ago that Miss Katrina made her visit to our part of the country.
At least this time, the city of New Orleans has done a decent job of helping folks to evacuate! Imagine that, the government actually doing something to help the regular folks. I guess the shit they left so many in before, during, and after Katrina made an impression. My opinion, there was NO excuse for the shit they pulled on the people along the gulf that time. None at all. Lack of concern is what it was. Damn them all for that.
Three years on, and the clean up is not over yet. There are so few houses for "regular" people along the gulf. The wealthy are in great shape, they always are. It is the regular folks, aka, the "common people" who get screwed. Yes, every time, it is the common people who suffer the most. Those hard working people, the elderly, the disabled. They bear the brunt of the shit, and get little to no real help from ANY branch of govenrment.
Well, hell, they pay their taxes, what makes them think they rate any help? Shit, this is America, W. Shrub style.
As I said, at least this time they have started to evacuate the people who do not have personl transportation. So, maybe some small good did come from the "lessons" of Katrina.
Take care all. Have a great Labor Day weekend. We'll post again when we can.
semper fi,