23 June 2012

My vote goes to......

As a follow up to my last post on voting, I have found my possible candidate.
I am not sure yet if this candidate will make it on the ballot here in Louisiana, if he does, I'll vote for him.
Here is a link; http://bear47.cheezburger.com/6355755008

For those who may not know, I like animals, but cats are my favorites.
Shnookums is my choice. Hey, we suffered through W. Shrub and Gobomber. Could Shnookums be any worse than they are/were? Surely Shnookums would be far better than Mittens Romney. Unless that is, if Fluffy makes a run at the office. 

22 June 2012

Election USA, vote or not

Oh joy, the election 2012 fast approaches. The question, or so I think it may be, is who to vote for. A thought or three on that will be the basis for this rant.
A very loyal follower of this small corner is a certain Mr. Lee. Since he found this hideout of mine, I don't think a post has gone by without a comment from John. For that, I offer my most sincere thanks. Comments, on the blog or in private emails, are the life blood of this corner. Without feedback, I cannot know if what I say has any resonance with the world. All that I ask of any commenters is that we try to stay civilized. John, you have done that and more. 
I may be out of line by singling out one person. Well, he has been the most prolific commenter here and he has offered much to think about. He is the main person behind www.28amen.org. I urge all readers to check out this interesting web site/idea. 

As to voting in the upcoming US election, I would think that any vote for either of the animal gangs is a waste. Here in the "great"(?) state of Louisiana, we are not allowed to use the "write in" option. It is against state law to do so. For another reason, we use an older "electronic" voting machine, or do so here in Rapides Parish where I have lived during my entire time in the state. There is no provision for any write in vote. Just another reason we cannot do so. My suggestion then is, vote for a third party. Contrary to any negative comments on third party votes, such a vote is NOT wasted at all. When I lived in southern California, I voted for the "Peace and  Freedom" party. I did so in 1972, the first time I could vote, as one had to be 21 at that time. I knew that Nixon would never get my vote and was unsure about McGovern. In the voting booth I saw other parties listed on the ballot (I had not received a sample ballot that year) and when my eyes came to rest on the "Peace and Freedom" candidate for president, I knew I HAD to vote for that person. I had already served four years in the US Marines and done a tour in Vietnam. Having seen war up close and all too personal, I knew I loved peace and I had always liked Freedom. My Dad and my grandparents instilled a love of freedom in me at an early age. My desire for peace was at its highest ever when I returned front the imperial war in Vietnam. The party won my vote that day and I was quite loyal to them afterwards as well. Some years after my first vote, I learned that the party were socialists. Oh, and how does a former Marine/combat veteran vote for a socialist party? Easy, I just marked my sample ballot before every election, went to the polling place, took out my sample ballot and cast my vote. Easy as pie as the saying goes. The "pie" you might eat, not the pi of mathematics, as if you need to be reminded.  Sorry for the poor attempt at humor, it just pops out every so often, no doubt another of my many faults.

If you are eligible to vote where ever you live, your vote, even if it is for a "third" or "minor" party is never wasted. That is propaganda pushed by the "big two" here in the old US of A. Do not believe it, ever. If you are eligible to vote, then do so, but be careful who you vote for.

Yes, I am still dumb enough (I do not consider myself at nearly 65 to be in any way naive) to actually think that voting does matter. {John, I am prepared for your reply to this.} Seriously, voting is the only legal way we have to change things. A revolt is not legal and I would never advocate the overthrow of the government. Yes, I am 100% certain that what passes for the government in the US is disgusting. Still, we need to do things legally. No, working to "change" either of the two "main" parties (actually, just the two sides of the same damn coin, as I have said many times before) will never work. Yes, this IS a dig at those who want to "reform" the donkey gang from the inside. What we in America do need is a strong, viable third party. We do have a few "minor" parties to choose from already. Unfortunately, none seem to be truly national yet. The Greens seem to be very close if not there by now. 

The thing I try to do, is to vote for the person I think would be best for us all. True, here in Louisiana, my choices are limited as no write-in votes are allowed. I ask that all of you look for the person you think will be the best for all the people and vote for that person. If the 28amen.org were adopted, the whole deal of voting would be much different. I think that difference would be much better for us all.

What changes would I like to see? Limit the time for campaigning to 100 days before the election. Yes, I know that we cannot stop those in office from making campaign speeches outside such a limit. We could, however, point out every time this was done and hold said politician to account, possibly by not voting for him/her. I'd like to see the "corporate personhood" eliminated.  IF corporations are in fact people, then when they break a law, put the officers of said corporation in jail. Limit ALL campaign contributions to no more than the salary/wages of those earning the national minimum wage for 8 (eight) hours of pay. As an example, if the minimum wage is $10.00, the maximum anybody could contribute would be $80.00 per candidate. Any contributions made illegally would be punished by a fine of 1,000 times the maximum donation limit. I'd like to see and end to the "fractional reserve" banking scheme that has ruined so many working class people. And end to excessive credit card interest rates. No credit card company would be allowed to charge more than 10%, or less, I am open to suggestions. A 5% maximum rate? OK, why not? I have not set much of this in stone as it were. Loan documents, for house, car, or any other purchase would have to be done in plain English. No more "legalese" to confuse the people. 

There are more changes that could be made to the US of A that would make life better for all of us. The top priority of course is a true national health care system. How shameful is it that the United States of America is the ONLY industrialized nation that has no national health care system? Extremely shameful to this old guy. A true national disgrace. But, as the video a few years ago made known, the USA is number 37!  Yes, there are 36 countries that have better health care than the US of A has. Now, if we only count the cost, well, then the US is number 1. Oh joy, we pay MORE for health care than any other country, and yet, we are only(!!) number 36. Amazing, and yet so very shameful. We CAN do better people. We need to demand better. 

We need a government that takes a serious look at global warming also. Yes, the Rio+20 summit was a total bust. Of course it was and it had about zero chance of being anything but that. The "powers that be" do not want any action of this now. How damn stupid can they be? The Pentagon (aka; the five sided puzzle palace) has done studies that say outright that climate change is going to impact, big time, on how and where the US military operates in the very near future. Hell, even the top brass at the Pentagon knows global warming is going to cause huge problems. How often is it that the US military gets things right? Not very often as we all know. And yet, we have the same generals and admirals telling us all that global warming will have major impacts on the military. Is anybody listening? Not, it seems in the halls of congress nor the White House. Shame on government. This is a problem that will not go away if it is ignored. I truly fear for the children and the future we are leaving for them. They deserve much better. We deserve better. There are so many things wrong with the way America is being run that I cannot even list them all in one posting. This will be a continuing line here at the old corner and will be addressed again, no doubt many times over.

Thank you all for your time.
semper fi