19 April 2012

Here we go again.

Well, some of our troops have just gone and done another damn fool stunt.
This time it is not Marines who made total fools of themselves. Nope, this time it was the US Army. These clowns are members of the 82nd Airborne Division.

What you may ask have these guys done? Oh, just posed with body parts of Afghan suicide bombers is all. Yes, I said they posed for photos with the body parts of dead suicide bombers, They were supposed to check out a report that the Afghan police had recovered  the mangled remains of an insurgent suicide bomber. Their mission was to try and find out if they could get an iris scan and/or finger prints from the remains. OK so far as that goes. Apparently, that is standard procedure in Afghanistan. Nothing unusual.

Well, that wasn't enough for these troops. No sir, they had to pose for photos with the remains of the dead. Some of them posed with the hand of the dead person with the middle finger raised as in "giving the finger". Oh nice guys, real compassion from you all. Respect for the dead? Not here folks, no way. 

As I have said before here on my soapbox, while I was in Vietnam during that miserable war, we didn't actually like the VC, but we sure as hell gave them our respect. These troops need to read old Sun Tzu as it sure looks to me that they never have done so. They may never even have heard of him, though that is highly unlikely in my opinion. This lack of respect for the enemy or opposing forces is not the way to win any war. Naturally, you are never expected to like the enemy. Actually if you like your enemy, it seems to me, then the enemy would no longer BE an enemy. My point is, you must respect your enemy. These troops sure do not.

After the most recent "incident" with the Marine snipers urinating on dead Afghans, how this could take place is amazing. One report on this mentioned a lack of discipline and a breakdown of leadership. No kidding. If this is the result of leadership in the US military today, I pity us all.

Will these guys get any punishment for this act? I wonder. Does anybody know if the Marines who urinated on dead Afghans get any punishment? I have not seen any mention of those troops since the news of their "act" broke in the US. Bets they got no punishment at all. Hell, they may even have been complimented for their "act". Yeah, see what "we" do? We piss on the "bad guys". What a way to win hearts and minds..............not.

It is time to get ALL US/NATO troops out of Afghanistan. Not next month, not next week even. NOW, today. Start packing all your personal equipment and stow all the gear and get out of that country NOW. There is no point at all in staying n after these recent "events". If this is how our troops act, well, America is in even deeper crap than I thought we were. Where is the leadership? Where is any military discipline? We do not see any at all in the recent examples from our Marines  and soldiers of the 82nd Airborne. How sad, and so very disgusting.

America, what a country.
semper fi