15 February 2010

Great article

Hello good people.
I want to direct you all to a very good article by Tom Engelhardt. His latest Tomgram is titled "Fear Inc" Subtitled "Hold onto your underwear. This is Not a national emergency". Basically, he points out how low the odds are for any of us to be the victims of terrorism here in the US of A. We still kill far more of our own on the streets, roads, and highways every year then were killed even on 9/11. It is an excellent article on the over hyped terror threats that we get most every day since that time.
My opinion on it all, it is all designed to make control of the population easier. If the government can get us all to be very afraid and keep us like that, they will be able to better control us all. Keep the majority fearful and they will bow down to the "rulers" and give up what little freedom we still have for some false sense of security. It brings back a quote supposedly from old Ben Franklin; those who would give up liberty for security deserve neither.  I may not have that 100% correct, did it from memory, but you get the idea.
In addition to keeping the masses afraid and under control, this terror scam keeps the "homeland" (that vile,nasty term again) security industries rolling in the profits. Just as we have had a military-industrial complex for decades, we now have a "homeland security industrial complex". Yes sir, there is big bucks in all the new toys for "screening" airline passengers and other such useless items. The "new" scanners that are now "highly needed" at all major airports will not detect everything. No security measure is 100% failure free.  For every new security measure, there is very soon, a new counter measure.  In fact, if the company that is making the new security device doesn't think ahead to ways to defeat it, there IS somebody out there who will be on that job as soon as the specifications for the "new" device are known.
It is all about controlling the masses and raking in huge profits, any actual security is an afterthought.
In my opinion, if we really want to be secure and have real freedom and peace, we would pull all of our troops out of every foreign country. Bring them all home. OK, I have said this before and will again, the Marines who guard our embassies could keep that job. They do provide some measure of real security at their posts and from what I was told when I was a Marine, embassy duty is very good duty.
By closing our nearly 1,000 foreign bases, we would be showing the world that we feel secure here at home. We would end the idiot wars of choice we are currently in and stop all planning for more war in Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, and Iran. As to closing the bases, the Japanese want us out of Okinawa for sure.
We are spending obscene amounts of money on these useless damn wars of choice. We cannot win them, just as the British could never have "won" here in the 1770's.  The Afghans and Iraqis are fighting for their homes and families. We are the invaders in those countries. Another question pops up, why does the rest of the world have to "be like us"? How would we like it if some foreign army invaded America and demanded that we be like they want us to be? I doubt that many of us would be very happy with that situation. Yet, we send our troops off to other countries to impose our "values" on them.  Other people do see the hypocrisy in our actions folks. Just because most Americans seem to have little or no knowledge of history doesn't mean that all people are as dumb.
We need to stop being so foolishly afraid every time somebody tries to blow up something. Hell, this latest "attack" on Christmas day failed. Why should we be so damn scared of a failed attempt?
We keep killing innocent civilians in foreign countries and yet we want to be totally secure. Now that is just plain old stupid. Like old Newton told us, for every action there is a reaction. With our foreign policies, it is called blowback.
Our country needs to stop treating the Zionist entity as something special. Treat all countries the same. I think it was George Washington who said that we should have fair trade with all countries and entangling alliances with none. Words of wisdom that we should put into practice.
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