27 November 2012

Down time

Greetings to all.
For the next few weeks, most likely well into January of 2013, there will be no new posts here.

I am having serious, major computer troubles and do not see how this can be corrected until after the new year starts. I am using borrowed computer and computer time to post this.

I will try when possible to stay current with events, but make no promises. I will post here again as soon as I can get my old computer up and running again. Until then, I wish all a pleasant holiday season. Or, as nice a holiday time as possible in this messed up world.

One more note. I apologoze to all who have posted comments here on the old corner that I have not replied to. I am just recovering from personal health issues and have not been up to posting my replies to your excllent comments. Again, I apologize for failing to be prompt with my replies. I did not forget your comments, I just was not in any great shape to engage my old brain to form a coherent reply.

Sorry for the non posting for the forseeable future, but maybe life will be a bit more pleasant without my rants for the next few weeks and beyond.
semper fi