02 October 2006

What interesting times we live in

What a fine mess we have now. The Senate voted on SB 3930 the other day. It passed. This is the so-called "torture bill". I am including the link so you can see how your Senators voted. Both Senators from the state I live in, Louisiana, voted in favor of it. Shame on them both.
To check how your Senators voted, go to http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=109&session=2&vote=00259#state.
Thanks to this bill, anyone can now be picked up and held for as long as "they" wish to hold you. If(!) you get a trial, it will be in front of a military tribunal. No defense lawyer, no knowing the evidence(?) against you, just you before some military officers, accused of being an "unlawful combatant".
How so, you say? Easy! If you are the least bit critical of Cheney/Bush and their imperial wars, you MIGHT be an unlawful combatant! If you put such thoughts into the written word, even more so, I would venture.
Free speech isn't quite so free anymore folks. Under the "rule" of the "decider", everything comes with a price, including speech. Blessed be the Shrub. And blessed be his master, Cheney. Blessed be his number one servant, Rummy. Blessed be his favorite clown, Rice. Screwed be the people of America.
I still wonder if there might not be some "incident" before election day. Just a "little something" to help the "decider" decide that we cannot afford to have an election. Then, well, you know, sort of declare martial law, for the "good of the country" of course. It will just be a temporary matter. Oh, and since we cannot have the election, well, the "decider" will need to be made "president for life". All for the "good of the country" of course. Just the thing needed to keep them "terrerists" off the streets of 'Merica. Best to fight them there, rather than here, ya know.
Course we got to "fight" that "fifth column" here at home also. Therefore the need for martial law. Marshall Dillon and all that cowboy, gunslinger stuff that our "decider" likes to play at so much. Yes sir, it's cowboys and Ay-rabs. Boy howdy! Shoot from the hip and ask questions in the next episode!.
And to think I once believed in what we were taught in high school civics. Hell, I even joined the Marines and fought in Viet Nam. Just so I could see our country devolve into this shit hole we are in today. Almost makes me wish I believed in some god or gods, at least then I could ask that god(s) for help. Well, we got ourselves into this shit, it is up to us to get ourselves out of it.
Now, let's start making a ladder and try to climb out of this hole.
semper fi