04 July 2011

War? What War?

By now, most of you folks know that the US and NATO have been bombing the stuffings out of poor old Libya. To most of us, being attacked by a foreign military constitute war. According to "fearful leader" (Gobomber) what we are doing to Libya is NOT war. 
Supposedly, or at least according to the media and government officials (including of course Gobomber) what the US and NATO are doing is "humanitarian intervention". Shade of the Billy Bob Bubba Clinton "war" in the former Yugoslavia in the mid 1990's. See, old bad boy Gaddafi was supposedly killing his fellow citizens and "we" HAD to act to prevent genocide.
Now to any thinking, rational human being who reads any good internet news sites, this is a sham. If it is OK to attack Libya because the leader of that country is killing his own people, why then just limit "our" actions to Libya? Why are "we" not attacking Bahrain? How about Syria?  Or, even the zionist entity?  How about Myanmar (aka Burma)?
In all of those countries the leaders have and are killing their own citizens. Bahrain even allowed troops from neighboring Saudi Arabia to "help" put down any possible revolt by the citizens of that island nation. The zionist entity continues to kill the captive people of Gaza and the West Bank and yet, there is NO talk of any sort of US or NATO intervention in any of the above listed countries. No doubt Syria may be one of the next targets, since "we" do not like their leader all that much, see Syria is too friendly with iran and we all know that Iran is in the US target list. Who can forget McCrazy with his nasty parody of the "Beach Boys" song? Yes, the "bomb, bomb, bomb,bomb,bomb Iran" Disgusting, but Iran is still on the US target list, mostly due to the undo influence of the zionist entity and their lobby AIPAC.
The US has a very selective double standard when it comes to "humanitarian interventions". The people of the US are manipulated by the government with the willing cooperation of the major media. We are constantly told how some leaders are the very embodiment of  evil, while those who our "friends and allies" are allowed to go about their abuses with not even a single word of dissent from the USA. 
We have a Secretary of State telling the world, and the zionist entity in particular, that any US citizen who is foolish enough to join the flotilla trying to break the siege of Gaza, that the US will say nothing and do even less should any US citizen be harmed or killed trying to break the siege. Amazing isn't it? That "our" own government officials would tell us that by trying to actually DO something that is a humanitarian thing, we can be shot, injured, and/or imprisoned and our government will not say or do anything to help us. Now, to me, this just shows how far in bed with the government of the zionist entity the leaders of "our" country are. My opinion is that Hi-Larry has more respect and obedience to the zionist entity than she has to America and our Constitution and laws, to say nothing of international laws and the various Geneva Conventions.
The siege of Gaza is unlawful by any legal standard, yet "our"(??) Secretary of State is willing to allow that government to do as it pleases to any American citizen who tries to "run" the blockade of that impoverished people.
It all makes me wonder just what oath of office our leaders take now days. Do they actually mean it when they swear to uphold the US Constitution and the laws of the US? Did they have their fingers crossed when they took that oath? Or, did they actually swear undying allegiance to some other outfit? They certainly seem to be more concerned about the zionist entity than they are about the USA.
I remember when I enlisted in the US Marines, we all took an oath to defend and protect the US and the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. When I was released from active duty, I was not told that the oath no longer applied. The same was true when I got my final discharge from eh Marines. At no point was I ever told to or even asked to, revoke that oath. To many of us veterans, this means that we are still obligated to honor that oath. Maybe, in my own small way, this blog is part of my way to stand by that path, to defend the Constitution. That document has been under assault since at least 9/11. No doubt the attacks on the Constitution go back much further, but since 9/11, it seems to me that the attacks on the Constitution have become louder and from more sources than any time in the history of this country.
We have, as our president, a man who was a Constitution scholar. Funny how somebody with that background can just ignore the congress and go off and start a war with Libya. Not only has he ignored the Constitution which says that ONLY congress has the right to declare war, he has even "decided" that he does not have to follow the "use of force" restrictions that were put on that office after the Watergate mess. Gobomber has taken the "imperial" presidency that was so blatant during the Cheney/Shrub gang and run with it. And this from a man who was able to fool a large number of Americans into thinking(?) he was anti-war. We surely bought a bill of goods in 2008, didn't we? Brings to mind the old saying about a "pig in a poke".
One could say this just shows the power of advertising, which is basically what our elections come down to in the final analysis. 
America, what a country.
semper fi