23 June 2011

Words matter

Hello good people.
This war on words is starting to really disgust me. Actually, it has been bothering me greatly for the past few years. Yes, Shrubbie was the tops at butchering our language. All of us remember his many attempts at speaking that ended up as being totally unintelligible. 
Well, Gobomber is even worse than Shrubbie was. How so you ask? Well, look at the news these past months. The "war" in Libya is not a war. At least according to Gobomber it isn't. For more on this  war ON words, please check out Tomdispatch for his take on the way Gobomber and crew are bastardizing our language. Here is a link to the latest Tomgram;http://www.tomdispatch.com/ The article is entitled "Defining an American state of war". Very enlightening and worth your time.
Yes, I agree that "American" English is a living and evolving language. It is a very rich language that incorporates many words and phrases "borrowed" from other languages. Our language is an ever evolving thing, and that is good in my opinion. What really gets me angry is the way some folks, politicians in particular, bastardize our language. It is almost as if we ARE in the world of 1984 that Orwell wrote of. Yes, where war is peace, ignorance is knowledge, and "big brother" is always watching us all. 
We need to hold these political types to take more care in their choice of words. We cannot allow them to make up new meanings every time they "decide" to do so. If this keeps on, nobody will know what any other person means whenever they speak. Words DO matter. It is how we communicate with each other. Language is very important and the meanings of wards DO matter. To allow Gobomber to get away with  saying that what we are doing in Libya is anything other than war is to allow the abuse of our language to continue.
Notice how he now has us involved in "kinetic military actions". What the hell is this? Any ideas? Well, what he actually does mean is that "we" are killing people in some other country. "Kinetic military actions" indeed. It is our military going out and killing some foreign folks, either directly with ground troops, air strikes, or, most likely drone aircraft strikes. A war by any other name is still a war. 
Gobomber now claims that our "mission"(??) in Libya is something other than war since "our" troops are not in any great danger. "Our" aircraft are not in much or even any danger of being shot down. In short, the Libya "affair"(??) is mostly one sided, and therefore NOT war! 
Excuse me, but "our" military, whether by drone or manned aircraft is bombing the daylights out of targets in Libya. That is war, pure and simple. At the very least, is is an act of war on our part.
By allowing the politicians and the media to get away with calling this Libya war by any other term is to allow them total freedom to call anything in the world by any name they choose. 
Indeed, it could soon be the day when they DO call "war" by the term "peace". Welcome to the real 1984 in that case.
Wards matter and we need to remind the political types of that fact.
semper fi