28 July 2010

Some possibilities and some more disgust.

Well I actually found an article that gives me some encouragement. I have read many articles by Mr. Garcia. I always find him to be a very intelligent person. In my opinion, he would make an excellent teacher. His latest article is well worth your time to read. It can be found at the following link;www.counterpunch.org/garcia07272010.html.  He has captured my feelings about the old donkey gang even better than I have done. Well, he does it so nicely, politely actually. This old former Marine would most likely cuss the donkey gang for a few weeks before I got to being half way polite to them.
That is another reason I like Mr. garcia, he is so polite when telling the politicians off. A skill that I am trying to acquire. Somehow it is so mush better to stay polite while you shred the opponent/target.
It is up to us people. WE need to be the engine of change in this country. WE have to decide to stop the blind support of the status quo. If we want things to get better, then WE have to work hard at making things better. WE have to email, write letters to, and make actual phone calls to the current Congress critters and demand real change.  If enough of us actually do this, the critters will take notice.
The disgust comes from Mr. Roberts. No, he is not why I am disgusted. It is the subject of his latest article. Yes, the Afghanistan war "leaks".  In truth, it is not the leaks that is the problem. As Mr. Roberts states, it is the damn war that is the problem. It is the continuing of the idiot wars of choice and NO explanation of just what the hell we are doing in either war.
What is the goal in Afghanistan? What would "victory" look like in Afghanistan?
So far, we have not been told the answer to either of those questions. Personally, I think we are in the current damn fool wars for the obscene profits made by the war industries and the "too big to fail" banksters and oh yes, the oil giants. BP makes a huge amount of money from selling fuel to the US military. Yes, even though the blown well in the Gulf of Mexico is still not capped and maybe leaking still/again, the company is making nice profits from supplying fuel to the idiot wars.
If you want another view of the war in Afghanistan and the "leaks", please follow this  link;www.counterpunch.org/roberts07282010.html
The subtitle of Mr. Roberts article says it all. Deaf, dumb, and blind. No kidding, just like the story of old Nero fiddling as Rome burned. It looks as though our politicians, up to and including Go-bomber, are just fiddling away as the country breaks down.
We are fighting these damn fool, idiotic wars of choice with borrowed money. The thing is, our national credit card is maxed out. We are, as a country, broke. Flat broke. States are cutting budgets to the bone, the infrastructure is crumbling all around us, and yet we keep spending money we don't have to continue these damn fool wars. this is madness people. It goes way beyond foolish. It even surpasses stupidity. I'll go so far as to call it criminal.
semper fi