10 March 2007

Our National Shame

The crisis at Walter Reed Army hospital is a National Shame. It is a disgrace to ALL of our troops and veterans. How dare we send our military off to fight in totally bullshit wars of choice, then give them substandard facilities when they return home wounded?
Congress has started making some noise about the sorry state of affairs at Walter Reed. Shrub has appointed a commission to "study" things. That is a certain guarantee that not much will be done. How many "blue ribbon" commissions have ever accomplished anything? Our great(?) government and our fearful; leaders run to the ultimate do-nothing tried and true method of establishing commissions to "study" the problems. They will study and study, finally releasing a report at some future date. In the meantime, our brave troops and other military veterans will continue to suffer neglect. If this isn't a National Disgrace, well, then I have no idea what could ever constitute a National Disgrace. Maybe an illegal war? Wait, we already have two of those going on right now. With a third damn near ready to be started. What sort of "treatment" will those troops get? Same old shit? Most likely.
Shrub and his evil puppet master dark Dick Cheney use our troops like they were their personal possessions. They treat our troops as if they alone "decide" to have them put in harms way. Congress? Well, just overlook the fact that the United States Constitution gives the power to declare war to Congress, NOT the "decider in chief".
Shrub and his crew are the most disgusting, piss poor examples of leadership yet. When I was in the Marines, I went to NCO school for two weeks after I returned from Viet Nam. One of the main lessons we were taught about being a leader was to never ask your troops to do what you would not do yourself. Hear that W? How about it Dick? Neither of you had the balls to see combat during Viet Nam. W got off with Texas Air National Guard duty and then failed to serve out his contract. Cheney got plenty of deferments, he "had other priorities". Hell so did every Marine, soldier,sailor, and airman in Viet Nam. We called our "other priorities" staying alive to get back to the States!
Fucking goddamn cowards have sent our troops off to fight, die, and suffer in two illegal wars. Chickenshit Democrats will do nothing except pass non-binding resolutions saying we ought to keep supporting the troops. Hell yes, I support our troops! I support them by saying that we need to get them ALL back to the States, NOW!
Oh, they say, if we quit Iraq now there might be a civil war there! What a load of horse shit. Iraq IS in a civil war now. Shia against Sunnis against Kurd violence has been and continues to be ongoing. Our being there just gives all sides more targets. How could our troops stop a civil war in Iraq? To do so, we would appear to be choosing sides. Well, we have done that already. Of course we change sides when ever it suits W's political purposes. Today we back the Shia, tomorrow we back the Sunnis. What total hypocrisy!
What total bullshit!
Support the troops, demand they end the war in Iraq and come back home.
Afghanistan? Well, NATO isn't doing much good there either. Now Blair is telling other NATO countries to "step up" and deliver more troops to that mess. Looks like NATO is starting to get involved in intra-mural(sp) infighting. Poor old NATO, an organization that has outlived its purpose.
Since the USSR broke up, what IS the reason for NATO? Is it now just a quasi military club? What is the purpose of an organization started to defend against a now, non-existent foe? Looks to me like an "old boy" club for want to be military people who award themselves all sort of ribbons and medals. Glory be!
God knows we sure "need" more of that bullshit also.
The war on terror is almost as smart as the war on drugs. Neither can ever be won. The real solution for either is to eliminate the need, for terror, or illegal drugs. Prevention is the key. Ah, but prevention is NOT sexy! The local cops getting on TV and showing the "biggest (drug of choice) bust" in history IS sexy. It sells newspapers, it leads the TV news. Prevention, that doesn't make the news at all. It also takes hard work and dedicated effort, NOT military style guns and hardware. Notice how in recent years, even in the smallest towns, the cops all LOVE the new "toys" they have to play with. Yes sir, they sure do love those new guns, helicopters, and other goodies. Hell, most cops even dress like the goddamn mercenaries from Blackwater!
America, where are you now? Don't you know that we need your help to fight the monster?
Almost makes me wish I believed in some religion or other. At least that way I could ask some god or the other for help. Looks like we are on our own with this shit.
semper fi