03 June 2012

Where I try to get caught up

The posting here has been slow the past few weeks. I apologize to all. Life has been keeping us on the run of late. I'll try to catch up a bit now.

A very good article came out shortly after the last post at the old corner. I think it is worth your time even though it was first available two weeks ago. Here is the link;www.counterpunch.org/2012/05/18/no-freedoms-to-hate-us-for-anymore/
According to the author, Missy Beattie, the Muslims no longer have any need to hate us as our freedoms have been sacrificed to the war on terror. Or as I have taken to calling it, the war OF terror. It is a war OF terror in my view as what else does one call the use of drone aircraft? The terror comes from the sky courtesy(?) of uncle Sam and the Air Force/CIA. All from the comfort of an air conditioned room somewhere far from the war zone. At one Air Force base the sign that the personnel see as they leave the base reminds them to drive with care as they are now on the most dangerous part of their day. When the drive home from fighting the war is the most dangerous part of your day, well, war fighting sure isn't what it was during the Vietnam war days.

By now, I am sure you are aware of the "kill list" that "dear leader" Gobomber and his trusty side kick a certain Mr. Brennan have. While they put the names on that list, it is up to Gobomber as to who gets targeted. He alone decides. Decides, decider. Brings back the days of W. Shrub doesn't it? If you remember, old W. said he was the "decider" during his two terms. Now it appears that Gobomber is our current "decider". Well as far as who on the kill list gets "hit" any way. Sort of almost gives one a warm fuzzy feel, no, no, it does NOT.
OK, we remember, or those of my age and older do, the "enemies" list that Nixon had. That is child's play folks. This "kill list" is all too real and real people who are placed on it get killed, for real. No judge, no jury, and surely, no trial. On what evidence is one placed on that list? Well, no doubt that its a "state secret". Oh to be sure, we peons will never be allowed the "ins and outs" of how one is put on the list. Yeah, "national security" and all that. Bull crap! This is NOT America any longer. We have become everything we used to be against. Excessive "national security", kill lists, unitary executive, CIA and "special ops" types as the presidents personal army, that is not what America was. Unfortunately, it IS what America is today.
Shame on us. Shame on congress. We allowed this to happen. We sat back and didn't bother with the news. True, what passes as news on the TV is not worth much. Still we let this take place. We didn't read and research what has been going on in our government. We let the people in power do was they wished. We did not demand accountability.
There is a petition for you to sign asking Gobomber to not kill you. I have not checked it out and will not. Why bother? If I am on the list, it won't matter what else I sign. Signing a "please don't kill me" list is about useless. If "dear leader" decides to place me on the list, what will it matter if I have already signed the "don't kill me" list? Answer, not one bit. It will not matter in any way. If our president "decides" you or I need to die, well, no pleading will matter. Nope, it will just be a matter of time until you are in the sights of a drone or a "special ops" team. Then, lights out, end of story.
America didn't used to be like that. Oh sure, there have been clandestine ops going back decades. The difference is, those ops were secret and "we" didn't brag about them. Things have deteriorated now to the point that the media trumpets the "kill list". Hell, the New York Times broke the story on that list. No doubt previous presidents who authorized covert kills may have celebrated when the ops were a success. But any such celebrations were very private. If they were made known, it was years later, after the major players were all dead and buried. Now, well, the current president admits that he "decides" whom to kill today. Wow. America, where are you now?
I have no idea how to stop this behavior. All I know to do is rant on about it. I can tell you what is going on and how outrageous it is, but stopping it? I wish I knew. I'll rant on as long as I can, that is my promise. Will it matter? Will my rants make a difference? I doubt it, but I'll keep on any way. I cannot be silent to this outrage. I refuse to stay quiet. Silence is NOT always golden. I think at times it can really be a crime to stay silent.
We can never know with any real certainty if our words or actions will make a real difference. Still, I think one has to try his/her best what ever that may be to expose the crimes and outrages. If more Germans had joined the White Rose would WW2 have ended sooner? Would Hitler have quit? We'll never know. Patriotism does not consist of always saluting the flag no matter what is done in the name of your country. Patriotism is not blind obedience to any government. Dissent IS patriotic. If we care, really care about humanity, we cannot sit quietly while crimes are done in our names. This new "executive action" crap must end. America was not supposed to be like this, kill lists, unitary executive, the list goes on. The promise of America was life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is time to say ENOUGH to all the damn fool wars of choice. Time to stand up for our common humanity and human dignity for ALL peoples.
semper fi.

Where I try to get caught up

It has been slow going here at the old corner for some time. Sorry about that folks. Life has been keeping us hopping of late and I have fallen behind in my reading and posting. I'll try to make up for that somewhat now.

An article that is a must read came out shortly after the last post here. It is well worth your time in my opinion. Here is the link; "No freedoms to hate us for anymore"