03 June 2012

Where I try to get caught up

The posting here has been slow the past few weeks. I apologize to all. Life has been keeping us on the run of late. I'll try to catch up a bit now.

A very good article came out shortly after the last post at the old corner. I think it is worth your time even though it was first available two weeks ago. Here is the link;www.counterpunch.org/2012/05/18/no-freedoms-to-hate-us-for-anymore/
According to the author, Missy Beattie, the Muslims no longer have any need to hate us as our freedoms have been sacrificed to the war on terror. Or as I have taken to calling it, the war OF terror. It is a war OF terror in my view as what else does one call the use of drone aircraft? The terror comes from the sky courtesy(?) of uncle Sam and the Air Force/CIA. All from the comfort of an air conditioned room somewhere far from the war zone. At one Air Force base the sign that the personnel see as they leave the base reminds them to drive with care as they are now on the most dangerous part of their day. When the drive home from fighting the war is the most dangerous part of your day, well, war fighting sure isn't what it was during the Vietnam war days.

By now, I am sure you are aware of the "kill list" that "dear leader" Gobomber and his trusty side kick a certain Mr. Brennan have. While they put the names on that list, it is up to Gobomber as to who gets targeted. He alone decides. Decides, decider. Brings back the days of W. Shrub doesn't it? If you remember, old W. said he was the "decider" during his two terms. Now it appears that Gobomber is our current "decider". Well as far as who on the kill list gets "hit" any way. Sort of almost gives one a warm fuzzy feel, no, no, it does NOT.
OK, we remember, or those of my age and older do, the "enemies" list that Nixon had. That is child's play folks. This "kill list" is all too real and real people who are placed on it get killed, for real. No judge, no jury, and surely, no trial. On what evidence is one placed on that list? Well, no doubt that its a "state secret". Oh to be sure, we peons will never be allowed the "ins and outs" of how one is put on the list. Yeah, "national security" and all that. Bull crap! This is NOT America any longer. We have become everything we used to be against. Excessive "national security", kill lists, unitary executive, CIA and "special ops" types as the presidents personal army, that is not what America was. Unfortunately, it IS what America is today.
Shame on us. Shame on congress. We allowed this to happen. We sat back and didn't bother with the news. True, what passes as news on the TV is not worth much. Still we let this take place. We didn't read and research what has been going on in our government. We let the people in power do was they wished. We did not demand accountability.
There is a petition for you to sign asking Gobomber to not kill you. I have not checked it out and will not. Why bother? If I am on the list, it won't matter what else I sign. Signing a "please don't kill me" list is about useless. If "dear leader" decides to place me on the list, what will it matter if I have already signed the "don't kill me" list? Answer, not one bit. It will not matter in any way. If our president "decides" you or I need to die, well, no pleading will matter. Nope, it will just be a matter of time until you are in the sights of a drone or a "special ops" team. Then, lights out, end of story.
America didn't used to be like that. Oh sure, there have been clandestine ops going back decades. The difference is, those ops were secret and "we" didn't brag about them. Things have deteriorated now to the point that the media trumpets the "kill list". Hell, the New York Times broke the story on that list. No doubt previous presidents who authorized covert kills may have celebrated when the ops were a success. But any such celebrations were very private. If they were made known, it was years later, after the major players were all dead and buried. Now, well, the current president admits that he "decides" whom to kill today. Wow. America, where are you now?
I have no idea how to stop this behavior. All I know to do is rant on about it. I can tell you what is going on and how outrageous it is, but stopping it? I wish I knew. I'll rant on as long as I can, that is my promise. Will it matter? Will my rants make a difference? I doubt it, but I'll keep on any way. I cannot be silent to this outrage. I refuse to stay quiet. Silence is NOT always golden. I think at times it can really be a crime to stay silent.
We can never know with any real certainty if our words or actions will make a real difference. Still, I think one has to try his/her best what ever that may be to expose the crimes and outrages. If more Germans had joined the White Rose would WW2 have ended sooner? Would Hitler have quit? We'll never know. Patriotism does not consist of always saluting the flag no matter what is done in the name of your country. Patriotism is not blind obedience to any government. Dissent IS patriotic. If we care, really care about humanity, we cannot sit quietly while crimes are done in our names. This new "executive action" crap must end. America was not supposed to be like this, kill lists, unitary executive, the list goes on. The promise of America was life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is time to say ENOUGH to all the damn fool wars of choice. Time to stand up for our common humanity and human dignity for ALL peoples.
semper fi.


david g said...

Great article, Charlie. Your words added to all the other words are part of a river of words which are sweeping the world.

Other Americans read your words and knowing your Vietnam experience, they take note.

When I read your words I am invigorated by them, more determined than ever to press on with my own agenda.

United we will prevail.


john francis lee said...

I've snarfed your words again, Charlie. I appreciate your directness and honesty. We need more of that from all quarters, according to me. I'm very happy to be able to repost your stuff. I think that the quality is there, in all of us, and that now we've got to work, as you have been doing for more than six years now, going by your archives, on the quantity. Not so much the quantity we individuals produce, but the number of us ordinary individuals in production.

Democracy takes the demos' participation to work, I think your words ought to inspire more of us to stand and deliver. I know they do me.

charlie ehlen said...

Thank you very much for your kind words.
Every time I read your blog I get to thinking. You inspire many David. You always make me think and that is a very good thing.
I keep on doing what I can, it is all we can do.

charlie ehlen said...

This is not negative, I have a very odd sense of humor. I "saw what you did".....LOL. I went to your site today and saw my rant reposted. Wow. Seriously though, thank you for thinking it was worthy of reposting on your site. Thank you very much for that honor.
I am honored to know that I have inspired you my friend. You do the same, so in many ways, you and others I have links to on my blog inspire me. We all feed off each other and that is what keeps us all going. The fact of knowing that others feel the same way we do keeps us ranting and trying to wake others. We all need some positive re-enforcement.
One might even say that we are doing this together and that would not be far from how it actually is working. All of us like being told that we have made somebody stop and think, even if for a moment. It shows that we are getting through, even if at times it is basically "preaching to the choir".
Again, many thanks John, I check that "28" site at least once a month. I enjoy the exchange of ideas with all who comment here. The comments are what helps keep me going.

john francis lee said...

I'm not the only one you've set thinking, Charlie. Tom Engelhardt has a piece up ;

Praying at the Church of St. Drone

that recapitulates your points : this has been done before - but never openly and proudly, and 'the president has shredded the Fifth Amendment, guaranteeing Americans that they will not “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” ', then adds the sick, religious/mafia angle of the whole thing.

Never having fought a war on our soil in the memory of any living American and with fond memories of WWII ending the Great Depression ... war is the American religion. Someone always needs killin' ... over there. And maybe now ... over here, too.

The piece opens up with 'whichever candidate you choose at the polls in November, you aren’t just electing a president of the United States; you are also electing an assassin-in-chief ' which really is an echo of your 'I have no idea how to stop this behavior.'

None of us do. But lots of us are thinkin'. I immediately thought of an article I'd seen stating that independents now outnumber Demoblicans by a greater number than at any time in the past 75 years. I couldn't find the blurb I'd originally read, but remembered it was a a Pew Poll

More Americans shun political party affiliation, Pew poll shows (AP)

' The Pew Research Center poll shows that an unprecedented 38 percent of adults rejected both parties and call themselves independents. Only 32 percent say they are Democrats, and 24 percent call themselves Republicans.

' The April 4-15 phone poll of 3,008 adults has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.1 percentage points. '

The search turned up a Gallup Poll as well :

Party Affiliation

' In politics, as of today, do you consider yourself a Republican, A Democrat, or an independent?

' 2012 May 10-13 R-27 D-29 i-44 '

The Gallup poll then factors in 'leaning' and finds, amazing to relate, the Demoblicans evenly split between the two brands.

That's indicative of the monopoly of the 'duopoly'. If we wanna not vote for an Assassin in Chief we've gotta bust the trust, breakup the monopoly.

I continue to observe that if the 38 or 44 percent of ourselves who are willing to declare ourselves independent actually take a little independent action - for instance, writing-in the name of someone we really support as president ... the resulting tally of the majority for neither/nor will lead to the radicle changes we need to make to get control of our government back into our own hands.

And once we all start pulling together in the same direction ... it'll be light, joyous work indeed.

Sorry to end with my current prescriptive 'old saw' for what 'we all outta do' ... but we all outta do somehtin'.

I'm all ears for other suggestions. A campaign on multiple fronts seems inevitable if we are actually to succeed.

Mike Whitney said...

The article in the NYTimes was written like a Public relations piece as though the Obama team is PROUD of what they're doing.

Man o man, we have sunk so low I can hardly believe it.

This is just way too depressing.

charlie ehlen said...

Thank you for pointing me to TomDispatch. I have not read that yet. I think I may have a couple days off now and will read it soon.
As to doing something, I agree totally. If it were legal to write in in Louisiana I'd do so. What I can do is cast my vote for a third party candidate. We usually have one or more even for the presidential elections.
I still miss being in California and voting for the "Peace and Freedom" party.

charlie ehlen said...

Yes, that is what is so damn disgusting about this and the kill list. Gobomber and his pal Brennan brag on the deal. Arrogant much? Hubris on steroids? What ever it is, it is sick. America, what the hell happened to you?
We sure have stooped to new lows as a country. Maybe my rants will get me on one of those lists, if I am not there already.

charlie ehlen said...

OK, I just finished reading the latest at TomDispatch on the "church of St. Drone". Holy crap! They ALL, even the president of the USA, BRAG on the killings and the damn fool kill list. They freaking BRAG about it all!!???!!!
America, where are you now?
The monster is out of its cage and nobody can stop it. Pray to whatever god or gods you wish, it will not matter if your name is on one of those lists. St. Drone is the new king of kings in D.C.
I have to stop now as my "Marine heritage" is about to come out swinging with cursing and an over abundance of swear words. Arrogance? Hubris? Hypocrisy? All of that and much more. Words fail me.

john francis lee said...

' What I can do is cast my vote for a third party candidate. '

What I am advocating, Charlie. is voting for a non-duopol whom you actually want to fill the office. My assumption has been that the only way most of us can vote for someone whom we actually want to fill the office is to write a name on the ballot which is not among the choices offered.

The bigger picture to me is ... why allow some small number of mobsters pre-select the candidates for whom we can vote?

Certainly that is the system preferred by the mob ... but, you know, to hell with the mob! This is serious business. If it takes a half-dozen ballots or more between November and the end of January to get it right, so be it.

What's more important than doing our best to get it right the only time we're consulted on the conduct of our political system?

charlie ehlen said...

Here in Louisiana I have to vote for a third party OR one of the 2 sides of the donkey/elephant coin. Write-in votes are NOT allowed here in this state. I have mentioned this miserable truth before. It does not look to change either. The process to change this is beyond my means for sure. I doubt any state legislature will even consider changing it. As to getting one of the elected state reps to sponsor such a matter is a no go. They do not want that sort of competition.
I voted for the Peace and Freedom party back in my California days after my active duty Marine time ended. I honestly wanted them to win some office and gave them what support I could, my vote plus small money donations when I had any extra to do so.
IF write-ins were allowed here, I'd do my research and write in the person I'd want in an office. As that is not allowed here, I have to check all the third party candidates and make my choice from them.
NO, I have not given up, I just see the way life is in this state and adjust to it. IF there ever was any movement to allow write-in votes, I'll give what support I can. Until then......back to looking for a party/candidate that is better than the "main two". Actually, in some elections we get the "choice" of ONE candidate only. Yes, some offices do not even get a challenger. Seriously John, some districts are so "safe" the incumbent gets no challenges at all on the ballot. Now that is disgusting.
Oh, I have read and been told that in Louisiana, politics is a contact sport. Also, we seem to have a large percentage of past elected officials in prisons. Somehow, the last two(2) governors have stayed OUT of jail, so far at least. Must be real crooks to keep out of jail.

john francis lee said...

That's what I mean when I say we need systemic changes, Charlie. We all just accept having the field of possible candidates defined by ... the gangsters, really.

Why on earth should the people you can vote for any office be limited. I mean I can accept that only constituents of the office in question can be candidates ... someone from LA California is not eligible to be elected senator from the state of LA ... but that's about it.

Yeah, you or I are absolutely incapable of effecting this change ... but together with all the people of the USA we can do anything we want. It's acting in concert that's required.

I think that we ought to set the standards for federal elections and have all the states forced to comply for federal elections. They will probably change state laws to comply with the federal laws in many, if not all states.

I took a crack at a Universal Election Amendment ... probably needs a name change right off the bat, it's not immediately apparent what the hell that means ... check it out, if you would, and tell me how to improve it?


gesneri said...

Yes, it's different in each state. Some states like LA you can't write in--I understand some others mandate that your write-in must be a resident of the state who would be eligible for the office. To my knowledge, my state allows write-ins with no conditions, and I too will be exercising my right to vote for a write-in if no appropriate third-party candidates are available on the ballot.