16 June 2011

This is a MUST read, I kid you not

Well, here we are, another day, another post.Wow, this might get to be a habit. OK, enough of my snarky comments. On to what prompted this "two-in-a-row" posting.
I was just checking my usual morning web sites, looking for anything interesting and I came across this at Think Progress. It is just too good to pass by. I will just hit the "highlights" (or is it low lights?) and put the link to the whole story here for you to check out if you wish.
First, the link; http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2011/06/16/246618/bachmann-craziest-quotes/
As you may have seen, it is about the congress critter from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann.
It is a list of the top ten craziest things she has said to date.
Here we go then, at number one; Bachmann warned that the "Lion King" was GAY propaganda. 
Yep, somehow that cartoon about a lion has some "gay agenda". I can't say one way or another since I have never seen that cartoon movie. Sorry folks, you'll all have to decide that one for yourselves.
At number two; Bachmann claimed that abolishing the minimum wage would create jobs. Yeah, now it IS true that most businesses DO want to get the cheapest labor they can find, this is total crap.
At number three; Bachmann claimed that scientists are supporters of "intelligent design". Yeah, and they also believe in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus. No real scientist believes in that religious based "idea".
At number four; Bachmann claimed that Terri Schiavo was "healthy".  Her autopsy found that the lady had suffered irreversible brain damage, but according to the Minnesota congress critter, she was still "healthy". Yeah, sure.
Number five; Bachmann likened visiting Iraq to visiting the Mall of America. I have never been, and do not plan on ever visiting that mall, but having been in a war zone, I seriously doubt she has a clue to what she is saying in that comment.
At number six; Bachmann claimed that carbon dioxide is "harmless". Yes, it IS, to trees and other plants. They take in the CO2 and expel oxygen. So, if you are a plant, then yes, CO2 IS harmless.
Number seven; Bachmann called for a congressional witch hunt. This because Gobomber had an alleged relationship with former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers. Yep, those folks were really into witch-craft. Yep, you betcha!
Number eight; Bachmann suggested gay singer should repent after getting cancer.  Yes, the congress critter saw Melissa Ethridge having cancer as a "teachable moment". Yes, Ms. Ethridge is a lesbian, so.........
At number nine; Bachmann boasted about breaking the law. In advance of the 2010 census, she said that she would break the law by NOT completing the census forms.
Finally, at number ten; Bachmann claimed that Glenda Beckie could solve the debt crisis. Yeah sure, he was just going to have us all buy stock in "Goldline".  Yeah, sure he can, and so much more also.
It is a rather short article folks. You might want to follow the link to get the whole deal. Looking back at my short version, I'd guess I should have said I was going to post the low lights not the highlights.  With Ms. Bachmann there are NO high lights at all. 
Just one further note. I stole this quote from Coyote Prime. It is a quote from Will Rogers; "There is no credit to being a comedian when you have the whole government working for you. All you have to do is report the facts. I don't even have to exaggerate." As the above truly attests to that comment. In fact, I could never make up the crap that comes from some of our congress critters.  Reality, who needs fiction? Enjoy folks and thanks for stopping by again.
semper fi

15 June 2011

Is this still really the USA?

Greetings good people. Sorry for being so long between posts here at the old corner. While much has happened since my last rant, I just have not felt up to keeping this current. I will try to stay more current in the future, but, no promises.
I guess a good "starting" place would be the joint session of congress sitting through and giving a number of standing ovations to a real war criminal. Yes, I am talking about that miserable show where in Bibi Nutty-Yahoo held BOTH houses of "our" congress in rapt attention. 
First off, I have to wonder at why this clown was even allowed to set foot in this country. Yes, I know, the government of this country is totally in thrall with Bibi and the zionist entity. "We" fund that criminal enterprise to the tune of approximately $3 Billion every year.
That begs another question in my simple working class brain. Since "we" pay them in order that they remain afloat, why do "we" stand up and cheer for his speeches in our country? How many other folks who pay the bills of others do such a thing? One could even say to some extent that the US pays his salary. So, again, what "employer" cheers a speech of the "employee"? In particular when said employee (recipient of huge amounts of cash) is telling the employer that he/she MUST do even more to support said employee? It looks like a very odd relationship to put it very politely. Actually, very damn strange.
What was to me a very good sign, we have to take even very small bits of good news in the old USA these days, an article in the news that said the AIPAC gangsters had "minders" stationed in the audience during the speech by Nutty-Yahoo. Why the "need" for these minders? Well, they were there to start the applause and the "standing ovations", also to make sure that any congress critter who might foolishly "think" about not standing would be easy to point out for the cameras and therefore an easy target for shooting down in flames any chance of re-election.  Yes, the congress critters DO fear AIPAC. Now that is just plain wrong to my simple way of thinking. NO lobby of any sort, composition, or funding should have that sort of power over any member of the US congress. In actuality, that is to say the way this government is SUPPOSED to work (more or less according to the US Constitution) is that congress works for the people of the USA.  Yes, yes, I know full well that in truth, the congress works for the biggest donor of campaign funds.  What some very smart folks have said recently though is that AIPAC may NOT be as all powerful as they seem to be. In short, some very smart people are starting to say that AIPAC may just be a "paper tiger". Now, if only there were some way to find out if that is true and then make them register as an agency of a foreign government, which IS exactly what AIPAC is in truth. Oh, that would be a happy day. 
It is still amazing to this old veteran of an imperial war how "our" congress critters are so in love with the zionist entity. By outward appearances and talk, many of "our" congress critters seem to love the zionist entity above and beyond the USA.Their first loyalty looks like it is "Israel first". That alone should be grounds for removal from office. While I am on this topic, another "idea" of mine is that NO government employee would be allowed to remain as an employee (including elected office) and have dual citizenship. If you want to be part of the US government, then you MUST only be an American and nobody who has any government position could have another passport from another country. We have and have had many people in high government positions who have dual citizenship papers. Why they are allowed to hold any position in the US government is beyond my comprehension. That should not ever be allowed. Why should anybody who is an employee of the US government even "need" citizenship in any other country?
How any congress critter could sit (and stand) through a speech by Nutty-Yahoo and let him berate the US for not giving a more full support to the zionist entity without shouting "foul" is amazing. They allow, and even seem to "bask" in the presence of this war criminal. He needs to be reminded that WE, the citizens of this country, via OUR tax dollars keep that little criminal enterprise known as the zionist entity afloat with at least $3 Billion per year. How dare this clown come here and tell us that "we" are not doing enough for him and his! I say bull shit to that nonsense.

In the line of "better late than never", I give you the following. The link is to an article by Mr. Jacob Hornberger on how the US troops are NOT defending the USA. www.informationclearinghouse.info/article28246.htm
This old former Marine/Vietnam vet is in agreement with this article. If you really want to support the troops, you should be contacting your congress critter and demanding that the troops come home. We should also close ALL the US bases in foreign countries. Those troops and bases around the world are NOT defending the USA. They are defending the nations where they are stationed. Most every country in Europe is very capable of their own defense, the same applies to Japan and South Korea, Australia, and many other countries where we have our troops stationed. It is way past time to bring them all home. As I have stated many times, I would allow for the Marine guards to stay at our embassies around the world. They have a long tradition of providing security for our embassies and I recall being told during my enlistment that embassy duty was very much a "good duty" to have. So, the Marine guards can stay, but ALL the rest of our troops would come home. Yes, I would allow for the occasional military instructors to go to other countries and give them training for the equipment they buy from US companies and to maintain good relations with the militaries of other countries. I would also allow for joint military exercises with allied forces. Those exercises would be of a very limited time however, not "extended" missions.
All that "we" get from having troops all over the world is more resentment of America. Don't believe me? OK, just look at the situation in Okinawa. Yes, I refer to the cases of rape by some of our troops. Even if you put that aside, there are many other incidences of damage done by US troops to civilians in other countries while on maneuvers. I recall an incident in South Korea some years ago where US troops were in some traffic accident. It matters little as to who was at fault in these cases, it involved US troops and civilians and that is never good news. 
Oh crap, the idiot "failin' Palin" is back in the news, again. Or is that still? Either way, it is not good news. Yes, it is a bit comical this time. Her "take" on old Paul Revere is quite stunning to  put it very mildly. I do not recall old Paul riding around town shouting to the Brits that they "will never take away our guns".  Of course I did not attend the same schools that "sister" Sarah did. For that, I am thankful. Every time this person(?) opens her mouth, she just proves to all who have a functioning brain that she is totally incompetent. That she messed up her original comments on old Revere is not the problem, the fact that she later demanded that she did NOT mess it up IS. Now, you know things are getting bad when even Faux Noise, her employer, asks her if she didn't get the Revere story wrong. Well, she didn't get it wrong and even told Faux Noise so. Wow, she is so much smarter than even the folks who employ her. Maybe soon old Rupert will step down and hand off control of his media empire to dear old "sister Sarah". Yeah, and pigs will be flying 747's. 
This woman is an embarrassment. Not to just America, but to women in general and humanity. It certainly brings into question her college degree and the US education system.
What IS bothersome to me and some others is that she remains as popular as she seems to be. Have we, as a nation, become so dumbed down that this is what we like to see and hear? Has America come to such a low point?  Is this insanity the kind of critter we want as an elected official?
The moronic, and I realize that calling "sister Sarah moronic may be offensive to other morons, politics she and her reich wing pals are pushing could destroy this country. Her politics are those of greed, insecurity (on a personal level also), hate, deceit, hypocrisy, laziness,ignorance, and irresponsibility.  there seems to be no limit to how low these clowns are willing to take the country.
Just today, at the Think Progress web site there is this; the GOP is debating a bill that would cut funding to food banks and aid to senior citizens. I do all I can to support the local food bank. I know where they spend all their donations. They provide a very much needed service to many people around here. The country now has more people on food stamps and other forms of assistance than ever before. We need to keep the food banks funded. Yes, people in America, the supposedly "greatest country" ever go to bed each night with not having had enough food to eat. Imagine that fact! We have fellow Americans who are unable to afford food! And yet, this country sends "surplus" food to foreign countries! What also kicks in here is the supposed "Christian" nature of this country. Well, they do NOT know what is in their own book then. The New Testament has a story on this sort of mess. It tells us that before we criticize our neighbor for having a messy house we had best make sure ours is spotless first. The same applies to food aid. Before "we" send food to other countries, we should make sure that ALL Americans have enough to eat. Charity starts at home and we best get on with it.
These damn fool politicians want to cut or even end  the food bank funds, yet they vote for more tax cuts for the rich. They demand that we keep sending billions ever year to the zionist entity! All this while we have citizens of America starve! What sort of "Christianity" is this? What it IS is xtianity, that is what I call it. It is a false religion that is used by many in this country to beat us who do not believe in their false gods over the head with. They try to demand that I believe in their religion and yet, they fail, absolutely FAIL, to even abide by the teachings of their own book! And then, they have the audacity, the goddamn balls, to tell me they are not hypocrites! Horse shit on that!
Again, today at Think Progress is this about another reich wing nutball.  Yep, Ms. Bachman from Minnesota. This clown wants the rich to pay even LESS taxes and for the working class to make up the slack. She wants the working poor to pay MORE in taxes! Yes, less tax, no tax is she really got what she thinks(?) she wants for the rich and higher taxes for the working class and the poor folks. How is it that the people of her district keep voting for this moronic clown? Are those people brain dead? Do they just not care at all for their fellow human beings? 
If you think I am being too hard on those voters, well, too damn bad. I cannot understand how any sane human being could vote for such a piss poor excuse of a human being. What sort of person votes for this clown and others like her? Do they seriously despise the rest of us? How many of them actually work for a living? Do they enjoy seeing the elderly and disabled go hungry, do without needed medicines, without decent shelter, with limited or no medical services? I am very serious in asking these questions. I fail to see how they can support such clowns and the policies they want to push on all of us and then have the audacity to claim they are followers of Christ. Bullshit! Just where in their own book did Jesus say "screw the old folks, screw the poor folks? Another example of these clowns is the governor of Texas, Mr. Perry. this jackass actually believes that the economic crisis in the US is part of "god's plan" to return us to bible principles! No kidding, this moronic jackass actually believes this shit. And he was elected as governor? Yeah, sure, in Texas, by holy crap! Even Texans should not be that damn stupid. 
Also today, the members of the house are pushing for an amendment to allow the tobacco industry to run ads for cigarettes that target children. Now, I smoke, but I have been making my own cigarettes for over 21 years now. Yeah, OK, I am addicted to my smokes, but no way should they be allowed to target the kids. That has not been legal for quite a few years now. Remember the old "Joe Camel" ads? Well, they WERE trying to get kids to smoke with them. I think that if you want to smoke, that is your choice. I respect the folks who do not smoke and when I visit anybody who does not smoke, I never even ask if I can smoke in their home. Now, when they visit me, they know I smoke and I will not stop just because they are visiting me. Nobody has the right to tell me how to act in my own home. I respect your home rules when I visit you, I expect the same in return if you visit me. At the same time, I would never encourage anybody, let alone young folks to smoke. The tobacco companies should not be allowed to run ads that target kids. Of course that may change. The congress critters have received at least $290,000 from the big tobacco outfits. Once again, money talks and calls the shots in "our" government.
One last look at another reich wing nut job. Old Mitt Romney has stated that federal disaster aid to victims of floods and tornadoes is "immoral" and "it makes no sense at all". Um, I thought that Mormons were supposed to be Christians. Oh, OK, I got it, they ARE. They are just of the same variety as those who want to cut aid to seniors and the disabled. That is to say, the Romney Mormons are xtians. Now it all falls into place for me. OK, fine, we can all just go home now. No news in this, just "business as usual". 
I understand that in a country with a population of some 300,000,000 people that there are bound to be a few who are playing with less than a full deck, but holy crap, why is it that so many of them seem to be running of office?
Not having any answers, I'll end this rant for now. Off to go in search of an answer or two.
semper fi