16 June 2011

This is a MUST read, I kid you not

Well, here we are, another day, another post.Wow, this might get to be a habit. OK, enough of my snarky comments. On to what prompted this "two-in-a-row" posting.
I was just checking my usual morning web sites, looking for anything interesting and I came across this at Think Progress. It is just too good to pass by. I will just hit the "highlights" (or is it low lights?) and put the link to the whole story here for you to check out if you wish.
First, the link; http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2011/06/16/246618/bachmann-craziest-quotes/
As you may have seen, it is about the congress critter from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann.
It is a list of the top ten craziest things she has said to date.
Here we go then, at number one; Bachmann warned that the "Lion King" was GAY propaganda. 
Yep, somehow that cartoon about a lion has some "gay agenda". I can't say one way or another since I have never seen that cartoon movie. Sorry folks, you'll all have to decide that one for yourselves.
At number two; Bachmann claimed that abolishing the minimum wage would create jobs. Yeah, now it IS true that most businesses DO want to get the cheapest labor they can find, this is total crap.
At number three; Bachmann claimed that scientists are supporters of "intelligent design". Yeah, and they also believe in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus. No real scientist believes in that religious based "idea".
At number four; Bachmann claimed that Terri Schiavo was "healthy".  Her autopsy found that the lady had suffered irreversible brain damage, but according to the Minnesota congress critter, she was still "healthy". Yeah, sure.
Number five; Bachmann likened visiting Iraq to visiting the Mall of America. I have never been, and do not plan on ever visiting that mall, but having been in a war zone, I seriously doubt she has a clue to what she is saying in that comment.
At number six; Bachmann claimed that carbon dioxide is "harmless". Yes, it IS, to trees and other plants. They take in the CO2 and expel oxygen. So, if you are a plant, then yes, CO2 IS harmless.
Number seven; Bachmann called for a congressional witch hunt. This because Gobomber had an alleged relationship with former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers. Yep, those folks were really into witch-craft. Yep, you betcha!
Number eight; Bachmann suggested gay singer should repent after getting cancer.  Yes, the congress critter saw Melissa Ethridge having cancer as a "teachable moment". Yes, Ms. Ethridge is a lesbian, so.........
At number nine; Bachmann boasted about breaking the law. In advance of the 2010 census, she said that she would break the law by NOT completing the census forms.
Finally, at number ten; Bachmann claimed that Glenda Beckie could solve the debt crisis. Yeah sure, he was just going to have us all buy stock in "Goldline".  Yeah, sure he can, and so much more also.
It is a rather short article folks. You might want to follow the link to get the whole deal. Looking back at my short version, I'd guess I should have said I was going to post the low lights not the highlights.  With Ms. Bachmann there are NO high lights at all. 
Just one further note. I stole this quote from Coyote Prime. It is a quote from Will Rogers; "There is no credit to being a comedian when you have the whole government working for you. All you have to do is report the facts. I don't even have to exaggerate." As the above truly attests to that comment. In fact, I could never make up the crap that comes from some of our congress critters.  Reality, who needs fiction? Enjoy folks and thanks for stopping by again.
semper fi


Mike Whitney said...

Great post, Charlie.

I confess, I haven't been following the GOP debates very closely because it's so hard to take them seriously.

I expect it will be Romney vs. Obama which creates big problems for Obama, mainly because so many in his base feel betrayed and are unlikely to go to the polls unless the Repubs run a real wacko like Palin or Newt.

But let me ask you, what purpose does Palin serve if she's not running herself?

Have you wondered about that?

It seems to me that (maybe) there's big money behind her to force the "chosen" GOP candidate further to the right AFTER they are nominated...you know, like a third party threat(?)

Could that be it?

David G said...

From reading the 10 points, Charlie, I'd say she is a great contender for President.

I mean, who do we compare her to: George W Bush, Ronald Reagun, Richard Nixon?