20 September 2008

shit, just plaine old shit

Well, I had intended to post here this weekend. I was going to write about surviving Gustav and Ike and maybe a bit on the economic mess and politics.
All that changed today. First off, my little dog Beau died this week. He had suffered a brain injury about 5 years ago. It left him disabled somewhat. Mostly he just sat and slept the day long since that injury. He was about 13 years old when he died. He passed quietly in his sleep Tuesday night. I had planned to take him to the vet on Wednesday. Guess he didn't want to do that.
Now today, my new neighbor let his goddamn dogs run loose again. The 5th time since before Gustav visited us. Today though, the fucking mutts killed Buster. He was one of the oldest cats. He and Sandy are the first of Mama cats kids. Now old Buster, a sweet old cat is dead. The fucking goddamn killer dogs now face a trained killer, me. They ever run loose in my yard again, they get to meet my nice double barrel 12 gauge. Fuck this shit about "they slipped their collar" bullshit. Five times in less than one month? I doubt that. Sounds like this asshole cannot keep HIS dogs in their pen as he should do. One other neighbor has hunting dogs also, but his are in their pens, not running loose. Well, we'll see how they run when under fire next time "they slip their collar". Fuck that shit AND the sheep it rode in on.
That's about all for now. I'm too goddamn angry to continue or do any "serious" writing just now. Maybe in the next day or so I might calm down enough to comment on the "bail out" bullshit that "we" the taxpayers are getting shafted with. Thank your politicians for that shit.

Add on to Buster. He was such a good old cat, silly too. He had been neutered when he turned 6 months old. He would have likely thought at first that the goddamn dogs wanted to play with him. I just hope he ripped at least one of those fuckers a new asshole before they killed him.
Shit, just plain old goddamn fucking SHIT!
And there are still 4 of the other cats I haven't seen in about 3 hours now. Hope they come home tonight. Local police sub station says HE is supposed to keep his dogs penned up or in a fenced yard. Fat chance of him being that much of a human being, let alone any sort of good neighbor.
Hell, he is probably like the asshole across the road who thinks I ought to "give" him my pain meds cause he "needs" them for his knee. Screw that shit, let him go to his own doctor and get his own meds. Another asshole to deal with. Shit!
semper fi