23 October 2006

Fix to errors

Some how the links in my latest post didn't print right.
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The Orwell link is; www.cato.org/research/articles/orwell.html
The link to Ms. Taylor's excellent article on reading is; www.lewrockwell.com/taylor/taylor131.html
I apologize for this error, the links should work now.

22 October 2006

Words and the MCA

Got some things to kick around today. Words, or language is the first one. Then on to the MCA, or as it is officially called, the Military Commissions Act recently passed and signed into law by our "dear leader" W. Gump.
Words or language and the misuse of it really has been a thing that has been wearing on this old fart for decades. Now I enjoy word games or "playing" with words as much as the next person. My Dad was really good at that. It makes you think, exercise for the old brain. It is the misuse of language that is what has got me really pissed off. The reason is that words are the way we communicate. When our language is abused, it makes any true communications very difficult.
I am NOT talking about the way our language has changed,that is entirely different. Our language IS changing and changeable. It is a fluid sort of thing. Meanings change with time, new words come into use, old ones drop from use. That is natural in my opinion.
The abuse of words has been a "sore spot" to me for many years. Those who know me, who have worked with me, my Marine buddies, any others who have any association with me know this. The "politically correct" bull that was on a high in the recent past and still continues somewhat is a good example of language abuse. What passes for communication from the criminal administration of W. Gump and his puppet master, Cheney are the new height of language abuse. Fueled, in my opinion, by the political correctness of the 80's and 90's.
It is my opinion that the political correctness crap let this current gang get away with their language abuse without notice by many. If we had not gone through the PC crap, their word abuse might be more noticeable. I may be wrong here, I did say this is my opinion, I did NOT take any survey or investigation of this issue.
I DID look to see if any "authority" had ever addressed this issue. I had figured that some "learned" person MUST have written a book or at least a paper on this. I found an interesting one on this subject. It is available on the internet for free. It is by George Orwell, entitled "Politics and the English Language". It was written in 1945. OK, so it might be dated, but it IS very good and worth reading. The link is; www.cato.org/research/articles/orwell.html. I recommend this one as an excellent start for those interested in the abuses of our language.
Another great article that is not quite on this topic is also worth your time. This is written recently by a very kind person, she allowed me to post the link here, that is kind in my book. The article is on the importance of reading. Reading? Yes, reading. Americans don't do enough of it. According to the author, our children are not even being taught how to read correctly. The link is;www.lewrockwell.com/taylor/taylor131.html. Ms. Linda Taylor has given us an excellent article on the lack of proper teaching of basic reading skills in America. If we and our offspring don't read, how will we get our information? From the TV? We ALL know that is so biased that it isn't really worth the effort to turn it on if we are looking for anything close to the truth.
Here we are, back to words, language, and reading. I am not much of a writer, but I never set out to be. After the Marines I worked as a machinist. I made parts according to the old blueprints. Writing articles was not a requirement. Reading was required. You had to be able to read to make the parts. Yes, blueprints have actual words on them, not just numbers.
Reading is one of the most cherished things I do. I have always enjoyed reading. It is one way to learn things. Good fiction lets you escape the cares of this world for a time. Reading is so essential to life, or I think it is.
The abuse of words takes away from this as well as confusing communications. The most outrageous abuse of language is "extraordinary rendition". What a term that is. What it really is, in fact, is plain old kidnapping of a person. Kidnapping and taking the person off to some facility for "interrogation", which can mean whatever W. Gump "decides" that day.
The man is president of America, but how is it that he gets to say what words mean? Where is THAT granted in the Constitution? Oh, right, in order to find out, one needs to read! The "decider" gets to "decide" what a word means now. We know he has declared that he can "decide" what law or portion of a law he will follow or obey.
Signing statements, another abuse of language. Why not be truthful there Gump, just tell us all in plain language that NO law applies to you unless you "decide" it does.
What makes this all so disgusting is the LACK of any outrage at this. Does the press ever ask anything about this state of affairs? I do NOT mean some blog on the net, I am waiting for the main stream press to WAKE UP to the language abuse. I am in for a long wait, the MSM hardly notices the physical and psychological abuses of real people. Words are so easy to abuse, and the press just goes along with all the abuses. Oh dear, don't rock the boat. If the "reporters" don't suck up to power, their careers may not advance or may not advance very fast. Abuses, whether of people or words, well, that doesn't count.
The Military Commissions Act. Wow. Now W. Gump got Congress to pass this piece of excrement. How they could do this is beyond comprehension. Senator Specter said it was unconstitutional before the vote. How did he vote? In favor of it! Senator McCain, who was tortured in Viet Nam was against it. How did he vote? He voted FOR it! What the hell you say. Yes, a majority of OUR senators voted for this thing, this rotten piece of crap.
Now this president can declare (decide) that ANY person, anywhere is a terrorist or at least an "illegal enemy combatant". Anyone! It does NOT just apply to foreigners. He can decide any American is an "evil doer", just because he says so. If he does, off you go to whatever hell hole prison they send you to. No way do you get to even SEE a lawyer. Habeas corpus? Forget it! This "law" kills that ancient right. Speedy trial? Maybe, maybe not. The right to see the evidence against you? Maybe, IF the "judge" thinks he feels like letting you see anything. Jury? Nope, just a judge. Oh, the judge can be ANY serving military officer who happens to get "judge duty" that day. They can hold you as long as they like. If they feel like letting you sit in Gitmo for 25 years BEFORE any sort of "trial", well, make a comfy nest, you gonna be there till they "decide" otherwise. Send you to a foreign country for some "aggressive" interviews? Sure. No problem. We "don't torture" anymore. The prez has said so. The Attorney General has said so. The thing is, they REDEFINED what IS torture. Water boarding is NOT torture by the new "rules" according to the "decider". In other words, once they get you, they can place you where they wish and do to you what they wish. For as long as they wish.
Another part of this deal. It is retro active. And the penalties are retro active also. I think they call it "ex post facto". If you WERE an "evil doer" oh, say 5 years ago, but stopped doing evil, they can still bust you and send you off to where ever. It also ABSOLVES ALL the "officials" of any PAST "crimes" that may have occurred since the "war on terror" started. Now this is VERY interesting. Ex post facto laws are totally un-Constitutional! So, basically, Congress passed, and the "decider" signed into law, a law that is completely UNLAWFUL! Well, we USED to live in a Constitutional Republic, welcome to the dictatorship of W. Gump! We are in for one hell of a ride folks.
In all this gloom, there IS one very small bright spark out there. When the current "decider" retires, the next president COULD use this same law to declare W. and his ENTIRE criminal administration to be "evil doers" and lock them all away. The same COULD even be done to those in Congress who voted for this goddamn abortion called the Military Commissons Act. Now THAT would be worth seeing! Would that be irony, or poetic justice? Either way, I think it would be damn good fun to see.
Just my 2 cents.
semper fi,