11 April 2007

more random thoughts

A couple of things have got me to wondering about this country of ours. Some oddities from the latest "news" on CNN among other "news" outlets.
First up, Imus. Yes the idiot made some strange and hurtful comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team. His comments have distracted from the great post season run they made towards the championship. It also has way over-shadowed the winning team from Tennessee.
While Imus did make racist remarks and generated a storm of protest, I keep finding myself wondering about him. First up, does anybody actually still listen to that jack-ass? I would guess so, as there is this uproar about his comment.
Now, I agree that his comment was racist and sexist. I agree that he should be fined or maybe fired for this. It is not the first time he has run afoul of some group or other. What he said about those women basketball players was shameful. Actually, they are all nice looking young women. They also have way more class than Imus could ever hope to have.
I still keep wondering why anybody listens to his crap radio/MSNBC TV show. I tried once to watch his program on the satellite. Why? Well, many folks kept telling me about this Imus person. I figured, if the guy is so popular, I might as well check this program out. I actually made it through about 25 minutes of his "entertainment" before I had to switch the channel, hell, even an info-mercial was a relief after Imus and his crap. Not as gross as Howard Stern, but almost as intelligent. My personal opinion, Imus is a waste of my time to watch or listen to. How anybody with a functioning brain can stand to listen to his crap is beyond me.
Next up, according to CNN, Shrub wants a "war czar" to oversee the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq! What the hell? This is very odd indeed.
First, it is a new government position. It probably will require a staff and much office space. More big government. But, wait! Shrub claims to be a conservative. It used to be (heavy emphasis on used to) that conservatives, particularly Republican party members, were for small government. How can a "real" conservative be in favor of MORE government?
Next, our "decider" is also the commander in chief during wartime. He already has a Secretary of Defence also. There are numerous other national security personnel already in the White House and Pentagon. Can't any of them do this job?
According to CNN, an hour ago, the job has supposedly been offered to three retired generals. They have all turned it down.
W. Hey bud! Ask me. Hell yes, I'll take the job. I can start this coming Monday even. I was a Marine, I did a tour in Viet Nam. See, I have military experience as well, something you and dead-eye Dick lack. Now before any of my friends get all pissed at me for being willing to take this job, let me explain a bit.
I would take the job because disability doesn't pay much. I could use some extra money to finish the remodeling job on the house. Also, I won't need a very big staff, nor much of an office. Actually, I would be willing to work from home. This could save big bucks right away as there would be no need to move.
The other reason I would take the job is that before the 4th of July, I would no longer need the job. Yes, by early July, I would have finished the job, mission accomplished as it were.
How could I do this, you ask? Well, it is quite easy. My first order would be for all the active duty and National Guard troops who are getting ready to re-deploy to either of those countries would have them stand down and take 30 days leave. When they return from leave, the Guard troops would go back to their civilian jobs. The active duty troops would report to their regular duty stations in the US of A.
Now, as for the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Easy as pie. I would issue orders for ALL of them to start packing their equipment and be prepared to re-deploy back the the old US of A. Yes, by god damn it, I would bring them ALL home. Screw the damned wars. Just say, piss on this bullshit, come on home troops.
See, easy as pie. Now if I can just get my resume to W before some jack-ass applies for this short term job.
semper fi