12 November 2006

Election results

Well, the elections are over. The pundits have had their say on how it all turned out. They have "spoken from on high" to tell us riff-raff why we voted as we did. "They" always have to explain how and why "we" do what we do in these matters. We cannot be trusted to give our own opinions, it all has to be dissected by the pundit class.
Well, from my lowly point of view, we the people, just were damn tired of the bullshit coming from the White House and Congress. Of course I am not a member of the pundit class. I am just a lowly citizen of this once great country. Oh, I am also a Viet Nam vet and a former Marine, but that doesn't count for much among the pundits. Funny how so few of them ever wore any uniform, not even a Cub Scout uniform. The same holds very true for the neo-cons as well. The war lovers have very seldom ever been in an actual war. Odd how that works isn't it? It is one of those "life mysteries" I guess.
OK, the donkey gang seems to have won enough seats in BOTH houses of Congress to hold majorities in both. Wow! Well, OK, they won, they had their "victory" parties and the paper cups have been picked up and the floors swept. Now what? Will they hold W. Gump and his side kick old "Dead Eye" Dick Cheney to account? Will they repeal that evil Patriot Act? Will they repeal that even more evil Military Commissions Act? Will they start(!) to bring the troops home? Will they ENSURE that the Gulf States get HONEST rebuilding efforts?
Just what will "THEY" do now that they are in control of Congress?
Hey! Democrats! The nation wants some direction from you. You folks have the "power" now, what are you going to do? Do you folks HAVE a plan? If so, what is it? Hells bells, you KNEW there was a chance you could get control of Congress (or at LEAST the House) before the election. You SHOULD have had at least some sort of IDEA of what you might want to do with that power. Let us in on the plan. You DO have one, don't you?
Me? Well, I do NOT look for much change in the way things are. The Democans are just the other side of the same coin as the Republocrats to me. I voted for the Independent candidate in my district. Yes, the "big two" would say I wasted my vote. Well, it was MY vote, and therefore mine to "waste" if I decided to do so. My vote, my choice. At least I deprived the War Party of one vote here in central Louisiana. It didn't matter, Mr. Alexander won any way. So, he could care less if he got my vote or not. So be it, that is how we operate. I can still send him emails and such. He IS my representative and I will continue to let him know my opinions. Bet he won't like that. Actually, he doesn't seem to care. I never even get a form letter reply from his office. How nice of him and his staff. They must know I never cast my vote for him. LOL!
One other reason I don't hold much hope for real change, the neo-cons are jumping ship and returning to their origin, the Democratic Party. Yes sir, most of them started out as "Scoop" Jackson Democrats. You can look this up on the net, or just google it. The neo-cons didn't lose the war either. They blame old Rummy. Nice to see him gone, but Gates is tied to the Iran-Contra deal plus much more from the Bush 1 administration and even that of old Ron Ray-gun and Nixon. Nixon called Rummy "that ruthless little bastard". Nice bit of character analysis there Dick! Hell, the description still fits today. Bye, bye Rummy. We won't miss you. Oh, and don't let the door hit your ass as you walk out.
Now if we can just bring him up on war crimes charges. Then get Cheney to quit and charge him also. Then get the rest of this criminal administration when they try to sneak out of Dodge. Put them ALL in orange jumpsuits and have them making little rocks from big rocks. For life.
We need to keep the heat on the Democrats to restore OUR Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rule of law.
The election is over. The Democrats won. Now WE the people must hold them accountable for their actions.
semper fi