12 December 2010

Just another rant

Oh bother!
Well, it is my own damn fault. Yeah, I went and looked in on one of the "left wing" web sites this morning. Why oh why do I keep doing this? Good grief. There are a whole gang of these "lefties" who are still blaming Nader for the election loss by Gore/Lieberman in 2000! No kidding folks. Amazing, simply goddamn amazing. How can anybody even claim to be remotely "progressive" or even "liberal" and still blame Ralph for the moronic campaign that Al (never my pal) Gore ran back in 2000? They may "think"(??) they are "progressive" but to be totally honest, I seriously doubt that these folks actually think. 
How can one claim to have a functioning brain and still(!!) say that they hate Nader since he caused Shrubbie to win. Oh, yeah, they sure as hell have totally forgotten that Al (never my pal) Gore picked the worst possible excuse of a "liberal" to be his running mate. Yep, I am talking about Joe "Israel uber ales" LIEberman. That "choice" alone lost any "electability" that Gore had in my opinion. OK, so I didn't want Gore any way, but his "choice" of running mate sure ended any possible hope/prayer/etc that he might have dreamed of to get my vote.
All this has come about since it now looks like Gobomber  "may" get another member of the donkey gang to take a run at him in the primary in 2012. 
OK, OK, I know, that election is almost two years away. Still, the way Gobomber has been "working out" (or not working out) since he took office has a bunch of folks thinking that he may have a serious challenger in the next presidential primary season. The last time a sitting president from the donkey gang had such competition was old Jimmy Carter. Remember, back then Ted Kennedy gave Carter a run for the money during the primaries. Carter got the nomination, but he also got a bit of a fright from the Kennedy clan.
I do think that Gobomber needs to be challenged. Not just in the primaries either. Yes, I would like to see a full blown "third party" challenge. That would be much better for us all, as a primary challenger from his own party would not do much good. Anybody who makes it to the primaries in either wing of the war party will already have been bought and paid for. This is why Gobomber has turned out to be what he is. He was "vetted" before the first primary vote was cast. It will be the same if some other member of the donkey gang rises(?) to challenge him in 2012.
A possible candidate for this could be the former senator from Wisconsin, Russ Feingold. Or, it could be Mr. Nader, again, although he is getting a bit old and may not be physically able to run again. Maybe Ms. McKinney might make another run. Hey, I voted for her last election. I was going to vote for Nader, but she "won me over" and I would be happy to vote for her again. Man, talk about change, imagine the US of A electing a black woman as our president. 
True, she would have a very rough time getting elected, but it is still legal to dream in the states. Or, has Gobomber made that a crime? He is on record as claiming the "right" to kill anybody, even American citizens, if he deems that person a threat to our "security". 
Of course the dedicated followers of the donkey gang are nearly wetting themselves at the prospect of failin' Palin actually winning that office. Man, they are nearly as delusional as the "tea party" clowns who worship at the altar of the moose burger bimbo. Yes, these "Palin lovers" (freaks) are the same folks who only get their "news" from Faux Noise, but come on people! President Palin? Not even in your worst nightmare. It will not happen. No way. I don't care how much Faux Noise, Glenda Beckie, Rush Limpburger, or any of the other run off at the mouth about their new "goddess". That moron will never be president. I seriously doubt that she would even run for that office. Why should she? Look at all the money she would miss out on. She would not get upwards of $100,000 for giving campaign speeches.  No, the moose burger bimbo is making too much money with her book signings and her speeches to the choir who worship her. 
It used to be that while both wings of the war party would screw the public, at least the donkey wing made you feel half way OK about it. Now, with Gobomber, and even Billy Bob Bubba to a great extent, that has gone out the old window. Since Billy Bob Bubba, even us poor folks who might be tempted to vote for the donkey gang have been screwed as bad and as fast as the elephant gang has done and wants to do again.  No, there really is no choice at all between the two "animal" wings of the war party.  A pox on both their houses, which in reality is the same damn house. The house of the "too big to fail" folks. Yes, we used to say that there was barely a "dimes worth of difference" between the "two" parties. As recently as 2000, I was saying that they were just the opposite sides of the same damn coin. Well, even that is no longer true. They are just the two wings of the war party. Neither is any much "better" than the other, if you are working class or poor that is. And if you are among the top 2% in wealth in the US of A, well, what "differences" that may exist don't matter much. Just look at the tax cuts that Gobomber gave to the top wealthiest. What "fight" did he put up over this? Oh, did I mention "fight" in reference to Gobomber? Silly old me. Anybody with brains, eyes, and ears KNOWS that there is NO fight in Gobomber. Well, there IS, IF you are an Afghan, Pakistani, or Iraqi. Hell, he just might be "willing" to show the world that he has some "fight" for the iranians if old Nutty-yahoo can sway him a bit. 
Sorry there Gobomber, but you are a one term president. I do not see any way for this bought and paid for clown to win a second term. IF he comes back towards the center, they are all yakking on some "lefty" web sites. LOLMAO!!!!!! No way Jose! The guy is NOT going to even think about dreaming of moving anywhere near "left". 
I also get a kick from some of the posters on those sites who feel "cheated" by Gobomber. They say he "mislead" them during the campaign. What??? Mislead? How? Did they even listen to any of his campaign speeches? I mean REALLY listen? They could not have done so and now feel that he has "failed" them. Gobomber was NEVER anti-war. He never said he was going to actually DO anything for the working class and the poor folks. He voted FOR the huge bank "bailout" (aka legal robbery) when Shrubbies' Secretary of the Treasury, the vile Paulson, "demanded" the Congress give away the entire store to the "too big to fail" gang. Gobomber has NOT cut the "defense" budget. Before his first week in office he authorized drone strikes on Pakistan! In his, just less than two years in office, he has authorized MORE drone strikes against Pakistan than Shrubbie did in EIGHT years as president. True, Shrubbie didn't have any wars until late in 2001 and that was "just" his initial invasion of Afghanistan. The "real" war for Shrubbie didn't start until March 2003 with the invasion of Iraq.
Notice, also, how Gobomber put up no, or next to no, "fight" for any sort of public option for health care. He sold out to the big insurance companies as easily as Shrubbie would have. And this was back when he has majorities in BOTH houses of Congress! Hell, if he could not or would not fight for what the country needs when he had that going for him, just what do any
of these "left wing" folks think he can do now with the elephants controlling the House?
Seriously, just what the hell good would I be as a leader, if I had a majority in BOTH houses of Congress. Suppose MY party controlled BOTH houses and I had the presidency and yet(!!) I got zero, nada,nothing at all for the people who were my base and got me elected? I would think that even my own family would have to admit that I was a very piss poor leader in that circumstance. Well, that is what Gobomber has done. He had majorities in BOTH houses and got absolutely ZERO for the working class and the poor folks. Oh, they "gave"him an extension of unemployment benefits.  Aha, but at what cost? The "cost" was to let the tax cuts for the top 2% of the wealthiest remain in place for the next two years. Like it will be so "easy" to let them expire or end them at that time. Yeah, and I hear there is still a bridge for sale in New York city. 
While I despise Faux Noise, Limpburger, failin' Palin, Glenda Beckie, and that whole crew, including most of the "tea party", I have no love for the donkey gang either. All these supposed "left wingers" and so-called "progressives" had best wake up and damn soon. The next election cycle is getting close. What America needs is a real third party. Not as an alternative, but as a permanent fixture in our political system. This "two party" farce needs to end. 
It will not be easy. It will take hard work,but my Dad taught me that anything worth having was worth working for. Time for us to get busy.
semper fi