15 September 2012

War without end............ever

Hold on folks, here we go again.
Death and destruction seem to follow the US no matter where "we" go. Yes, this is all to do with the death of the US ambassador to Libya along with some members of his staff this past week. I had decided to make no comment on this, so many other things going on here in the US and in my own personal life right now, finding the time to post is not as easy as it has been. Oh well, sometimes events just demand my time and the rest of life just has to sit and wait until I get back with them.

We are being told that some garbage movie is the main cause of this upsurge in violence against America and any of its representatives in the Middle East/North Africa. In addition to the killings in Libya, which I deplore as all life should be respected, there have been demonstrations with violence against US embassies in Egypt, Yemen, and Sudan to mention just three other countries supposedly "inspired" by a tenth rate (ay best) film that may not even exist.

What is that I just said? The film "may not even exist"? Yes, yes I DID say that, and with reason. I have not found a single web site, admittedly I have NOT checked the entire net, who has? Nobody is who, as it would be an impossible task to check the entire net. Nobody has that mush time nor the endurance/stomach for such and undertaking. The web sites that I have checked and they are sites that I respect have not made any mention of anybody seeing the entire film that seems to be the cause celebrate that set off this violence against America and its symbols.

I must state up front that I abhor ALL killing. I have seen more than enough violence and killing to last ten life times. Any who have been through war and combat can say the same. War, as some great philosophers have said, is just mass murder. The killing of ambassador Stevens is a crime and those responsible need to be found and made to answer for this killing. This needs to be done properly, by the appropriate agencies according to legal means, NOT by some drone strikes and/or "special" ops types in the dead of night. Yes, on this I am in disagreement with our Peace Prizident Gobomber and his side kick madam Secretary of State Hi-Larry Clintstone. More blood shed will not bring back any of the dead and will just add to the death and destruction of so many innocents. Killing is never the answer to a situation. Take it from a war veteran, killing solves nothing. As our "dear ;eager" sends Marines and drones to Libya to hunt down the "evil ones"/"wrong doers", as W. Shrub would call them, we are just going to perpetuate the killing.

Back to the supposed film that we are told is the "reason" for these outbursts of rage against America, who has seen the entire film? Anybody? Does the film actually exist? Is the "trailer" on You Tube the entire extent of it? If anybody does know, that person or persons are keeping very quiet as of today. Another thing about the trailer for said film,it was posted on You Tube back in early July of this year. Now, if the film/trailer are so offensive to Islam, why did it take so long to generate such a response? When the Satanic Verses first came out, a fatwa was issued immediately and poor Mr. Rushdie went into hiding the same day. Is it not very odd that a bit of garbage that insults Islam and the prophet posted in early July took until the anniversary of "9/11" to explode?
Also, the supposed "producer" of this film seems to be one hard person to actually pin down. We are told by some that he is an Israeli/American by one source. He is also described by others as an Egyptian who is a member of the Coptic Christian faith. He also seems to have more names than half the New York city phone book. OK, that last may be a bit exaggerated, but not by much from my searches so far.
Other reports claim that the actors who are in the trailer were unaware of the "true" nature of this film. Really? Just who are these actors and how reliable are they? Yes, I know, I AM raising more questions than answers. Life is like that at times. Will we ever get the answers to these questions? When we do, if ever, will it matter?
All this and an upcoming presidential election tossed in just to make life so much more "interesting" for us all. Oh, and as to said election, how many of you are fed up with all the calls, mostly from supposed "leftist" sites that this is the most important election EVER? How many times will Americans fall for that bit of tired old horse manure? Holy crap people, we got this exact (and I DO mean EXACT) horse crap back in 1992 when Billy Bob Bubba first ran for "war criminal in chief", er, I mean POTUS (president of the United States). And, remember?, 1996, we got the very SAME again. Don't forget the "stolen" election of 2000 or even the follow-ip in 2004. And, yep, recently back in 2008, ANOTHER goddamn "most important election EVER!!". Well, I call totally BULL SHIT to that. Stick THAT in your pipes donkey gang, AND smoke it as well, you deserve it and more. Oh, in case you had not noticed, I AM goddamn pissed at the two wings of the war party, the donkey and elephant gangs, other wise know as Democrat and Republicans. Or as they truly are, demo-cants and rethuglicants. Notice they BOTH contain "can't" in their names. Damn straight. Real truth in advertising there folks. Neither wing of the war party seem able to not only do something useful for the working class and the poor, they are unable to even care at all about us, until they come begging for our votes. It is a sham and a scam people. Once upon a time, this country (America) was a constitutional republic. It was never a true democracy, even the founders were wary of that, but they did give us a republic, as Ben Franklin supposedly told some person, we have a "republic IF we could keep it". It looks increasingly like we have not kept it, and we are all the poorer for that loss.
Staying with the election, a further comment is due. Check the recent post by John Lee at his web site Robinlea. The link is on the right side of this page. Basically he asks us to vote for ANY party other than the "big two". All I can say is "right on John!". As John states clearly, a vote for either wing of the war party is a vote for more war and more war crimes. Time to say ENOUGH! Enough bull shit. Enough of pissing on us and telling us it is raining.
Over at another site listed in the links on this page, Dangerous creation, David gives his look at the hippies. No, I wasn't a hippy in the 60's. I spent the later part of that decade and the first two years of the 70's in the Marines. Still, I believe in the ideals of the hippies. Things like "war is unhealthful to children and other living things". How many who were aware back then can remember the poster of the female Native American with the caption Better Red than dead? Yeah, that was a good one and very popular even with my fellow Marines. Hey, we were suckers for cute women, we were basically kids, until we got to Vietnam any way. Anti war posters were in many of the huts and shelters in Vietnam. Who was going to "punish" us for posting them all over the walls? What could they do to us that might be punishment" We were in bloody Vietnam after all. Where could they send us that was worse? Send us to the brig? At least we would not have been killing then, so they "allowed" the posters.
Believe it or not, at least back then, the military were more anti-war than one might think. Hey, we KNEW who would be doing the killing and dying, and it was NOT the kids who burned their draft cards. The old "prepare for war, pray for peace", those signs were around the area during boot camp.  We KNEW who was going to be in place when the proverbial "shit hit the fan". Hell yes, we'd be the ones bleeding our guts out for nothing. Just as the troops are bleeding today around the globe, for obscene profits for the very, very few and diddly shit for everybody else. Not very much has changed since the Vietnam war days. Some of the hippies sold out for a three piece suit, a corner office, and a BMW, but some of us, yes, even us vets, still hold to the ideals of treating ALL people as we wish to be treated.

Now, here is a question for you. I realize it needs to be asked of the leaders of EVERY religion, but they don't read this blog, and are sorrier for it if I might brag some. Just why is it that nearly every religion teaches tolerance and treating ALL people as we wish to be treated, why do they and their followers seem to NOT follow this "golden rule"?  And to some who may be very religious Christians, this applies to YOUR religion as well as any other. Your own Jesus commanded YOU to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". OK, so WHEN are you going to start doing so? Yes, I AM picking on you. It is way to easy and done far too often to pick on Islam. Also, I am not all that "up" on that faith.
Having lived through the fallout from that infamous beating given out by the Los Angeles police to Rodney King, I lived in southern California until the spring of 2000, even after all that he had suffered through that man asked the entire community; "Can't we just please get along with each other?".  That may not be a 100% accurate quote, but the meaning of his request is there. So, now I ask ALL people of every religion, no religion, creed, etc; can't we all just get along with each other? Is it asking too much to stop the wars and killing? Is the very idea of treating ALL people as you wish to be treated such a foreign idea that you are repelled by it?  OK, if not, then WHEN are we all going to start? IS today too soon? I think not, but then, who the hell am I? Nobody, nobody special at all, just a man who is damn sick of the senseless killing and endless damn fool wars of choice.
semper fi