04 March 2010

We need to speak up, NOW!

People this is getting down right serious.
Old Bernanke is telling the idiots in Congress the same fool story that Wall Street is pushing. That story is that they need to cut Social Security and Medicare to "balance" the federal budget.
Bullshit! What they need to cut are the obscene amounts of money they give to the goddamn banksters. They need to end the useless wars of choice that are now projected to cost in excess of three trillion dollars. Three trillion!??!!
Let me put this into some perspective for you all. One million seconds (seconds as in time, 60 per minute) is equal to 11 1/2 days. One billion seconds is equal to 32 years. One trillion seconds is equal to 32,000 years. As you can see from this, one trillion is a very large number. 
The government has told us that the cost for one soldier or Marine in Afghanistan is $1,000,000.00 per year. One million dollars per troop for a year. And our "dear leader" has just sent 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. 
We keep spending obscene amounts of money that we don't have on these damn fool wars of choice. We have also given huge amounts of money to the nasty banksters who caused the financial melt down. And now they want to take away the small amounts that are paid out for Social Security and Medicare to make up for their idiot spending sprees on useless and worse than useless crap.
Everybody needs to contact their Congress critters and demand they leave these needed programs alone. Just how are the folks who depend on Social Security supposed to live? This year there was no cost of living increase for Social Security, yet the cost of food, fuel, and other items has gone up. This puts the folks on Social Security at a disadvantage right from the start. Now the big banksters want to take even more from those who can afford it the least.
Please contact your Congress critters and tell them that we cannot cut these programs.
Thank you for your time.

03 March 2010

Just curious

Hi folks,
Yep, I am back again. A friend of mine sent me an email with this link and now I am curious about it.www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/03/rush-limbaughs-penthouse_n_483065.html n

What has me curious is this. Doesn't this place look more like the home of, oh, say Liberace, than that of a "rough, tough" sort of guy that Limburger tries to make himself out to be? Yes, he DID get a deferment to stay out of the draft and thereby the military. The guy tries to come off as somebody who is so damn tough. Maybe this penthouse just shows the "inner" person that he really is just a "pussy cat" at heart.
One thing for sure. This place does not look like he is just a "regular" person at all. Very fancy and expensive looking place to my old eyes. Also, those books in that one photo look very new and unused. Maybe having to read those scripts every day just takes so much of his reading time that he just cannot bring himself to read at home that much.
Anyhow, check the photos and just imagine what living there must be like. Also, imagine the monthly cost of living there. Old Rush is no "working class" person for sure. 

They are at it agin folks

Well, the "too big to fail" gang of greedy banksters are at it agin folks. They are trying to get rid of Social Security and Medicare. They are using the current federal debt to try and push through a way to dismantle the social safety net in America.
There are three excellent articles that you all should read, as they explain this back room deal much better than I can.
These are the links to the articles that I find to be very informative.



I highly recommend all three of these articles. These people write on the financial mess in the US often and I have come to trust their work.
America is being taken over totally by the "too big to fail" greedy banksters and their bought and paid for politicians. The super rich of this country want even more of what little those of us in the working class and the middle class still have. They seem to have no limit to their absolute greed. Just how rich to the super rich need to be? How many mansions, airplanes, yachts, and luxury cars do these folks really need to own? How bloody damn poor do the rest of us need to be for them to have way in excess of any reasonable toys?
The moronic "tea party" folks are supposedly "up in arms" over the way our country seems to be heading. Trouble is, the "tea party" gangs don't protest what really needs to be protested. From what I have read on the "tea party" folks, they don not understand economics at all, they don't even realize they are protesting against their own good. Some "tea party" people have even held up signs at their gatherings telling the government to "stay out of my Medicare"!! What the hell??  Just who do they think runs Medicare? Some goddamn insurance company?
This brings me to another "gripe" I have with the "tea party" gangs. How can they support even more placing our health care in the hands of the rip off health insurance companies? The main reason that health care is so expensive in the US is due to the insurance companies. The overhead for the health insurance companies is on the order of 30$. The overhead for Medicare is more like 3 to 4%.
This country NEEDS a true national health care system. We need something like Medicare for all. And I do mean ALL human beings who live here.
The "tea party" ought to be asking the politicians why is it that America is the only industrialized country that does not have national health care for all the citizens.  Instead, they seem to be loyal followers of clowns like Beck and Limburger.
I firmly believe that the only reason the "tea party" groups exist at all is due to the skin color of the current occupant of the White House. How so, you ask? Well,look at the policies that G-bomb-them has had since he took office. What is he doing that is so different from what Shrubbie was doing? What wars has Go-bomb-them ended? Answer, none. In fact, Go-bomb-them has escalated the "war" in Pakistan. In his first year in office, our new president has authorized more drone attacks in Pakistan than Shrubbie did in eight years. How is Go-bomb-them anti-war?
The foreign policies of the current administration are so close to those of Shrubbie that many commentators have said that this administration is more like a third term for Cheney/Bush.
On the economy, things are not much different either. Go-bomb-them is looking for ways to dismantle Social Security and Medicare, the very things Shrubbie wanted to do but failed. What difference is there? Answer, skin color. When there is hardly any noticeable difference between the policies of Shrub and Go-bomb-them, what else IS so damn different? The only thing would be that the current occupant of the White House has a better tan than the last one had. Yes, I do believe that the "tea party" gangs are racist. They also need to go back to school and learn a few basic things. They tend to call our current president a Marxist, Nazi, communist, fascist, socialist, and many other things. Now, one cannot be a fascists and a communist. These folks have listened to the likes of Limburger and Faux Noise for far too long. It is a classic case of the blind leading the blind. Except this time, those doing the leading are not quite so blind. While I doubt the "presenters" on Faux Noise know this, their paymasters are the ones who are calling the shots and will dump any of the on air "talent" in a heart beat if it made them higher profits. If Rupert decided one morning that he was tired of Beck, the guy would be on the streets before he knew what hit him. Any "protest" by his followers and the "tea parties" would be useless.
America needs to wake up the the fact that we do have a class war going on here. The super rich and their paid for politicians are doing all they can to screw the working class, the poor, and even what is left of the middle class.
This current assault on Social Security and Medicare is just more proof of that.