04 March 2010

We need to speak up, NOW!

People this is getting down right serious.
Old Bernanke is telling the idiots in Congress the same fool story that Wall Street is pushing. That story is that they need to cut Social Security and Medicare to "balance" the federal budget.
Bullshit! What they need to cut are the obscene amounts of money they give to the goddamn banksters. They need to end the useless wars of choice that are now projected to cost in excess of three trillion dollars. Three trillion!??!!
Let me put this into some perspective for you all. One million seconds (seconds as in time, 60 per minute) is equal to 11 1/2 days. One billion seconds is equal to 32 years. One trillion seconds is equal to 32,000 years. As you can see from this, one trillion is a very large number. 
The government has told us that the cost for one soldier or Marine in Afghanistan is $1,000,000.00 per year. One million dollars per troop for a year. And our "dear leader" has just sent 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. 
We keep spending obscene amounts of money that we don't have on these damn fool wars of choice. We have also given huge amounts of money to the nasty banksters who caused the financial melt down. And now they want to take away the small amounts that are paid out for Social Security and Medicare to make up for their idiot spending sprees on useless and worse than useless crap.
Everybody needs to contact their Congress critters and demand they leave these needed programs alone. Just how are the folks who depend on Social Security supposed to live? This year there was no cost of living increase for Social Security, yet the cost of food, fuel, and other items has gone up. This puts the folks on Social Security at a disadvantage right from the start. Now the big banksters want to take even more from those who can afford it the least.
Please contact your Congress critters and tell them that we cannot cut these programs.
Thank you for your time.


RealityZone said...

And the hits just keep on comin.


It has now been reported that 33% of the people that we are killing in Afghanistan are civilians. It is always the most innocent of all the suffer the most.

john francis lee said...

Executing Handcuffed Afghan Kids?

There was... a massacre recently... which, while it only involved fewer than a dozen people, bears the same stench as My Lai. It was the execution-style slaying of eight handcuffed students, aged 11-18, and a 12-year-old neighboring shepherd boy who had been visiting the others, in Kunar Province, on Dec. 26.

Jerome Starkey... found out the real truth about a gruesome war crime... And while a few news outlets in the US... did mention that there were... not bomb-makers, none... bothered to print the news update when... the US military admitted that in fact the dead were innocent students. Nor has any US corporate news organization mentioned that the dead had been handcuffed when they were shot.

There are 242 days remaining 'til election day, 2010 in the USA. We can eliminate 435 + 34 = 469 of our 537 worst enemies on 2 November... or not.

Up to us.

john francis lee said...

Is the Recovery Real?

According to reports, recent auctions of Treasury debt have not gone well. China, America’s biggest creditor, has reduced its participation and is even selling some of its existing holdings. Whenever all of a new Treasury debt offering is not taken, the Federal Reserve buys the remainder. This results in debt monetization. The Fed pays... in other words, by printing money.

In case you haven’t noticed, no one in Washington or New York talks about cutting trillion dollar wars or trillion dollar handouts to rich bankers. They only talk about taking things away from little people. It is not the Bush/Cheney, Obama, neocon wars that are in the cross hairs; it is Social Security and Medicare.

There are 242 days remaining 'til election day, 2010 in the USA. We can eliminate 435 + 34 = 469 of our 537 worst enemies on 2 November... or not.

Up to us.