17 January 2009

The Zionist entity and other items

Sorry for being "down" so long. Man, it was October that I posted last time. 
Well, I have been very busy with trying to get the house remodeled so the almost ex-wife and her sister can rent it and move in. That added to my physical pains and then another sister was diagnosed with cancer. That added to mental and emotional mess for all concerned.
n short, I have not been up to writing much these last months.
There was also the post election let down. NO, I did NOT want McCrazy as our president. Not at all, no way Jose!  But, Go-bomb-them is NOT going to be much better than Shrubbie has been. How so you ask? Well, look at his appointments so far. First off we have Rahm as his chief-of-staff. Just what "we" need, a rabid Zionist as the chief-of-staff for "our"(???) president. Some "gate keeper" this guy will prove to be. Unless you are a Zionist, I'd bet you will have one damn hard time gaining any access to the new president.
We have Hi-Larry as "our" (??) Secretary of State also. Oh swell, another Zionist bootlicker. It seems as if Oh-bomb-them is choosing a cabinet more suited to Tel Aviv than America. Where are the progressives on all this? Hiding and "claiming" that it will not be as bad as I think it will be. In other words, the "progressives" have their collective heads very far up their collective hind ends. THEY bought the Obama crap, hook, line, and sinker! Now let them deal with it. Where are the progressives in the new cabinet? Have any of you folks seen one yet? I sure as hell have not. Bets are that there will be none at all. None with any real power at least. 
The old, "he has to say what he said to get elected" crap doesn't cut it with me. Bullshit is what Obama was selling, and the progressives bought it all. Oh sure they said, just wait until after the election" then he will "change" things. Well, the election is long gone, what has changed? Where are the progressive nominees? Where are ANY progressive announcements from Obama? You still waiting for them? Have fun, it will be one hell of a damn long wait. Like beyond his second term if he has one that is.  The thing is folks, Obama is NOT a progressive, hell, he is NOT even near to being any where close to the "left wing" of even the craven donkey gang. More like Shrubbie lite than anything close to what the Democrats used to be.

Next up, my rage against the Zionist entity. They pick MY goddamn birthday to begin the bombing of Gaza! Well, damn, thanks loads you shit heads. After 18 months of blockade against the poor folks of Gaza, the Zionist war mongers finally had enough of the resistance! Yeppers, they could not break the spirits of the people to resist an illegal occupation and blockade of vital food, medicine, and fuel,so, they invaded!
Holy shit. It wasn't enough to try to starve those people, now they HAVE to bomb them to death! Fucking blood thirsty war monger Zionists bastards!!
I totally despise EVERY Zionist, no matter what country they live in. YES, that DOES include "our"(?) new vice president. Biden has long ago declared himself to be a Zionist. Therefore, I despise his sorry goddamn ass also.
How any Zionist can get a good nights sleep just proves that their god IS a blood thirsty, evil piece of shit and their "religion" is war! Damn them ALL!!!!

The Zionist entity has ignored many Unite Nations resolutions. They have tried their best to starve the Palestinians. They cut off shipments of food, medicine and fuel for water treatment plants. Electricity is extremely limited in Gaza, the hospitals were dangerously low on ALL supplies, then the Zionist entity invades the Gaza strip!!! Now THAT shows how blood thirsty, evil, and extremely vile those Zionists are. We are now seeing that they also use the "holocaust" as a club to beat world opinion into what they wish it to be. And guess what? The major media just rolls over and plays along!!!

You want real news? You want truth? Go do a google search for Livestation. It is a FREE TV service on your computer. Among some of the very good sources are two in particular. They are Press TV and al-Jazeera/English. Live, and FREE!!!!! Watch them and see the real story of the Gaza genocide.
Genocide you ask? YES!!!!! What the Zionist entity is doing in Gaza IS genocide! But it is not the first time the Hebrew tribes have done such crimes. Just go read your "holy"(??) Bible. Look at the Old Testament. It is FULL of genocides done by the Hebrews against all sorts of peoples. Kind loving god? My dead ass!!!! A blood thirsty war monger god. Mars has nothing on this asshole god of the Zionists. 

There WILL be a world wide backlash against this war crime. I only want it to be very limited. Limit the backlash to ONLY Zionists. Not every Jewish person is a Zionist. We ALL need to remember that fact. There are many thousands of Jews who are as appalled as I am at the war crimes of the Zionist entity. They are friends of peace and friends of humanity. We need to keep them safe. Please do not go out hating all Jews. If you do that, you are NOT a friend of mine. Direct your rage and anger ONLY at Zionists. THEY are the ones who are totally responsible for the war crimes and genocide in Gaza. And YES, that DOES include old Joe Biden. He wants to be a goddamn Zionist, then he shares the blame for Zionist crimes. Fuck him anyway.

We, America, now are very close to having "new" leadership in the white house. Noon Tuesday Obama will take over as our president. Not long after, the Zionist entity will get a "new" leader as well. The two who are "top" contenders are Tzipi and Benny Nutty-yahoo. Oh swell. Two blood thirsty war mongers. Old Benny was the leader of that rabid pack of animals once before. I finally saw a photo of Tzipi. Holy shit, what a butt ugly bitch it is!!!! Not even if I'd have been on a desert island for 20 years! Holy shit, she looks like they tossed out the kid and kept the damned afterbirth! Of course it talks like what it is as well, an evil thing! 

And what have the Palestinians done to "rate" the crimes against them? Well, they resist the illegal occupation by the Zionist entity for one thing. Can't have that now. After all, the Zionist god has told them that Israel was "theirs" to keep.  Unfortunately, that god never told the Palestinians who have occupied the land for centuries. So, the only(?) thing the Zionists can do is start up a genocide to eliminate the Palestinians. Hey, it worked out real good for the Europeans in the Americas since the last 1400's. 

What more can I add? Just that I had been "silent" since October due to the fact that nothing has changed for America. Some "progressives" have told me personally that they are just so happy to be rid of Bush. Sure, me too, but, I wanted REAL change. We did NOT get real change America. We just got Bush lite. It will be the same old shit as the last 40 years. Nothing will change, oh, the words will be "kinder" sort of. Obama DOES speak clearly, it is just that he says so damn little worth listening to. He is a very smooth talker though, which counts for, what?
Our empire will continue to roll on, no matter what the progressives dream of. They bought the bullshit, the wanted Obama to be what he never has been. They wanted a left of center person, they got the same old shit as always. Nope, could NOT back Nader or McKinney could you "progressives? Well, now you got your "change" and the "yes we can", deal with it. Just a more articulate voice for empire is all that we got in Obama. He will not bring the troops home. He MIGHT(?) withdraw them from Iraq, but they'll just be redeployed to Afghanistan and/or Pakistan. As McCrazy said in a truthful moment, there WILL be more wars, and Obama will lead our country into them. You can bet the Wall Street bailout on that.

I'll try to keep this more current as of now. I need to rant against the genocides and other crimes too much to stay silent now. I just wasn't sure what to say or how to say it until today. Well, I'm just going to say as I damn well please so there. Don't read my shit if you don't like it. Won't matter to me,  write for myself, NOT some approval from anyone. It matters not if I have any "fans" at all. Hell, it doesn't matter to me if nobody reads this blog. It is my form of therapy and I'll post as often as I need to do so. There, get used to that......LOL!!!!!

semper fi