22 January 2010

Oh joy

Well, we can all bow down and thank the supremes.
Yep, they went and decided that there can be NO limits on what a corporation may spend to influence (buy) a Federal election now.  Of course there will now be new legal battles in state courts to make sure they can do the same at the local and state levels.
Remember folks, corporations are people too. Yes indeed. American corporations have had official "personhood" for some time now. This week the Supreme Court decided that as persons, they can not be limited in what they spend to influence (buy) our elections.
We can now expect to get even more propaganda and bullshit from our wonderful corporations come the election this fall. No doubt we will be flooded with "news" and "views" all thanks to the judges who just could not allow some "people" to be restrained. You see, this is all a "first amendment" issues, free speech you see. Well, with this decision, speech won't be all that "free" any more.
Actually, this should not be a surprise. It even should not have been unexpected either. Once the corporations were granted "personhood" status, this was just a natural outcome.  Disgusting? Damn straight it is. Disappointing? Well, not when you consider the make up of the court. Just look who the nine judges are. They are all bought and paid for, that is a given also. We do have the best damn government money can buy. And the corporations have plenty of money.
semper fi