06 October 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement

OK, Let me start this post by saying that I sincerely hope that the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) IS the start of something really big. I could be cynical and say something like; it's about time the young people of our country got busy and started to protest. I could say that, but I'd rather remain hopeful, upbeat even.
I am very happy to see that the young people are at the forefront of this OWS. Is it a movement? I don't know yet. I hope that it is and that it spreads across the entire country. It has really made me glad to see the young folks out and protesting. They are the ones who will have to live with the mess that is currently the USA. My generation, the (in)famous "baby boomers" are in our declining years. We won't be around much longer, let alone in any real positions of power. The young, in their early 20's or so, they will be the future leaders of this country. Good to see them getting involved.
For too long it has been my generation that was doing the bulk of the protesting. True, many of my generation have joined the "tea party". That is most unfortunate as that group, if I can call it such, is NOT any real grass roots group at all. It has been shown to be an astro true organization financed by the far right (reich) wing of the elephant gang. 
I think that my generation still has a great deal to add to this OWS and other protests, but the leadership needs to be passed to the young people. They have their entire lives ahead of them, we are on the down side of this life. that does not mean that we can just sit back and watch the show, we need to stay involved as well. If nothing else, we can offer our support and encouragement to them. 
This just might be the start of something really big. It may even actually bring about some of the real change that our country needs. If you are able, physically and financially, by all means, get out and give your physical support to these protests. But, by all means we need to support the protests against the "too big to fail" gangsters and their Wall Street bankster pals. We need to end the damn fool wars of choice that are draining our economy and putting the future generations into debt slavery to the "too big to fail" crowd. The time has come for us all to stand up and shout ENOUGH!! The future generations need our support.
semper fi

03 October 2011

Additional information

Some additional info to my last rant. 
Gobomber has in fact killed TWO Americans with his drones.
The second person is Samir Kahn. Neither of these people were much of an honest threat to us or the country. Just my opinion of course.
That they were killed on order of the president of the US, while the Constitution is still(??) in effect is something we all need to think about. That very Constitution that Gobomber swore an oath to uphold demands that even the most vile criminal is to get a trial by jury before he/she is punished.
Check out the article "The day America died" by Paul Craig Roberts at Information Clearing House today, 3 October 2011 for more on these killings. An excellent article well worth the time.
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Just when you thought we were making progress

Greetings to all.
Well, just when you may have thought that we, the USA, might be making some actual progress in this damn fool war OF terror that has been ongoing since W. Shrub invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks, we find that up pops a "new" enemy.
Yes, I am referring to the dreaded "new" enemy in the Af/Pak (I detest that "designation") region, the Haqqani network. This supposed "new" enemy is one that just recently has appeared on the blogs and news sites. While this group or whatever it is may have been in existence for some time, most of us have only just heard of them in the past few days.
Yes, just when we may have started to catch our breath now that bin-Laden is "officially" dead, what happens but up pops a "new" threat. Not only do we have this "new" group to fear, they seem to have come into our attention fully formed and ready to deal a deadly blow to America and our very way of life. No doubt this gang makes the once dreaded al-Qaeda seem to be a stereotypical "Sunday school" group of little kids. This Haqqani gang is the latest gang of evil terrorists for the US and NATO to fight. Good grief people, we are not unite done with one set of "bad guys" when up pops another gang that is even wore than the last "enemy".  Well, take heart America, as the old saying goes; no rest for the wicked.  Whatever it takes to keep the citizens of the United States of America off balance and fearful, that IS what the "leaders" of the old US of A will provide, in spades even. Hey, we need to justify, somehow, the obscene budgets for homieland (in)security don't ya know. Old Chertoff needs the extra profits from his companies porno-scanners in every airport in the nation. Blackwater(Xe) need the extra profits for guarding(killing innocents) US installations in the war zones.
Yes sir, keep that war OF terror roaring along as the nation hurtles to its economic doom. Oh, but don't fret, the "wonderful" congress critters will surely "find" the extra funds for the ongoing wars by "simply" slashing the monies that pay for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. You see, the miserable economy is due to all those greedy senior citizens and the disabled people along with those who fall below the poverty levels. They are just draining the economy with their "entitlements" and that must stop. We "need" to continue the wars,as Shrubbie told us, we are "fighting them over there so we don't need to fight them here". Yeah, sure thing. What a load of bullshit. Have you seen the Afghan Navy? how about the Afghan air force? No, neither of them? Well, no wonder, they do not have a navy. Hell, Afghanistan is land locked. Of course you good people who read this blog knew that all along, I just tossed that in for any  new readers who may not have access to a map. The only air force operating in Afghanistan is a US/NATO one that does quite a good job of bombing Afghan weddings and funerals. 
Yes, I AM being sarcastic and cynical in this rant. It is part of my nature to be cynical and a bit sarcastic at times. this is one of those times.
Since 1945, the US has been confronted by some enemy every year. First it was those vile commies, then we went on to many other newer enemies after the Soviets went and quit the old game that had served the military-industrial complex so well for so long. Recently we had the vile al-Qaeda and assorted hangers on. Now we have the newest "threat", the Haqqani. We never seem to run out of enemies. Why, it is almost enough to make one stop and think just why that is. One could do an internet search for the number of countries the USA has invaded or been at some sort of war with since 1945. I'll clue you in, it is a long list. The US has been fighting with somebody or other almost every single year since the end of World War Two. Now, these military actions may have been called "police actions" or some other innocuuous term, but it amounts to the same thing, fighting some other people in their own country. Hey, we need to teach those foreigners to elect the type of government that Washington D.C. wants them to have. Yes sir, just forget totally what sort of government the people there want, they need to get with the program, don't they know? Well, they had best learn or be watchful as "we" will just have to bring democracy to them, wether they want us to or not. Just who do these foreigners think they are? It is follow the dictates of the clowns in D.C. or else. And we claim to be a democratic republic? Oh, the irony.
On another topic, here is something all "good" Americans can be proud of. The congress critters are blocking much of the aid monies we give to the Palestinians. Why is that, you ask? Well, those pesky Palestinians have been too the dreaded, vile, socialistic United Nations in New York and they asked for the country of Palestine to be given formal recognition! How dare they!! Just who do THEY think they are? Why, this was NOT cleared by either Washington D.C. nor by the zionist entity. In fact the zionist entity has been stomping its little feet even before the formal request was made at the UN. In fact they said they would do just that before the UN meeting convened. See, they told us they would stomp their feet, and they did.
Yes, the US congress is with holding needed funds to Palestine because they asked to be recognized by the UN before D.C and TelAviv said they could do so. As to when the clowns in D.C. and TelAviv MIGHT allow them to make that request, well, that will take time you know. How much time? Well, that is still to be determined. Hey, you cannot rush these things. Why it has only been just a bit over sixty(60) years since the zionist entity was created, soooo, these silly Palestinians will just have to sit back and wait for their time to come. Oh, the absolute arrogance of the ass clowns who populate Washington D.C. and TelAviv! The bullshit is so deep in those two places that you need hip boots just to keep from soiling your shoes.
From what I have read, it looks like the Occupy Wall Street is having an impression on life in New York city. The cops keep arresting the protestors and they keep protesting the banksters. Of course the protests is not allowed to actually occupy Wall Street itself. Nope, we "need" to keep the rabble away from the folks who work on Wall Street. Hey, we can't let these protestors to shut down the "economic engine" of Wall Street. Damn straight, there are obscene profits toy be made, very obscene bonuses to be had. Got to keep the banksters rolling in their money. There might be more toxic crap to push off on some sucker. Sell some more derivatives and other garbage to the rubes. The champaign MUST keep flowing for the banksters and their pals in the "too big to fail" crowd. 
Jeff Huber at his "Pen and Sword" blog has the start of what no doubt will be another excellent posting. Check him out tomorrow, Tuesday 4 October. He only has a preview up today, but even that is good so far.
Also, check in at "Tomdispatch", always a good read there. As are any of the sites on my links here.
Oh, and if you are not outraged yet, Gobomber HAS killed an American citizen. He authorized a drone attack that killed American born Anwar Awlaki just last week, 30 September, a new date to live in infamy. America, what a country.
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