28 January 2011

This is how the "tea party" supports the troops

Well, I had planned to take some time off from this corner. It is time for the racing season to get started and I wanted to put this blog on hold. After checking my usual web sites today, that is not possible.
What has me so fired up? Well, it is the looney tune idiot bimbo from Minnesota. She has "decided" that the government should cut funds to the VA for veterans health and compensation for injuries sustained while on active duty. Yes, this ass clown "thinks"(??) that we should CUT medical care for the wounded troops. How the bloody goddamn hell is THIS supporting the troops?
Remember, it is the idiotic "tea party" that is always running around shouting "support the troops". Well, I think that all of us should hunt down every member of the "tea party" we know and shove this idiot bimbos' statement in their faces. Make them tell you how this sort of goddamn bullshit "supports the troops". 
This is so typical of the politicians of America. They want all the troops they can get to go and fight some damn fool war, but when the troops get wounded, they don't want to pay for their care! Can you say hypocrite? Yes we can!
This is a stab in the back of those who have given service to the empire. If she gets her way and the Va funds are cut, then ALL veterans who have been wounded in any of our wars will face a decline in their medical care. Yes, there are even some old veterans of World War Two who are still under VA care.  I know of some Korean War veterans who get Va care on a regular basis. These people have earned that care. It is part of the contract they signed when they entered military service. To cut that care now when they most need it is a total denial of their service and the contract they had with the US government. 
No doubt the government will act as if it can do whatever it wants, any time it wants.
If this does pass, I would hope to see ALL veterans revolt against this betrayal.
We all need to let this moron Bachman know that we all oppose her betrayal of our veterans. 
semper fi