28 January 2011

This is how the "tea party" supports the troops

Well, I had planned to take some time off from this corner. It is time for the racing season to get started and I wanted to put this blog on hold. After checking my usual web sites today, that is not possible.
What has me so fired up? Well, it is the looney tune idiot bimbo from Minnesota. She has "decided" that the government should cut funds to the VA for veterans health and compensation for injuries sustained while on active duty. Yes, this ass clown "thinks"(??) that we should CUT medical care for the wounded troops. How the bloody goddamn hell is THIS supporting the troops?
Remember, it is the idiotic "tea party" that is always running around shouting "support the troops". Well, I think that all of us should hunt down every member of the "tea party" we know and shove this idiot bimbos' statement in their faces. Make them tell you how this sort of goddamn bullshit "supports the troops". 
This is so typical of the politicians of America. They want all the troops they can get to go and fight some damn fool war, but when the troops get wounded, they don't want to pay for their care! Can you say hypocrite? Yes we can!
This is a stab in the back of those who have given service to the empire. If she gets her way and the Va funds are cut, then ALL veterans who have been wounded in any of our wars will face a decline in their medical care. Yes, there are even some old veterans of World War Two who are still under VA care.  I know of some Korean War veterans who get Va care on a regular basis. These people have earned that care. It is part of the contract they signed when they entered military service. To cut that care now when they most need it is a total denial of their service and the contract they had with the US government. 
No doubt the government will act as if it can do whatever it wants, any time it wants.
If this does pass, I would hope to see ALL veterans revolt against this betrayal.
We all need to let this moron Bachman know that we all oppose her betrayal of our veterans. 
semper fi


john francis lee said...

Barack Obama could act as Commander in Chief tomorrow, order the troops to stand down in Iraq and Afghanistan, lock up the video consoles on the drones, tell them to prepare to return home. The savings would be at least a thousand times greater than whatever would come from this proposal.

Paul's son in Kentucky has spoken of ending all foreign aid, including military, including Israel. Since foreign aid is usually welfare for US corporations and works to the actual detriment of the citizens of the countries to which it is 'given' I doubt that they'd be much harmed.

Have a nice day at the races!
If saving money is what ends the war crimes and aggression, save away!

gesneri said...

The care vets get today seems to be very little compared to what they got 40 to 50 years ago. I remember several family members getting treated at VA hospitals all their lives for various ailments. And she wants to cut care and compensation for active duty related injuries? I guess that's one way to end the wars--with a volunteer military no one's going to want to serve if they get thrown out on the street to die when the loose a limb or are paralyzed in the line of duty.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. The ire of the vets, if this gets passed, will be immediately visible.

What about the inevitable morale and loyalty drop among the enlisted? Why fight for a country that has just promised you that if you get wounded in its service, you're screwed?

How will that manifest itself, I wonder?

charlie ehlen said...

Great comments by all so far.
Thank you all for them.
Gobomber will never even dare to dream of pulling the troops out of any of our current wars. No way, the guy is totally bought and paid for by the powers that be. If he wasn't, there is no way he'd even have been allowed to run for the office he now holds.
Yes, the VA used to be a decent place for veterans to get real health care. There were some big scandals however. I remember the VA hospital in Long Beach, California got called out for sub-standard care and poor house keeping some many years ago. At one time, many vets I knew said that they thought of the VA hospitals as a place of last resort. Things did improve since then.
There were some negative reports about the poor house keeping at Walter Reed shortly after Shrubbie started the current wars also.
I do think that if all the veterans from all previous wars got with the newest vets from our current wars there is the possibility of real change. We are supposed to be able to get medical care from the VA. LOL, good luck with that. Most of my medical problems are orthopedic, the VA hospital in Pineville had NO orthopedic doctors last time I checked about two years ago. They didn't have any when I moved here in 2000. That is the main reason I never have used the VA. One would think that they should be "full service" places.
If Bachman does push this, I think every vet in Minnesota ought to camp out in front of her home in protest, like the way the anti-war folks camped out by Shrubbies home in Texas. These "tea party" clowns have no shame. Bachman seems to be trying to out Palin Palin. Anything to get her face on TV I guess.

Mike Whitney said...

I guess I'm behind the curve on this one. I hadn't heard what Bachman's been up to. To tell you the truth, I try to avoid reading anything about Bachman, Palin or Mitch McConnell. It usually ruins my day.

We all need a day at the races if you ask me.

enjoy yourself, Charlie. Great article (as always)

David G. said...

Hey, Charlie, you're right on the ball as usual.

Perhaps I'll come to the races with you. We could lose some money, have a few laughs, not take life too seriously, have a few drinks, solve the world's problems.

Come to think of it, humans create all of the world's problems.

We really should get rid of them!

charlie ehlen said...

Mike, David,
thank you both for your comments.
As to the races, I prefer drag races. Check my photos of the past year by using the link on the home page for the old corner. Just click on the "my photos" link and you will go to my "fotki" site.
I'd really like to meet you folks, all who comment here, in person. Maybe some day.
Mike, I don't follow Bachman either. I ran across that comment of hers at "Raw story.com". I may put a link to that web site on the corner.

Grace said...

The Tea Party was started by the Billionaire Koch brothers with a very right wing agenda. They have managed to attract a certain angry, misguided crowd. It is not an authentic movement, even though it has elements of truth - like most cults.

Soldiers are supposed to keep their cool under every situation, BUT to serve your Country and to be damaged in some way ; body or mind and be turned away or receive less than therapeutic care is devastating to the soldier and the family.

I don't understand these Billion$ that we seem to have - to prop up Israel and Egyptian military - just to name two!! Oh and pay mercenaries three times what our soldiers get paid! They seem to be able to spin gold down in the basement of the Treasury!

...But money for our soldiers and care for the sacrifices they made.. eh..not so much.
Why is that? Are more soldiers being sent with PTSD on multiple tours, questioning too much? That is how people who question the what the U.S.of A. is doing in all its various Empire outposts are treated? Pat Tillman was questioning.

Charlie, You sare right: a campout in front of that Minn. Congressperson's house would be the right thing to do. I wish I were there!