23 February 2011

The world IS changing

The world is changing folks. Anybody who has even, in passing caught the "news" even on Faux or CNN can see that.
The changes are not to the liking of the rulers in D.C or NATO. No, the world is changing and the changes are being accomplished by the regular people, the working class, students, small business people, and the unemployed. In short, the "rulers" in many countries are no longer in control. 
Just look at Tunisia and Egypt for the truth to that fact. The people of those two countries have forced the former rulers to flee. In Bahrain and Libya, the people are working towards the same goal, to rid themselves of their rulers.
Even here in the old US of A we are seeing "people power" in Madison, Wisconsin. YES, in the state where I was born some 63 years ago, the people are protesting the government! Good old Wisconsin, the home of radicals since at least the 1960's and the Vietnam War protests. No doubt the governor of the Badger state will not cut and run as the "leader" of Egypt has done. No, he will likely stay till the bitter end. After all, this is America, not some foreign dictatorship. The governor of Wisconsin does have his helpers though. Yep, a deputy Attorney General from Indiana has said that the protestors should be met "with live ammunition". Wow! THAT is some statement from an official of government in the USA. 
I wonder, IS Indiana really a part of the United States of America? Or is it some foreign country, ruled by some sort of dictator? 
No doubt this same deputy Attorney General would like to see those like me who are permanently disabled and on Social Security just sit down and die. Most likely he would like every person who collects Social Security to just die. That way he would no longer have to support us with the taxes he and every working person pays into the Social Security funds. 
Well, ALL of us who ever held a job here in the US HAVE paid into Social Security. Yes, I am drawing from that fund. I became permanently disabled from an injury I sustained while AT work. Yes, I got hurt on the job. 
While this poor excuse of a human being who believes that those who are protesting in Madison should be met "with live ammunition" no doubt thinks of us who are on Social Security and/or unemployed are useless "welfare cheats", I have never wanted to end up like this. While I have been disabled for longer than I care to admit, not a day has passed that I have not wanted to be at work. Being disabled and on Social Security is NO picnic. 
In my own, unscientific survey of other disabled people over the past few years, an overwhelming majority of those who are disabled have told me they would rather be at work than to be disabled. We are not freeloaders by any means. None of us enjoys being unemployable. 
With the likes of that deputy Attorney General from Indiana, can a revolt here in the US be far off? How much more of that type of abuse are we going to take? 
semper fi


john francis lee said...

Charlie, don't even begin to get defensive on Social Security. It's paid up 'til 2040 at least. Paid in full and 'borrowed' by the same bastards who GAVE trillions to Wall Street and the likes of Gov. Walker's puppeteer, the Koch gang.

It is going to take a general strike in Wisconsin to bring the government down and put the people back in charge.

The problem is the Peasants for Plutocrats who voted in the T Party.

The link is to a cooler head, a cheese head, who did the math on the Walker move and calmly exposes it for what it is.

Grace said...

Brother, thank you. I am Disabled. It is not a proud, stress free life. I look for the bright side. One of the bright sides is that as little money as it is, it helps Alot. There are also laws that come with it that protect us. I am thankful. AND I am thankful that I am no longer paying into the War Machine. When I was working, and over the years, I became aware of the use of our tax money. It got me to question when there wasn't money for local schools and roads and other social services. Not paying for Dictators and certain little angry religious democracies is the only good thing. I would rather be able to be useful and have my taxes go to improve my Country. Peace!

DavidG said...

Keep up the good work, Charlie. I hope you're right that a rebellion is almost at hand.

Something needs to be done to get the U.S. back on the rails again.