28 February 2011

Some good news from America

Well, we have some good news here in the US of A finally.
The deputy Attorney General from Indiana, one Jeffrey Cox, yes, the very person who said the police should "use live ammunition" on the protestors in Wisconsin, has lost his job. About time is all I can add. Actually, this person(?) should not only have lost his state job, he should remain unemployable for a few years. Yeah, let this clown stand in the unemployment lines for a while. Let him see just how "cushy" it is to be without a job. No doubt he won't be without an income for long though. He will likely get some nice job from some right wing outfit soon. Why do I think so? Have you ever heard the phrase about "thicker than thieves"? Yeah, that one.
All this anti union sentiment from the governor of Wisconsin and Faux Noise could set the country back to the 1890's/early 1900's. The bad old days when unions were struggling to get organized. Back to the really nasty, brutish days of Ludlow, Colorado. Back to the time when old mister Rockefeller paid the Colorado National Guard to go into the camps of the striking miners and kill a number of unarmed women and children.
While surfing the net this weekend, I ran across a bit of arrogant comment from a former US official. I found this to be typical of the "ruling class" of America today. A certain Mr. Daniel Oliver, who was an official of the administration of "saint" Ronnie of Raygun said that "...however great the interest of the Egyptian people in their own freedom and human rights, it is eclipsed, even if they don't realize it, by the national security interest of the United States......"
Now this is about the absolute height of arrogance in my own opinion. Notice I did NOT say my own "humble" opinion. Screw being humble. Humble has got us nowhere. No, I do NOT advocate arrogance, but being humble now will only get us stomped on, again.
I wonder how the Egyptian people think of their own personal human rights are "less" than the "interests" of America. Arrogance doesn't even begin to describe such a comment, by anybody. American "interests" trump ALL else in this world? And the "rulers" in D.C. are unable to understand why so much of the world despises the USA? Get a clue folks, it is precisely because of such comments and attitude that the US was attacked on 9/11. This is why people in other countries burn the US flag during protests at our embassies.
America needs to step back and allow other people in their own countries to try and get the form of government they want. The US needs to stop meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.
Oh, some will say, "we" need to have "favorable" foreign leaders. We need the resources they have. Well, guess what folks? All oil producing countries will continue to sell that oil to the highest bidder. Why? Because nobody can eat oil. Iran would like to sell oil to the USA, legally. No doubt we do buy oil from Iran. Probably, we never stopped buying their oil. It all gets sold on the world market after all.
Back at home, the protests in Wisconsin continue. Maybe, just maybe, there might finally be a true national strike here. There have been such actions in France and Italy, in particular, in the past. When will that happen here? Maybe very soon.
As I said in my last rant here at the old corner, the world is changing. We had best let the world do as it chooses. Any interference by us will only add to the backlash against us. Hands off the world America.
It is way past time for our government to take care of things here and let the rest of the world manage itself. Our founders said it best. Fair trade with all, entangling alliances with none.
semper fi


RealityZone said...

Great post as usual.

I fear that we will not leave it alone.

If we get involved in Libya, it will be another monstrous mistake.

The Neo/Lib/Cons are already itching to send in troops, advisers, aid, or what ever they want to call it.

Mike Whitney said...

Looks to me like the Pentagon already has a plan for invading, but it won't be easy. Nothing unifies the public like foreign troops.

Can't we just leave these poor people alone for once?

Sheesh, the US just never gets tired of being a royal pain-in-the-ass, does it?

john francis lee said...

"The United States of America does not have friends; it has interests". - john foster dulles

Daniel Oliver is repeating a recurrent theme. A lot of our troubles now can be laid at the feet of the Dulles boys, John Foster and Allen. They were willing to sacrifice any and everyone's freedom for the interests of the United States of America... as the defined by the dullest of Americans.

I hope you're right about the national strike Charley. We have to stand up on our hind legs at long last because the far-right wing can never steal enough.

They have exported all the decent American jobs to China, India, and points beyond... now they are trying to break the public service unions and then privatize all remaining government services. And treat Americans like they treat Chinese or Indian labor.

If any of us meets a Peasant for Plutocracy we need to make an effort to enlighten them as to just what is at stake here.

charlie ehlen said...

Thanks for the comments to my latest rant.
In my opinion, the only good thing about any US military intervention in any of the countries undergoing change, is that "we" don't seem to have any "extra" troops for that mission.
Being stuck in two, at least, wars still means there may not be any troops to use to invade Libya, Egypt, Oman, etc.
Actually, "we" need to let them go their own way. Of course the "neo-crazies" must be going nuts trying to figure how to invade any way.
As to here at home, YES, I'd like to see the working class finally wake up and see just how badly they have been, and continue to be, screwed by the super rich.
It IS a class war. Forget any "differences" we may have. All of them, religion, race, creed, etc. They are just false divide and conquer bullshit. The rich use all of that to keep the working class divided. I think it was old Vanderbilt who said he could hire half the working class to kill off the other half. I may have attributed that to the wrong "rich guy" but the sentiment was/is true. The working people need to see this and wake up from their long slumber.
Yeah, power to the working class.
Man, I AM getting even more radical in my old age.

Grace said...

I hope Obama does stay out of Wisconsin now, because he does not represent the people. He will find a way to calm everyone down and make them all go home while we lose our rights FOREVER.

This is about a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

That's alot of people.

I don't respect these professional politicians who mess with people at a core level; your job, your house, your healthcare, your kids!
They are cutting off jobless benefits in Pennsylvania today -can't afford 'em. Meanwhile Chamber of Commerce has Obama's ear
"...states that add job and wage protections on top of federal employment laws, putting Pennsylvania in a group of 15 states...that have a "poor" job creation climate"
"..Mississippi, which was among the states assigned a good job creation climate, ranks last in median household income.."

All those "respectable" Chamber of Commerce people are at the lead of trying to break the Unions!!

Many sacrificed, some gave all.

Grace said...

Many sacrificed, some gave all.

Charlie, I know that has military meaning, but there are also American civilians that did all they could for the rights of all.

Those people out in the freezing for weeks in Madison - fighting the good fight - are my role models. I wish I could be with them.

gesneri said...

Good to see you back, Charlie. I always look forward to a new "rant".

I agree--regardless of ideology, there must be a few in the Pentagon with two brain cells to rub together who realize the military is stretched to the breaking point now. Another involvement would be catastrophic (not to mention immoral).

john francis lee said...

Candidate Obama says...

"…and understand this, if American workers are being denied their right to organize to collectively bargain when I’m in the White House I’ll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself, I will walk with you on that picket line as President of the United States of America… because workers deserve to know that somebody is standing in the front."

...another outrageous betrayal the 800 Million Dollar Man...

Liar! Liar! Wingtips for hire! Your nose is longer than a telephone wire!

And another exhortation to start a state bank from Ellen Brown.

The solutions to our problems are not rocket science.

We just keep waiting for 'our' politicians to effect change for us... that is not going to happen. They do not work for us. Not only are the pols not working for us... they're working against us. If we leave things to them things are guaranteed to get worse. Remember that.

We're on our own. Turn off your TV. Work for real change by changing yourself. If we are care about ourselves we have to carry our own water.