27 August 2008

Are the Democrats really anti-war? You decide

Hey all, the donkey gang is holding their convention this week. Yipeeeeeeee.
Old Joe of Biden is the designated vice presidential candidate to go along with Mr. Obama. Wow, TWO anti-war guys, or are they?
Consider some real American history for a few moments if you will.
It was "saint" Woodrow, a donkey gang member, who snuck America into World War One.
Then we come to Franklin of Delano, another member of the notorious donkey gang, who conned America into World War Two.
FRD left his successor, old Harry of give 'em hell fame(?) and another member of that same donkey gang who got America into the Korean War.
We then arrive at John F. and Lyndon B. who succeeded at getting America into the Vietnam War.
And last, but by no means least, we come to Billy Bob Bubba of Monica and cigar fame, and a member of that same donkey gang. He gave us wars (more than one!) in what was left of Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and Kosovo.

Wowzers folks! Look at all them "really cool" wars. And guess what? We had a member of the donkey gang as president for EVERY one of them!
Yes sir, each of the above listed wars had a Democrat as president taking us into those wars. Imagine that. The "anti-war" donkey gang has lead America into ALL of the listed wars. Wowieeee!
Now, I don't know about how you folks see this world, but remember, I am a former US Marine. I am also a veteran of the Vietnam War. To me, and I realize that I may not in any way, shape, or form represent any sort of "average" American opinion. Having a Democrat as president taking the country into a war, is NOT my idea of an anti-war party at all. Now, I understand that some may object to my line of thinking here, but just HOW is taking the country TO a war anti-war? Can any loyal donkey gang member explain that to me? I AM open to any good reason why it IS anti-war to lead the country into a war. I just fail to see how it can be so.
Again, being a former Marine, my brain function may not be fully operational, but I would sure as hell like to hear the argument as to how taking us TO war, is anti-war. You Democants sure got some tall explaining to do.
semper fi

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