29 August 2008

Gustav and friends

Hi again folks.
Yep, old me back at the corner again this week.
By now many of you may know that we have a hurricane closing in on the Gulf of Mexico. It is projected to be a category three storm soon. They expect it to be in the Gulf this weekend and may have a landfall by late Monday, early Tuesday.
So far, the projection is from the Florida panhandle to the Texas coast. Well, not to be like three years ago, today, in fact. Louisiana IS preparing now! Wow, how about that!?! An actual plan. Good grief, what has happened to this state, this country? I mean, a PLAN, and the storm is not even in the Gulf yet? Just who are these people who dare to plan?
Actually, my opinion, they are a bit over reacting just now. Here in central Louisiana, the radio station I listen to most of the day has been giving "updates" on old Gustav every 10 minutes or so. Also, telling folks to "be prepared" and things to pack in case you have to evacuate.
Well, the cats and me will just sit right here and ride it out. We are a good distance inland, so no storm surge for us, good thing too, the cats don't swim. Well, I have never seen them swim any way. Besides where are 12 cats, a little dog, and this old fart (me) going to go? Man, trying to get them all in the truck would take a week at least.
I am NOT making light of old Gustav. Honestly, I am NOT. It IS a big storm even though it has lost some "punch" in the last hours. It will gain more strength as it hits the warm waters in the Gulf this weekend. We are ready for it here. We have our supplies and all set. Water, food, flashlights, batteries, and fuel for the generator. Yep, we are ready.
There have already been a few "modifications" due to old Gus. The LSU game has been moved to a 10 AM kickoff time. Also, poor little Bobby, our governor, has had to pass on going to the "big show" in Minneapolis. Guess he isn't too sad as he didn't get picked as number two to McCrazy anyway. Nope, that "honor(??)" went to the lady who is governor of Alaska.
Now, to me, that was an odd choice. No way would I have figured Johnny to pick a woman as his vice president pick. I was betting on "uncle" Joe Lieberman. Yep, after being so close to old Johnny, I thought sure that Joey would be his pick. Well, maybe "uncle" Joe can get secretary of state in the McCrazy administration.
Those who figured Condi would be his choice, close, but not quite.
I could make a comment here, but will be polite and let it pass.
So, now we know who the "final four" are for the two wings of the war party.
Barack/Joe and Johnny/Sarah. Makes me even more happy to be voting for real choice by giving these four a total pass. I still have only got my choice down to Nader or McKinney. More research needed before I make my final pick.
Well, things are calm just now. That won't last long, the cats will be active in about 20 minutes. Night time follies are due to start soon.
Have a great weekend all. To those in the path of Gustav, please be very careful.
semper fi

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