04 November 2009

elections and the donkey gang

Well, they had elections in part of the country yesterday and it looks to have been bad news for the donkey gang. Yes, they lost in many of the "contests" that were run.
Some of the analysis I have read so far today seem to think this is not just bad news for the rest of the donkey gang in next years elections, but it might not be good news for Go-bomb-them either.
Now what amazes me, is that some of these "pundits" are stunned. Really. They are saying how it is just one year ago today that our president won his election. Well, that is true, as far as it goes. It IS one year ago that Mr. obama DID win the presidential election. OK, so that is a fact, what of it?
Well, these folks who are analyzing yesterday's defeat for the donkey gang are surprised. I don't know why. Unless, oh my, these folks who are bemoaning last nights donkey defeat must have drunk the "change" and "hope" kool aid last summer. Yes, that has to be why they are now in a panic.
Apparently these folks actually thought(?) that Go-bomb-them was going to deliver on this "hope" and "change".
Well, he did, sort of. Now, we working class people can "hope" we get some sort of health care in America. And he did bring in some changes. Yes sir, he changed the Secretary of State from Condi Rice to Hi-Larry Clinton.
See, hope and change. That was so easy.
Another thing that bothers me about all the hand wringing over this loss last night is that they fear our president will be a one term guy. Well, considering what he has done for us in the past nine months, what does he need a second term for?
Also, how is it that these people are so surprised at the tiny bit that our new leader has actually accomplished? I suppose they must be like one person I talked with back in the summer of 2007. He was telling me how he really liked Obama. I asked what he thought was so special about the man. Well, he told me, he has some good ideas and he really speaks very well, he is saying lots of good things. Well, than, I had to do what I usually do, yes, I asked this guy just WHAT it was that candidate Obama was actually saying. There was a very long silence, then he finally said to me, well, the man has a very good speaking voice AND he talks in complete sentences.
Now, after having suffered listening, or trying to listen to the Shrub for more than seven years, I did have some small bit of sympathy for this guy. However, having a good speaking voice and being able to communicate in complete, understandable sentences is NOT the top requirement for being president of the US of A.
My problem, from the very first with Mr. Obama is that he never actually explained any of his ideas. He never really said just how he might try to do what he talked about.
Now, to find that not only might the entire donkey gang be in election trouble, but Go-bomb-them himself may have a re-election problem, well, I am not at all surprised.
The man made lots of "good speeches" during the campaign. He has even made a few good ones since he took the office. My question is, where or on what has he delivered?
This all fits quite well, I think, with my question about the "left" in America. Where IS the left? Where are all these supposed "progressives"? If they really believed in our president and his agenda, wouldn't you think they would have mobilized all their supporters to elect more "progressives" and other donkey gang folks?
Another article today asks where are the Democrats. Well, they are right where they have been since Clinton time. Sitting back doing nothing. They lost a good bit under Clinton. Under W. Bush, they were out of power and just sat on the sidelines and approved/voted for nearly everything W. asked for. Yes, the donkey gang voted for the "patriot act", the military commissions mess, Gitmo, and both of the damn wars of choice. They basically just folded under to the Cheney/Bush gang. Now that they control BOTH houses of Congress AND the presidency, they seem to have folded again! Only this time, it looks as if they have folded to Limburger, Beck, O'Really and the rest of Faux Noise. Can you say "gutless"? Of course you can, it is pronounced Democrat.
Maybe it will turn out that our current president will be a one term guy. I think the world may have been a much better place had "saint" Woodrow been a one term wonder. We will find out in 2012 if Mr. Obama gets a second term. Oh, but wait, that is the year the world is supposed to end on December 21st so it may not matter much if he is re-elected or not. Just ask those pesky old Mayans.
Ain't 'Merika a grand place to live?

p.s. NO, I do NOT believe the world will end in 2012. Unless some damn fool starts a nuclear war around that time. The only thing the Mayan calendar suggests is that a "new age" will begin as the old one ends. It is a cycle, nothing more than passing from one sign of/in the zodiac to another. And as to the alignment of the planets and all that, it happens every year in December. Just ask Neil Degrasse Tyson.

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