03 November 2009

it is "official" in Afghanistan

Well it is now "official". Yep, the "election" in Afghanistan is now over. Mr. Karzai is now the "legitimate" leader/president/ruler or whatever title he claims. While watching the CBC news program last night on the internet, they came out with this "news" at about 10:13 PM central standard time.
Well, why not give the "election" to Karzai? Since the challenger decided to not take part in the run off to be held on the 7th of this month. We need to understand that it is a bit much to hold any sort of election, run off or other wise, when there is only one person running. I mean, who do you run off against in that case? Yourself?
Now all those folks who have lost a loved one to the war in Afghanistan can now be so very proud. Our troops died to bring democracy to that country. Democracy? Well, if you think a normal Chicago style election is democracy maybe. Or should we hold up as an example Florida in 2000? Or maybe Ohio in 2004?
Just what IS democracy American style now days? Rigged elections?
Maybe I am very old fashioned, but this does not seem at all like the sort of democracy I was taught in high school civics class. Of course that was way back in 1965-66 and we all know the world has progressed so very far since then.
Yes sir, progress, like Vietnam, the first Gulf war, and now Iraq (again), and of course Afghanistan.
I meant no disrespect at all to the troops who have been killed or wounded in Afghanistan. Hell, I am a veteran of the Vietnam disaster. I respect all the veterans of all of our wars. The troops don't make policy, they just have to figure a way to carry it out. I just have to say that I find their sacrifice to have been in vain if the goal was to bring democracy to Afghanistan.
I see where Mr. Karzai has agreed to make some changes that our leader, Go-bomb-them has requested. Yes, from now on, the dead will only be allowed to vote twice in any future Afghan elections. Did I mention that the president of America is from Chicago?
Maybe it was best to call off the scheduled run off.

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